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Something to Think About

Happy Friday, lovelies!

Here’s a little reminder to embrace life as we sail into the weekend today, a la Ralph Waldo Emerson. photo (78)


Get your positive thinking on. ;-)

Have a great one! xo

The Workout Witching Hour


It’s hump daaaaay. ;-) How’s everyone doing?

I went to a sweaty barre class dark and early this morning to get the day started off on a good start. I’m still half a sleep when I go to the early morning classes which feels like it actually makes the class harder because I’m so stiff. I love them though because being so wary, I know I’m getting my workout in and out of the way for the day. It’s still a  solid workout (and a great stretch) though, and I love starting my day with the music they play during each class – nothing like listening to mash-ups of Miley Cyrus and Iggy Azalea, and that Lil Jon “Shots” song at the crack of dawn.

Driving home from class, I started thinking how different barre is from running for me in terms of when I feel at my *best* in each workout. I really like the lunchtime or early afternoon barre classes when I feel more warmed up and awake (keeping in mind my best in barre is still pretty goofy looking). For running, though, I prefer to run first thing in the morning. If I’m awake for too long before I go for my run, forget it. The run is often a mess or I start feeling unmotivated and sluggish.

That brings us to yesterday!IMG_3205

I was hemming and hawing about going for a  run because I’d been tired all day and my stomach had been bothering me the past couple of days. A friend had mentioned meeting at Mission Bay to run at least a couple of miles, and I wanted to but  was feeling hesitant. I’m not a night runner and rarely even an after-work runner unless it’s a couple miles logged on the treadmill.

In a nutshell, when the clock hits 5:30pm or 6pm, I usually feel spent from working all day and have lost my motivation for a real, good workout. It’s my workout witching hour. I’ve always been like this – I just do better with early morning runs and never take a workout class that starts later than 5:30pm (even that is usually pushing it, but I make an exception for Body Pump ;-) ).

As the hours ticked away yesterday and it stayed gloomy outside, I was feeling less inclined to push myself to run. And then I realized my Garmin was not charged, and felt even less interested in making a run a reality. <–So many excuses, I KNOW. So after some motivation from a runner friend, I realized I could definitely squeeze out a couple miles and should just stop being being a wuss. And really, I needed to run if I don’t want to feel like death when I start officially training for Long Beach next week.

When I finished work at 4pm, I put on my running shoes and set my mind to just do the darn thing. I knew if I waited any longer, I’d hit my witching hour and all bets would be off. IMG_3204

I ended up logging somewhere around 3.5 miles around Mission Bay!

It wasn’t pretty and I had to stop a couple times to tie my shoes (what is up with running shoes coming untied mid run – how does that even happen?), but it felt SO good afterwards, knowing I was done. You never regret a workout! Without my Garmin, I just used my Map My Run app on my phone, whose accuracy is unclear. I ran a bit past where I knew was 3 miles at Mission Bay, and then ran about a quarter of mile more or so after. Since I didn’t have my Garmin, I couldn’t obsessively watch my pace, and just committed to finishing the run, someway, somehow.

Boom! And finished right before witching hour!

Now it’s time to get to work!


What’s your workout witching hour??


Monday Brain Dump



Life has been a curious journey this year. This summer in particular has been jam-packed, and filled to the brim with joy from incredibly fun trips to see old friends as well as good times with the special people who’ve become such significant parts of my life here in California over the last year. My professional life, though, has been filled with more frustrations than high fives. Those frustrations have left me stressed, cranky, and quite frankly longing for a long vacation on a beach that has no WiFi access.  I’m in a constant battle with myself internally, trying to quell my whines and disillusionment, and stay positive.  I believe good things are ahead, and I have – as my dad would put it – a fire in my belly for more. My trip to D.C. last month helped renew my spirit and reminded me of what I want in life, career wise. It woke me up, courtesy of some inspiring people that I had the pleasure to spend time with. Now I’m just trying to put my finger on how I can actualize the things I want and move my vision into action.

I’ve been pinning away to my inspiration board on Pinterest, and even as I type this post, I feel washed over with the feeling that positive changes are coming soon, even if there’s a little girl inside of me jumping up and down shouting “BUT WHEN?!” I have oceans of patience when it comes to certain things (and certain people) in life, but other things – the things that the Type A within me is focused on – I want ASAP.  I have to believe, though, that when something is supposed to click, it will. Things happen in their due time as and when they should, as I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing firsthand numerous times in my past 27 years. That doesn’t mean it’s not still annoying to sit around and wait.

My mama has always told me the following: 1. that if you think positive thoughts, positive things happen, and 2. you have to be patient and just ENJOY life’s journey.  And (obviously) she’s right about both, but I’ve been clawing for a new opportunity that will bring me more fulfillment and satisfaction professionally. I have some ideas on how to channel my inspiration in the meantime, but I’m still coloring in the details. I’m not usually great at compartmentalizing, which is partly why you’ve seen more radio silence here on this lil blog. :-) Sooooooo, here we are.

Come on universe, do your thang.

Scenes From the Weekend – 4th of July edition

Hello friends!

I hope you all had a great Independence Day and long weekend!

photo (77)

(Lunch at the new Costa Mesa location of Mendocino Farms – try the Sophisticated Chicken & Prosciutto Salad… major yum!) 

photo (76)

photo 2 (5)

(My contribution to our holiday brunch ended up being these ^ patriotic fruit skewers, sweet potato breakfast potatoes, and the below work of art.)photo 3 (7)

(Chocolate dipped pretzel rods, also known as the recipe that sent me on a mad hunt around town for the last remaining patriotic sprinkles in Orange County the night before 4th of July.)

photo 3 (4)

(Strawberry + banana soft serve, made with nothing but frozen fruit that was blended/softened using a Yonanas dessert maker, a recent gift. Psst- I hear you can also do the same thing using a food processor!)

photo 4 (1)

photo 1 (6)

(Grainy from my iPhone – sorry!)

photo 1 (4)

photo 2 (3)

photo 1 (7)(Delicious Sunday brunch at Eat Chow in Orange County, here in Costa Mesa…. this was the breakfast salad special: two poached eggs atop multigrain toast smeared with goat cheese, on a bed of arugula with avocado and a drizzle of sriracha sauce. )

Time to conquer Monday!


How was your long weekend?! What did you do for the 4th?


Half Marathon News (And Training Plan Sneak Peek!)

WE’RE SO CLOSE to the holiday weekend! thank-god-founding-fathers-independence-day-ecard-someecards


Has anyone else been anxiously awaiting Friday? I know I have…. It’s like 4th of July and the long weekend can’t get here soon enough. Why isn’t mandatory adult summer break a thing?

Anyways, 4th of July. We’re having a little morning get together for brunch, and then the non-plan is to wander outdoors wearing obnoxiously patriotic outfits until it’s fireworks time. I’m trying to figure out what to bake (or cook) for the 4th, which has been pretty fruitless beyond determining that whatever I make, it needs to scream red, white, and blue. And really I’m just plain ol’ trying to remember what day it is lately. THE STRUGGLE. My brain has been all over the place. But really, if anyone has festive dessert or snack ideas, do share.  Otherwise I’m going to end up plopping some strawberries and blueberries beside a pile of whipped cream and calling it a day.

I’m just saying.

Soooooo, can we talk running? Like I mentioned the other day, I ran a whole 3 miles and change on Saturday around Mission Bay, and felt like I owned the world. It was lovely and somehow I maintained a 9 minute mile  pace the whole time. photo (75)

I have no idea how, although it probably helped that I had someone right behind me the half the time. Like, so close I could practically feel his breath.

I’m secretly very competitive and my pride wouldn’t let me slow down long enough to let him pass me………….. even though probably I shouldn’t have been running that quickly considering I hadn’t run that far since March. Oh well… I survived. ;-) I felt pretty good, too!

I also signed up for my next half marathon!



Long Beach in October!

Feels like a high five moment, doesn’t it?

I was planning to run this as a part of the Beach Cites Challenge, and even though that’s out the window (since I was injured and missed running the OC Half in May), I figured I might as well do it anyways! It’s supposed to be a really pretty course and I’m going to run it with some friends.  I think it’s going to be great, and I’ve got a tentative training plan already……..

photo (8)

Emoji use is key.

We’ll see how it goes. I should start training the last week of July if I plan on doing a full 12-week training period (which I do, considering I’m returning from injury). Some of you have asked me to talk about my training again, so I’ll be sure to share once I have a more detailed plan laid out.

Andddddddddd that’s it! Let’s wrap this work day up and make pop some red, white, and blue bottles!


Have a happy (and safe!) Independence Day, friends! xo


What are you plans for the holiday weekend (including baking plans)?! And do you have any races on the calendar for fall too?? 

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