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Just You Wait

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Don’t you just love that?

The first time I read that quote, I thought gosh, that’s just perfect.

My horoscope for August says I’m entering a period of letting go to start fresh in 2015. Now, I thought that’s what I’d been doing all of last year, but okay – we can do it again. Nothing wrong with a  little refresh and renewal, right? I’ve always been such a sucker for horoscopes (especially when they feel accurate!), but even if it’s all a bunch of hooey,  I don’t think there’s anything wrong with prioritizing what matters. In other words, remembering what speaks to my soul and heart, and ridding my life of the things that no longer serve me.

Even if you’re not a Virgo (my sign), you can totes do that too. Why not?

We had a hilarious girls’ night popcorn party (a friend has a popcorn machine…), I’m ending week two of Long Beach half training, a birthday coming up at the end of August (insert the high five emoji – I’m obsessed) and the potential of really good stuff bubbling under the surface in other areas of my life, fingers triple crossed.

And faith will get you everywhere…. Just you wait.



Do you  believe in horoscopes? What are you feeling hopeful for about these days?

Trying Orangetheory Fitness

Um, it’s the last day of July? Tell me HOW.

Anyways. Let’s talk fitness!

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I tried Orangetheory Fitness last week when I was back home in Las Vegas! Ohmigosh.


Hi dad!

Let me back up first. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Orangetheory Fitness is a fitness gym that emphasizes a heart-rate based high intensity interval training (aka HIIT).  The workout is broken up into distinct, timed blocks of work, alternating between treadmills, rowing machines, and a mat area for weights/resistance training. Since the workout hinges on your heart rate, you’re given a heart rate monitor to wear during the workout, with the results shared in real time on a monitor in the workout studio.

The whole premise is that during each workout, you strive to push yourself into the orange zone of heart health! The zone range is grey, blue (warm-up/cool down), green, orange, and red, i.e., all out (read: want to puke).


Since June, my dad has become an avid Orangetheory Fitness-goer, (Orangetheorist? I don’t know) after his cardiologist had suggested he bump up his level of cardio. From what I’d heard before he joined the Vegas location, it sounded like a pretty aggressive workout. Since his first class, my dad has been raving bout how great it is and how he’s been steadily improving his endurance and heart rate. Right around the same time, I started hearing more about it from Gina, who also made it sound like such a fun (and rigorous) workout. I was even MORE curious to try it after learning she’d used it as part of her half marathon training this summer, doing just Orangetheory classes and a long run and then PR’ing.

Ummm, what?

Needless to say, when my dad suggested I join him for a class when I was home for Meg’s wedding, I took him up on it. Not going to lie, I was pretty nervous because it seemed like such an intense workout! I’m more the long and slow kind, you know? ;-) BUT, I kept telling myself that if my dad could rock it, then I could too.


And what’s one measly hour, right?

We got there a little bit early, and one of the coaches walked me through the entire workout. She even went as far as to explain how to use a rowing machine properly since I’d only used it one other time during my brief CrossFit dabbling a couple years ago.  The entire staff was so friendly and excited, which definitely helped me feel more comfortable!


The treadmill part was fine for me since I’m a runner, although you can definitely scale the workouts according to your fitness level. My dad, for example, speed walks and lightly jogs for the “push pace,” whereas I all out sprinted. It’s for a really short stint of time, so it’s not as hard as you might imagine to sustain. It was actually kind of fun to push myself and see how fast my little legs could actually move, even if for only fleeting bursts.

But the rowers? Please.

Rowing was definitely the hardest part of the class for me, and I couldn’t wait til we were done. I was literally getting out of breath, especially since in this particular workout we were switching back and forth between the treadmills and the rowers, increasing the number of rows each time. Guess that means I need more rowing practice?

Oh, and they had inspirational quotes posted around the gym, which obviously is a huge win in my book.



Overall, I REALLY enjoyed this workout and I want to give the San Diego studio a try! It was 100% as fun as my dad made it out to be, and it wasn’t quite as scary-challenging as I was expecting…… though that might just have been a fluke.

It seems a bit too expensive for me to do regularly, though, which is unfortunate because I’m curious what it might add to my half marathon training for Long Beach. Which reminds me – I’ll share my detailed training plan soon!

Happy Thursday!


Has anyone else tried Orangetheory? What’d you think if you did?

Post Wedding Detox

Hello, hello!

I’m back from Vegas after an amazing week of wedding shenanigans and three glorious days off from work.

IMG_3401We were obviously the most attractive couple at the wedding.

It was so great to just savor each and every moment and celebrate one of my best friends in the universe getting married. Meg is the best and deserves all the happiness in the world, which luckily her new husband brings to her. Seriously the best.

It was honestly one of the most fun weddings I have ever been to, taking first place over Steph’s last month (which I never thought could  be done). We had some hiccups, like a power outage at the church courtesy of Vegas heat waves and lightening storms, but Meg took everything in stride and it all turned out beautifully!

It was an honor to be her Maid of Honor and to cheers to the couple, but boy was I nervous to give my speech. I was beyond glad to get my  speech over with at the beginning of the reception. Special shout out to the kind bartender who slipped me a glass of red wine even though the bar had already closed for the speech presentations; he could see how freaked out I was to get up there and speak…. good man. ;-)

The wedding was a giant, neon-infused dance party, rounded out with delicious food (au gratin potatoes like whoa) and an after party performance by In-N-Out at the very end of the evening. And all the details were just adorable. Meg and her mom did a fantastic job making sure it was a gorgeous affair.

IMG_3330 I want Meg to do her wedding again so that we can relive all that fun.

My only complaint is that I failed to take many photos with the bride (besides some blurry, sweatastic ones from the wee end of the night). Oops.

We stayed in Vegas for another night after the wedding, over at the MGM. In a nutshell, that meant extreme pool time, Irish dancing, dueling pianos, the best hamburger ever, and a lot of unnecessary midnight pizza.



Ridiculously fun, but now I’m pooped and in need of some vegetables.

SO, to kickstart a little post-wedding detox, I got in my planned 3 mile run (pretty sure I sweated out cheese) and followed it up with a green protein shake for breakfast.


All things in moderation, right? This had a scoop of protein powder, 1.25 cups unsweetened almond milk, one banana, a big handful of spinach, and a tsp of raw, no sugar-added almond butter.

I found my very favorite protein powder, Plant Fusion, on Amazon and couldn’t be more stoked about it (I use the chocolate flavor!). I had tried SunWarrior for a while, and just didn’t like the fake sugar aftertaste or how it affected my tummy.

Now it’s back to reality!


How was your weekend? What’s new?

Something to Think About

Happy Friday, lovelies!

Here’s a little reminder to embrace life as we sail into the weekend today, a la Ralph Waldo Emerson. photo (78)


Get your positive thinking on. ;-)

Have a great one! xo

The Workout Witching Hour


It’s hump daaaaay. ;-) How’s everyone doing?

I went to a sweaty barre class dark and early this morning to get the day started off on a good start. I’m still half a sleep when I go to the early morning classes which feels like it actually makes the class harder because I’m so stiff. I love them though because being so wary, I know I’m getting my workout in and out of the way for the day. It’s still a  solid workout (and a great stretch) though, and I love starting my day with the music they play during each class – nothing like listening to mash-ups of Miley Cyrus and Iggy Azalea, and that Lil Jon “Shots” song at the crack of dawn.

Driving home from class, I started thinking how different barre is from running for me in terms of when I feel at my *best* in each workout. I really like the lunchtime or early afternoon barre classes when I feel more warmed up and awake (keeping in mind my best in barre is still pretty goofy looking). For running, though, I prefer to run first thing in the morning. If I’m awake for too long before I go for my run, forget it. The run is often a mess or I start feeling unmotivated and sluggish.

That brings us to yesterday!IMG_3205

I was hemming and hawing about going for a  run because I’d been tired all day and my stomach had been bothering me the past couple of days. A friend had mentioned meeting at Mission Bay to run at least a couple of miles, and I wanted to but  was feeling hesitant. I’m not a night runner and rarely even an after-work runner unless it’s a couple miles logged on the treadmill.

In a nutshell, when the clock hits 5:30pm or 6pm, I usually feel spent from working all day and have lost my motivation for a real, good workout. It’s my workout witching hour. I’ve always been like this – I just do better with early morning runs and never take a workout class that starts later than 5:30pm (even that is usually pushing it, but I make an exception for Body Pump ;-) ).

As the hours ticked away yesterday and it stayed gloomy outside, I was feeling less inclined to push myself to run. And then I realized my Garmin was not charged, and felt even less interested in making a run a reality. <–So many excuses, I KNOW. So after some motivation from a runner friend, I realized I could definitely squeeze out a couple miles and should just stop being being a wuss. And really, I needed to run if I don’t want to feel like death when I start officially training for Long Beach next week.

When I finished work at 4pm, I put on my running shoes and set my mind to just do the darn thing. I knew if I waited any longer, I’d hit my witching hour and all bets would be off. IMG_3204

I ended up logging somewhere around 3.5 miles around Mission Bay!

It wasn’t pretty and I had to stop a couple times to tie my shoes (what is up with running shoes coming untied mid run – how does that even happen?), but it felt SO good afterwards, knowing I was done. You never regret a workout! Without my Garmin, I just used my Map My Run app on my phone, whose accuracy is unclear. I ran a bit past where I knew was 3 miles at Mission Bay, and then ran about a quarter of mile more or so after. Since I didn’t have my Garmin, I couldn’t obsessively watch my pace, and just committed to finishing the run, someway, somehow.

Boom! And finished right before witching hour!

Now it’s time to get to work!


What’s your workout witching hour??


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