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The Big 2-8



You guys. Today’s my birthday! How ’bout them apples.

It snuck up on me this year.  And not just any age – but 28. For some reason, this one feels… bigger than 27. Not bad by any means, but bigger.

I have to say, I’m not that jazzed about my birthday this year. I mean, I’m happy and thankful to be celebrating a new year, but usually it’s a THING, you know? It’s something tangible and exciting and ohmygosh pancakes and balloons and hugs. I mean, last year’s celebration was definitely that, what with the whole crossing a half marathon finish line off the ol’ bucket list/life goals list and all. Epic.

And really, that’s what 27 was in a nutshell to me. It was the year of embracing big changes and being strong and turning pages and writing new chapters. A new life of wonder in southern California, new friends, new love, new adventures. So much joy, and so much of it very much unexpected prior to that 27th birthday.

And all that writing from those new chapters is firmly in place now, with more blank pages left to be filled and colored in. So much more that I still want to do, to see, to feel, to eat (<– duh).

I got up this morning and I went for a run. Even though I had to wake my booty up extra early since I have to get myself to the office at the buttcrack of dawn these days, I did because I wanted to start THIS year off strong as well, and with something that I consider a large piece of myself. Not that running defines me, but it has helped shape me into the person I am… helped illuminate the foundation blocks of my character that were always there, even before running (and running races) ever came into the picture. Running softly reminds me of my inner strength, heart, commitment {to goals and to my health}, and of unadulterated joy that comes from simply being alive and doing the things that matter (to you – not to anyone else, friends).

As I waltz into age 28,  it’s not this big thing… it just is. I feel stronger and more real than ever before, and like I’m simply sliding into home plate rather than just getting up to bat. Does that make sense? Reignited with a passion to persevere and be creative and get my hands dirty and to write new chapters however the heck I want to, with my soul. And to be unafraid to make a mess, or to fall down. I can practically feel the beauty and potential that is just around the corner, and gosh, I can’t wait.

Thank you all for reading my words for another year. :)




What was your fav age? So far, mine have been ages 23 and 27!


Coffee Talk

Good morning, friends!

Mondays mean coffee, of course, so let’s pretend we’re grabbing an extra large cup together today. Mine’s iced, because SoCal has been a million degrees lately. If we really were, there’s a few things I’d need to tell you about.

Like how tomorrow is my birthday (!!), and I’m officially entering the end of my twenties. <–How did that happen?


I’d tell you how a special someone just threw me a fantastic pre-birthday celebration of weekend shenanigans, which was really fun and made me feel extra loved.

The weekend included a surprise birthday dinner with new (i.e., since moving back to the west coast last year) California pals + old college loves who live in the area (and whose number Mr. Party Planner could easily find in my phone when I wasn’t paying attention). There was also a Dodgers vs. Mets (my team) baseball game at Dodgers Stadium in LA.


I definitely ate a hotdog. Mandatory baseball game dinner.

I’d tell you there was also a lovely boat ride with friends around Newport Bay yesterday afternoon, which included lots of Sunday fun day snacks, like mini PANCAKE MUFFINS. Yes.  A friend made them in homage to my obsessive love of pancakes, because you can’t really flip actual pancakes on a small electric boat. OMG, you need to try them. {Recipe here.}

Speaking of boats, I’d share that on Friday, a big carrier departed from the Navy base I work at, and it was just amazing to witness it get underway.


If we were having coffee, I’d also mention that I’m taking a course at the local community college this semester, an intro to Adobe InDesign (graphic design software). I want to learn some new skills and exercise the creative side of my brain. And because why not?

Back to school, back to school.

And I would have to tell you that I’m flying to upstate New York this coming weekend for a wedding, and I’m hoping to dominate the book Drowning Ruth, my latest book club read, during the long flights back and forth.

Oh, and of course I’d probably slip in some updates about my half marathon training, because it’s basically word vomit and unavoidable. Like that the seven mile long run was surprisingly great a couple weeks ago, despite being my most hated mileage (for some  reason, seven is always the worst run for me in training)…. and how I kinda, sorta skipped one of my weekday runs this last week. Basically all I do is think about running – where I’m going to run, when  I need to run next, and how my last run was.

…and now my coffee cup is empty. It’s time to get to work.  :)


If we were having coffee, what would YOU tell me? Share it in the comments please!

Fitness Motivation

Hi guys! It’s hump day, and I pretty much just want to take a nap. Can we do that?IMG_3605

No? I have to go to work and not wear pajamas? Fine. Let’s talk about fitness motivation instead then. Mainly because I’ve been needing some this week, thanks to being extra sleepy from earlier wake up calls and longer days at work.

Since I’m trying to leave the tail end of this week + weekend relatively free because of some work meetings and birthday celebrating (someone’s turning a year older on Tuesday – party hat securely ON!),  I’ve moved all my runs up to earlier in the week to be more accommodating…  which meant a run Monday and then some tired legs yesterday that didn’t want to enjoy back-to-back run days. IMG_3611

After I found myself curled up on my sofa in my gym clothes for, oh, 40 minutes, not running last night, my mind started wandering into procrastination fueled thoughts of what motivates me to be fit and squeeze in a workout as part of my regular routine.

To be honest, I’ve never had much trouble motivating myself to workout – I actually genuinely enjoy going to the gym. Weirdo, I know. For me, an overall feeling of being strong and comfortable in my body, as well as continuing to fit into my clothes are enough to do the trick most days. I do not have the time or budget to have to buy a whole new wardrobe, people. Nobody got time for that. ;-)

But let’s be real– those are all well and good as fitness motivation, but sometimes, even with those in the back of your mind, it’s still hard to push yourself onto a treadmill after a long day at the office (especially if you’ve hit your workout witching hour). Ugh. Here are my personal MEGA motivators – the kicks in the butt that literally get me to lace up my sneakers:

  • My health
  • Stress (working out, particularly running, is SUCH a head-clearer
  • A fitness goal, i.e., a race 


I am way too Type A to ever want to feel a. under-prepared once I get to the starting line, or b. to feel like I’m not doing my personal best at a race.

If you’re waning interest in working out and need a goal or push, an athletic or fitness challenge is one of the best options out there, in my opinion. It gives you a goal and some type of deadline that can help compel you to get your workout in.

Other tried and true sources of fitness motivation:

  • Workout buddies
  • Workout classes 
  • Planning out your workouts ahead of time <– pencil it into your calendar as a mandatory appointment!
  • Motivational quotes

Like all of the sidewalk chalk quotes I came across on my run this past Saturday around Mission Bay?

IMG_3619Ohmigosh. I am such a sucker for quotes of any kind, and the ones that are more inspirational for overcoming challenges or pushing myself to be better? Winning.

Also winning: it’s raining today in California! Hallelujah.

On that note, it’s back to work for me!

p.s. In case you’re wondering, I did eventually give myself a forceful enough pep talk to get my booty out the door to the gym for some time on  bike and elliptical (i.e., not running). And it was, as always, worth it.


What motivates YOU to stay fit or get a workout in each day? 

Intention Setting

Good morning!

IMG_3589I hope everyone’s Monday is off to a great start!

Friday I went to a fun (and free!) “Vinyasa on the Lawn” event here in San Diego courtesy of Yoga Six, a local studio in the Liberty Station area of Point Loma. I’d never taken  a yoga class at their studio before (so far I’ve only gone to CorePower here in SoCal), but my friend Michelle has being going for the past couple of months and invited me to join her for this outdoor yoga class. It was part of a little summer Friday event the local Yoga Six studio has been running.


The class itself was interesting; I didn’t actually enjoy the flow very much (nor the weird thai massage lesson at the end that replaced the usual savasana… random), but I absolutely LOVED being outside on my mat. It made yoga feel even more like an overall experience and connection to something larger. I’m definitely more flexible when in a heated studio though. ;-) I also hadn’t done yoga in……….. uh, months? Needless to say, my body was a little rusty on some of the movements.

I was struck by the gorgeous space of the indoor studio though, particularly their intention wall.


Now, I’m not sure how public I’ve made this, but back on January 1st, I declared 2014 my personal “Year of Intention” in my life. Yes, I’m a goober and like to theme my years to go along with goal setting and vision. For instance, 2013 was the “Year of Yes.” You know, like “YES!” to moving cross country. I know, I knowwww.

As you can imagine, seeing this intention setting wall got me excited. Like a cosmic sign! I kid, but seriously – I think this is a great idea, not just in yoga, but in life (though I believe I had a yoga teacher once say yoga is life). There’s a small sign posted next to this intention board encouraging studio visitors to set an intention, writing it with permanent marker on one of the little hanging cardboard notes tied to the board with red string. Love. So of course, I wrote one.

“Celebrate the little things.” 

Intention is the backbone of our lives, and the core of our souls. Without intention, we float aimlessly. If you have a passion, a desire for more, then make up your mind and your heart to do it. To grab it. To have it.

We get one life, so don’t you want to squeeze all the joy out of it that you can? Intention setting is basically just deciding what your joy IS, so that you can set yourself onto a path to achieve it. It’s letting the universe know that positively, you are hungry and curious and have a vision. And it doesn’t have to be specific down to the umpth detail or siphon you off into a corner; it can be wanting to grow into a more spiritual person, or learning to let things go, or open yourself up to new professional possibilities. The purpose of setting an intention isn’t to stifle possibility, but to cultivate growth and passionate focus in a particular area. To lend direction, and help you become more intune to not only yourself, but also to what the universe has in store for you.

I know I am bordering on sounding hippie dippy here, but hear me out! Personally, I decreed 2014 as the “Year of Intention” because I wanted to re-focus my life,  particularly professionally, to make sure i was really soaking up all of experiences I needed to reach my goals, and listening to my heart. That’s all. And so far, I think it’s going well!

So tell me, how do you feel about intention setting? But first, I need another coffee….Monday, man.



SHARE in the comments! I want to hear what you think!


My First November Project Workout


So remember when I said I was sweating all over Pacific Beach yesterday morning? I was. Courtesy of this craziness:



Heck ya.

Ever heard of the November Project?

I had heard some rumblings, but it was recent posts by Ali about her experience with the NYC chapter that made me serious about wanting to give the San Diego chapter a try.

From what I’d gathered (like through all my stalking of their Facebook Page), it seemed like a typical November Project workout involved high intensity exercises and sprints…. think running up and down a flight of stairs and a million planks and burpees. As a result, I was a teensy bit nervous to dip my toes into the NP water.

Like I’ve mentioned before, I’m not generally a huge HIIT/boot camp fan, and tend to lean toward slow, steady state cardio and strength classes like Body Pump. I mean, that Orangetheory class a few weeks ago was my first real attempt at enjoying a workout like that (which I totally did – you can read that recap here). But confession: those bootcamp style workouts make me uncomfortable to the point that I sort of WANT to do more of them and improve. Type A personality, at your service.

Soooo, I thought I’d drink the Kool-Aide and #justshowup, as is the NP slogan.


I mean, they all love neon. How scary could it be?

And like the great human being I am, I recruited two of my friends to sweat their faces off along with me. At 6:29am. Nice, right?

It was quite the adventure. Think an outdoor boot camp class meets your elementary school P.E. class meets hippie love fest…. well, with a lot of sweat.

We started with an order from the chapter lead to hug three complete strangers. Okay, sure. I’m friendly – l can hug it out with the best of them.

Our warm-up was a rousing game of sharks and minnows. Yes, the one you played in 4th grade where the sharks have to eat (aka tag) the minnows who are sprinting toward them.

The workout itself was about 30 minutes total, and a mix of  strength and endurance exercises. Yesterday’s theme was tabatas (I guess each class has a theme? I don’t know…), which ended up equalling a lot of quick intervals.

There were bear crawls. Planks. Jumping. Indian runs (that’s what they called it, although probably there’s a more politically correct name for it). Burpees. Squats. And a lot of other things that would make you probably want to curse and sweat fantastic amounts. I was covered in damp grass by the end of it all.


It’s cool – apparently NP loves the F word. <– This is a PG-13 blog, but you can use your imagination. ;-)

I actually loved it all, with the exception of sprinting up the hill that makes up one side of Kate Sessions Park, where the Wednesday workout meets each week. To recap, that’s sprinting…. uphill.

I sort of died.

I haven’t run many hills in recent months, and I’d run four miles the night before AND had not had breakfast (<–excuses). Needless to say, this was not my finest run. My head was shouting, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING? And you’re training for a half marathon?  Ha – please.”

Which I could hear quite clearly because I was running without any music, a personal rarity.

But I’m pretty sure that just means I need to add hills into my half marathon training. Right?

Bottom line, this was a great workout, and I am already sore. Actually, I was sore about one hour after the workout ended. I’m not ready to commit to going every week quite yet, but I definitely enjoyed their intensity and aggressive positivity! And it’s always good to have people push you out of your comfort zone.

Time to get to work (and hopefully get my legs to run again tonight). Happy Thursday!


Ever tried a November Project workout, and if so, what’d you think?  If you haven’t, would you ever want to try a workout like that?

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