Be Kind

Hi friends!photo 2 (2)(source)

Yesterday, I was at a very looooooong doctor’s appointment, and basically falling asleep atop my laptop (I was trying to get some work done while at my appointment). Out of the blue, a warm coffee cup was handed to me by a nurse who I’d earlier been commiserating with about feeling sleepy.

He’d walked upstairs to the hospital cafeteria and bought me a coffee (and brought packets of sugar and cream, just in case I didn’t take my coffee black). Ummmm, what?photo 1 coffee

This person I barely know, other than some hellos and how-are-yous. I was floored, in the best way.

Enough so that I wanted to tell you guys about it! Kind, thoughtful people may seem few and far between in today’s world, but that little gesture was enough to restore my faith in humanity. A solid reminder that there is good in the world still — people with full hearts and positive intentions.

Since Easter is coming up this Sunday, it seems even more timely to share a message of kindness and paying it forward. I know not everyone celebrates Easter and that’s cool, but in my own life it’s always been a symbol of hope and love and renewal. Hand in hand with spring, really. And regardless of any religious foundation, those are all good things.



As you head into this weekend and onward, don’t be afraid to let a little kindness pour out of your heart. Just a reassuring word or small action does the trick. Sounds totally goobery, but just go with it. You never know who you’ll help without even knowing it.


What are your plans for the weekend? Anything fun for the holidays?

Review: Kodiak Cakes

Someone recently told me that if I was a food, I’d be a pancake. It just about made my day.

photo 1

Honestly, there is not much I love more in life than pancakes. I mean, certain people and running and sunshine top the list of things I love too, of course, but pancakes…. Gah.

We go waaaay back.

Needless to say, I was beyond excited when Kodiak Cakes asked if I’d be interested in reviewing one of their new pancake mixes. I nearly leaped for joy when their special delivery arrived on my doorstep. Better than Christmas, you 1

Although homemade pancakes are always number one in my heart, I’ve been a fan of the original whole wheat Kodiak Cakes mix since I first learned about them about a year ago. They’re truly one of the most nutritious (and tasty) boxed mixes I’ve ever tried, and I’m no stranger to the pancake/waffle mix aisle in the grocery store. Let’s be honest – mixes require a whole lot less bowls to wash after you’re done cooking.

As you may recall, I ate pancakes just about every week on the nights before my long runs for my past two half marathons.  90% of the time they were made using Kodiak Cakes mix (that I bought with my own money, unbeknownst to the Kodiak Cakes powers that be).

Pancakes = running fuel. Even Ryan Hall agrees with me on that.

The mix that Kodiak Cakes sent me last week, though, were for their new “power cakes,” aka pancakes packed with protein – 14 grams per three-pancake serving. photo 5Um, awesome! Even more perfect for pre-long run fueling.

To be honest, I was a little nervous about trying the mix, because a lot of times products that promise to be jam-packed with protein actually taste like chalk. These power cakes (<–catchy, right?), though, do not taste the teeniest bit like chalk. Quite the opposite actually. They’re pretty darn delicious! My boyfriend even enjoyed them and he usually says he hates pancakes (I know, I KNOW).

In fact, I think I like this protein mix even better than their regular, old fashioned one! The pancakes are definitely more filling per serving, and the taste was a little bit more complex. And per usual, just the right fluffiness level and flavor — not too sweet, not too dry.

photo 3

I made a batch on Saturday morning after going to Body Pump class and devoured my stack  within seconds, paired  with a runny egg and some syrup.  I used unsweetened almond milk per the alternative directions on the back of the box for even more protein and flavor, and added some banana slices into a couple of the ‘cakes, just because. Breakfast Brunch of champions.

Big thank you to Kodiak Cakes for sharing their new product with me! As always, all reviews are 100% my own honest opinion. (Full disclosure: I even told the kind Kodiak Cakes folks that I had to try it and like it before I’d recommend it to you guys. :-) )

Have you tried Kodiak Cakes mixes before? FYI, they’re running a special 25% discount on orders if you use promo code SHARKTANK through May 4! 

Tuesday Confessions

photo (72)It’s hitting the 80s this week here in San Diego and all I can think about is whether or not it’s unprofessional to “telework” from a pool lounge chair.

I love getting new flowers, but loathe how they smell after a few days.

One of my oldest and dearest friends who I’ve known since I was five (and whose wedding I was in last winter) is pregnant! I’m ridiculously excited for her, but the news also made me pause for a second to realize how quickly time does fly as an adult (and how dissimilar my own life timeline is running).

In an effort to eat less sugar, I’ve stopped buying all those protein bars I secretly love. I didn’t realize how much I rely on them as snacks!

I’m FINALLY taking my California driving test today to switch my driver’s license over (oops).

Sometimes working from home (which my work currently calls for) makes me feel like an anti-social cavewoman.

I went to an early morning yoga class this morning and left with a new purchase: another pair of yoga pants. I have an addiction. photo (73)

I’ve been thinking a lot about my career and making a change, and it’s making me a little nutty/keeping me up at night.

Speaking of up at night, my mattress (which I bought this summer and cannot return) is heinous and killing my back. I finally caved and ordered a new bed. I can’t remember the last time I was this jazzed about a piece of furniture.

I wish there was an adult version of spring break.


What are your confessions today?


Good morning!

Well, my MRI results came in. Looks like someone has a stress fracture in her fibula. photo (71)Right there. Cue the balloons and confetti. ;-)

In all seriousness, I’m pretty bummed, particularly because my doctor not only told me not to run for eight (yes, EIGHT) weeks, but that I need to avoid anything athletic, aka rest as much as possible.

In case you’re keeping track, that also means no OC half marathon in May.

Apparently fibula injuries can be jerks and not heal properly unless you rest appropriately. Now, if you’ve known me for longer than two seconds, you probably know I don’t do well with just sitting still and not being active. After a few obnoxious back and forth exchanges with my doctor’s nurse – me saying things like “But, are you sure? But what exactly does that mean I can do?”  - I got the green light to swim and try the elliptical or stationary bike at the gym, permitting that any of the exercises do not cause any additional pain. Things like the stairmill or incline walking on the treadmill are out, and even my beloved spinning…… All of which I’d been doing this last month prior to getting the MRI done, but admittedly was causing some pain (although not nearly as much as running had). Oops?

Soooo, cool. Needless to say, I was not in the best mood much of last week, which is why I was mum on the blog. A sweet person sent me the prettiest bouquet to cheer me up (70)

Neon and amazing. I love surprises like this (and the person who sent it).

But hey! This is a great time to focus more on other parts of my fitness, like more strength training and perhaps even some quality swimming time (not my forte). I may even bite the bullet and buy some more barre classes. I really enjoyed the classes and they seem to be one of the few activities that caused zero fibula pain in the last month, so it may be worth it.

And a big congrats to all my friends who ran races yesterday! I’m living vicariously through your runner’s highs.

Have a great day!


Ever had a stress fracture? Runners, what workouts do you do when you’re unable to run?

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