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Embracing the Yoga

“Stop waiting for Friday, for summer, for someone to fall in love with you. Happiness is achieved when you stop waiting for it and make the most of the moment you are in now.” ~ Unknown

Happy Friday!

So I think I posted that quote (or a similar version) a while ago on Instagram, but I came across it again yesterday and was reminded how smart it would be to let that really soak in. It all comes back to that whole staying present idea, and… kinda, sorta back to my wacky chest pain ‘ish? I think so.

In an effort to chill the heck out (considering I didn’t even realize til recently that I was NOT chill, this seems key), I’ve brought yoga and more calming fitness classes back into my life this week. Hot power yoga a couple days at the top of the week, some Pure Barre this morning. photo-3(Yes, barre class makes my legs jello, but in a weirdly calming way… maybe it’s the music mash-ups playing over the speakers. ;-) )

It’s an interesting realization to suddenly recognize your body is manifesting stress or discontentment while your mind has been doing an incredible job concealing it from you so that you can just keep pushing forward and not implode. But, ya know, stress can eventually implode, which is why it’s so important to confront it and figure out its source… and, if you can, unravel the source , or find an appropriate and healthy way to cope with it.

I’ve usually used exercise as a way to cope – like running – but since I’ve lately felt like a running breather was necessary too, that’s not really been doing the trick 100% of the time.

I’m not a doctor (clearly), but I think there’s two pools of stress- a positive kind and a negative kind. The positive kind comes from working toward goals or related to achieving a greater good. The negative kind, however, is – at least from what I’ve found in my modest 28 years – generally from stuff outside of our control (or that feels outside of our control): a parent getting sick, an injury, a job loss or insufferable work environment.  We all stick our toes into both pools at some point in our lives, some more than others…. and some months/weeks/years can feel like we went swimming in the wrong pool.

I’ve gone up and down riding the yoga wave in my life so far, having periods where all I want to do is sweat in Bikram or some power yoga class, to not wanting to put my toes anywhere near the mat. This is usually related to whatever else is going on in my life – work obligations or budget or competing fitness goals demanding my attention. What I am trying to remind myself of now, though, is that yoga shouldn’t be an all or nothing activity. It can be weaved into our lives on a daily basis, even if we aren’t in a studio. My mom recently suggested I take deep breaths while counting to ten when i start to feel stress build up or anxiety lighting up my chest, and so far it’s been working — and hey! That’s a part of yoga practice, and my mom’s never even taken a yoga class. That breathing, that focusing on today, on your breath, on what is inside of you – that’s the good stuff that can bring you back to earth when life feels unwieldy or desperate. Or, ya know, when I receive another job rejection email from somewhere I forgot I applied. ;-)

Aka, living your yoga.


Okay, now it’s work time! This weekend is filled with some holiday celebrating and birthday shenanigans for a good friend. Have fun, friends!


Something to Think About {from a reader}

Hi friends! This week, I got an amazing email from one of my readers, and I wanted to share just a snippet of it because it really struck me.IMG_4999

I hope you appreciate it as much as I did.

There is too much pressure these days to be perfect, especially for woman.  We are expected to be everything from career woman, homemaker, chef, house keeper, athlete and fit, but sexy and soft, craftswoman (f! pintrest), friend, partner, daughter, sister, mother, and the list goes on.   With social media sometimes it makes me feel like I am being lapped in some race that I don’t remember signing up for (e.g. no I didn’t make my kid a crazy healthy and creative lunch that looks like a snowman, but I did remember to send in money for hot lunch).  I just remind myself every day that most people, including me, are just doing the best they can and that is all that matters. “


Sending lots of love your way this Thursday!

Stay tuned for a more normal post coming atcha soon…



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On Wrapping 2014 Up With Anxiety and Stress

HI. tumblr_n7nb02EzXe1r3rphco1_1280


Can I tell you a secret?

The past week(s), I’ve been wrangling a stress monster. Stress and his sister, anxiety.

So much so that at the ripe old age of 28, I’ve been experiencing chest pain and exhaustion.

No, you didn’t read that wrong. 28 years old, and stress-induced chest pain.

I know. How is that possible?

When I first started feeling this strange tightness in my chest, I thought maybe I was imagining it. And then, when it kept reoccurring, I started to get nervous. Anxiety popped its head out, and whispered that maybe I had some sort of cardiac problem. I stewed and prayed and silently panicked assuming I was probably going to drop dead any second, until finally – a week and change later – decided to listen to my mother and make an appointment with my primary care physician… aka someone with more education and experience than just the best of Google’s diagnosing power.

I had a cardiac MRI, and turns out my heart is a-okay.

So……………. then the tightness? The discomfort? The anxiety?

Unless I’m a medical mystery, my symptoms are the ugly result of stress.

2014 is coming to a close within a matter of days, and I can tell you right now that it’s been a good year. Not a year that felt soul crushing or particularly hard like others have (cough – 2012 – cough). In fact, it’s been pretty wonderful in a whole lot of ways. But it’s also been a particularly challenging year for me, in the sense that I’ve spent the majority of it feeling professionally stuck and unfulfilled in my career, and beaten down by rotten luck in the job market (like so many other folks). Couple that with some personal relationship trials, and I’m worn out. Burnt out. You know, all the “-outs.” ;-)

And now, in the last days of 2014, I just want to hibernate. I’m not unhappy, but just, quite frankly, exhausted. Despite all the blessings I’ve been generously bestowed this year, certain sticking points have remained, and their presence has left my type A self feeling ransacked and lonely and unprotected.

I’ve never been an anxious or nervous person, and I’ve always thrived on stress, and pressure. But this stress situation has felt different, and manifested itself in a unique way. In physical discomfort and mild anxiety. I watched a few close friends struggle with anxiety in college, and not that what I’m dealing with now is anywhere as crippling, I get it.

It is amazing in the worst way what an overactive mind can do. Even when you think you’re “over it,” and you believe you’ve found your zen and your happy place, and have risen above like all the gurus suggest, and you’ve bought enough Starbucks drinks wrapped in Oprah-isms to fool yourself that you’re fine….. well, spoiler alert – you’re not necessarily fine at all. The chest pain is a great reminder of that “not fine”-ness , let me tell you.

I’m writing this, mind you, with no clear solution in sight. I’m going to try adding more yoga into my life, and just keep writing in an effort to let. it. go., but really? I don’t know yet what will do the trick, especially considering I didn’t even realize I was manifesting the stress this much, although I have no doubt that the nonstop, in your face world of social media comparison isn’t helping either.

So, there you have it! Here’s to some Monday motivation for just chilling the heck out.



Have you dealt with anxiety, or how stress manifest itself in your body in real, physical ways? Share in the comments please!

NYC Recap

Hi friends! I’m back from a quick trip to NYC, with a full tummy,  a thousand photos, and a new nephew (!).

My lifelong friend Christina, whose wedding I was in a couple years ago, just had her first little baby, and he’s the cutest muffin in the world. I was in town specifically to meet him, and he made it into the world a few days past his due date, and just in time for me to snuggle him for a few hours before boarding my flight back home. I didn’t smuggle him back to California, but believe me, I wanted to. ;-) While waiting for baby, we also ate a lot… I mean, A LOT. Now might be a good time to start thinking about Hawaii bikinis……………

I’m still catching up having not been home in weeks – like since before Thanksgiving! – so here’s a photo recap. Frighteningly enough, these aren’t even all of them. I got a little (lot) camera happy. NYC is really my happy place, though, and I loved every moment being there and soaking in the energy. Enjoy!




{above two photos: Brooklyn Farmacy and Soda Fountain, Cobble Hill, Brooklyn}




{The Chocolate Room, Cobble Hill, Brooklyn – get the half coffee/half hot chocolate!}





{Denino’s Pizza}




photo 1

{John’s Deli in Brooklyn – famous for their Italian subs and roast beef sandwiches}

photo 3

{pumpernickel bagel – NYC bagels = the best}

photo 5

photo 4


{my muffin… I adore him}



What’s your fav city? And what have you been up to?? Catch me up!

Something to Think About

photo (91)Stretch. Grow. Put yourself out there.


Happy hump day. :)



Got some motivational quotes that are your fav? Share in the comments! I could use some… 

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