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Fabletics Activewear Review

Hi friends!

I hope your hump day’s off to a good start. First things first! I tried Barre3 yesterday and then RideOn SD {a spinning studio in Pacific Beach} this morning using ClassPass, and it’s been a fun change of pace from my normal workout routine. As for using ClassPass’s system – a breeze so far! I’ll be writing another post dedicated to my opinions on it after my one month trial is over.

Anyways, today I wanted to tell you guys about my recent Fabletics purchase! *



I’d been seeing the ads everywhere, and since I’d been in the market for new leggings, thought I’d give Fabletics a shot. Their website is sort of weird, but the gist is that you can choose to either shop individual pieces, or buy complete outfits pre-designed by Fabletics stylists. You can also become a VIP member, which means you get to pay slashed prices on items and automatically get outfits delivered every month.

To be honest, I had pretty low expectations due to a poor experience with their customer service reps, and wasn’t sure how great the quality would be. Since they advertise a complete activewear outfit for just $25 when it’s your first purchase, i.e.,  leggings + shirt + possibly a sports bra, I figured it was worth the risk.

Here’s what I ordered:


This was the “Brink” outfit, aka a pair of the Lima capris in mulberry, and the Norwalk tank in white and lime green.

My purchase arrived pretty quickly, and – surprisingly – fit perfectly. I’d read all the reviews on the items I ordered, and tried to choose my sizes accordingly. I’m very petite, though, so I was a little wary. I probably could have sized up one size for the shirt because the bra part was a little tight, but otherwise no issues! Upon first glance, I loved the colors of both pieces, and was instantly impressed with the quality. The leggings felt thick with the right amount of compression, and the shirt seemed like a typical workout shirt I’d buy elsewhere, with an added airy quality due to the partially mesh material. I am a big fan of these types of workout tops in general — with the fitted sports bra and blousey lower half.

I tested out the outfit first in a  cardio barre class, and then on another day for sweaty sprint intervals and a stairmaster workout at the gym.

The entire outfit was perfect for barre, and held up against lots of squatting, leg-lifting, and arm raises. The capris didn’t feel too tight in the waist or end up loosing up (always a legging pet peeve on workouts), and the tight stretch stayed put.

As for the clothes’ performance on the second day during a gym workout?  Well, the capris survived again without a hitch, but the shirt sort of stretched out  during my run. It has a cinch tie, which didn’t seem to hold up when running at a fast pace. I will probably reserve it for yoga and barre classes.

These leggings are definitely not see-through (hallelujah), and the color is so vibrant they make me smile just looking at them! One flaw, though: sweat is definitely visible on this particular color leggings…. and by sweat, I mean in spots on your lower half you probably don’t want people staring at while you’re sprinting….or, um, ever. ;-)

Bottom line: I was really satisfied with my purchase! The jury’s still out on whether or not I’ll order from Fabletics again, but the clothes were definitely cute and efficient enough to warrant it — especially for the discounted VIP prices.

And now it’s time to get to work! Have a great Wednesday!


Anyone else tried Fabletics yet? What’d you think?


*FYI, this review is completely my own – I have zero connection to Fabletics other that being a new consumer.

ClassPass San Diego

Hello, hello!

I hope your Tuesday’s off to a great start! I wanted to share some fun news for all my fellow San Diegans. Have you heard of ClassPass? I hadn’t until recently, so don’t worry if you have no idea what I’m talking about. ;-)

ClassPass is a relatively new start-up that’s designed to help fitness lovers diversify their sweating routines, providing an opportunity to take fitness classes at studios around their city (as well as at other participating cities). Members have a chance to take unlimited fitness classes each month for one fee ($99 per month).

The lovely folks at ClassPass recently reached out to me to help celebrate the launch of Class Pass here in San Diego, which was yesterday.


I was, of course, delighted, because as you guys know, I adore being active in a big way, and have found a new joy in fitness classes since moving here over a year ago (hello, Pure Barre). They’ve generously offered me a one month free membership to test the system out, and share my experience with you guys! Sweet deal, right?

SD is joining a great list of cities already spreading ClassPass love: LA, NYC, Washington, D.C. (<–right after I moved!), Boston, Chicago, and Seattle. 

There’s a TON of participating studios already, and I kind of freaked out looking at the list. You can find a map here of all the participants.

My ClassPass membership started today, so I’m ready to dive in and expand my sweatastic horizons. I have plans to take a Barre3 class later today and am stoked! Since I’m a Pure Barre loyalist with an active class package, I’ve been hesitant to branch out and try other barre studios in the area, but have always been curious how they compare. (Stay tuned as I will likely do a barre studio comparison post soon….).

I’m very much a creature of habit, including where my workouts are concerned. This is mainly because of tight work schedules, parking convenience, and a disinterest in blowing up my budget on multiple fitness class memberships. Regarding the latter, I have a gym membership and a Pure Barre package and (until recently) have been in race training mode/running outside, and therefore it’s seemed sort of irresponsible to me to spend more $$ on additional exercise studios. I consider my health to be invaluable,  but when one class is usually around the $20 price point – and higher – for most local fitness studios, I just can’t justify that, you know? That makes ClassPass pretty enticing to me, particularly since I’ve been interested in learning what other fitness studios exist here in SD and stepping outside my {fitness} comfort zone.

If you’re interested in signing up for ClassPass, check out their website! Heck, you can join me for some classes over the next month even. :-) FYI, although you can take an unlimited number of classes per month, you have a maximum of three classes per studio per month.

I’ll be sure to let you guys know how my experience goes!

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Taking a Dairy Detox for Clear Skin

Hi guys!

Happy Friday. :)  Tonight we’re going to see the musical Kinky Boots at the Pantages Theater in Los Angeles and I’m SO excited. I haven’t been to see a play in that theater since my senior year of college a million years ago!

In the meantime, though, I thought I’d tell you guys a bit about my decision to detox from dairy.

photo (82)

I mentioned it briefly in my Monday post, but starting this past Sunday, I’ve decided to remove all dairy from my diet for one month. 

As some of you longtime readers may recall, I’m lactose intolerant. Things like ice cream, butter, cream, and some cow’s milk soft cheeses (like cream cheese) destroys my stomach if I enjoy more than a bit. Other dairy (like certain cheeses, such as what’s used on most pizza and sometimes yogurt) brings the always sexy “dairy baby” belly, aka bloat. When I was first diagnosed toward the end of college, I had made it a point to steer clear of ALL dairy. Cheese-less pizza and soy milk were my best friends.

In the last couple of years, I’ve become a lot more lax in my dairy avoidance, eating pizza on the regular, as well as Greek yogurt literally daily and goat cheese most weeks. I’m honestly not sure what sparked the change, but it’s like I sort of forgot I was lactose intolerant, and my stomach actually didn’t bother me as much since I still mostly avoided the hard stuff (cream, heavy butter-laden dishes).

But, my skin has gone into the pooper.

Not the direction you thought this post was going to take, eh? I’ve complained a bit on the blog about, but in the last 1.5 years – since moving back to California – I’ve noticed a shift in my skin clarity. I’ve had bumps around my chin area that just will NOT go away, and I cannot figure out the culprit.

Since I’ve heard frequently that dairy can sometimes affect people’s skin, and that food allergies/intolerances that are untreated are often manifested in bodily reactions (like acne or headaches), I figured I should give a dairy detox a shot. Changing my facial cleansers and face lotion has yet to do anything, nor has acne spot treatment from my dermatologist. SO, I’m hoping this will help!

I always use almond or coconut milk anyways, so my life is not drastically changing (I no longer consume nearly as much soy as I did back in college, particularly because I heard mixed views on their impact on our bodies… but that’s a post for another day). My beloved Greek yogurt is gone, though, as well as any late night stops for pizza this weekend. ;-)

I’m one week in, so fingers crossed I start to see some improvement. So far, I’m not noticing much of a difference, but patience is a virtue.


Have a great {not-so-cheesey} weekend, friends! xo


Have you ever had skin issues? What helped clear up your complexion? Heeeeelp.

Breaking Up With Running


Running and I have been together a long time. Since college, really.

It’s always been a  little complicated, and I’ve had more than my fair share of heartache because of it.

I briefly shared my running history here last year, but I started running in the shadow of my best friend Meg after our freshman year of college; she’d become a hardcore runner her first year away at school, and I was inspired. So I trailed behind her on the track at our local gym, and eventually got stronger and more comfortable in my running shoes, and, quite simply, caught the running bug.

It was a deep, intense relationship at first, and I began to run almost every single day — I couldn’t get enough. I didn’t know as much back then about rest days or correct running shoes or trails or even proper nutrition to fuel my runs, and eventually I got pummeled with my first running injury: a fracture in my hip flexor area, conveniently a few months before my last semester in college.

But the pain didn’t stop there, and I have the crutches collection to prove it. From achilles tendonitis to plantar  fasciitis to IT band issues and stress fractures, I’ve been told my flat feet are not built for running big miles. Along the way, I’ve become my friends’ go-to person whenever they feel some sort of weird ache or pain. Yay?

And yet despite all the pain and the tears, I haven’t been able to tear myself away. We’ve taken a few breaks on and off throughout the years, mostly to recover from injuries, but I’ve always eventually come back for more. Running has been a part of my identity for almost a decade. I am a runner, end stop. It’s helped me survive struggles far worse than  any stress fracture, and feel more alive than most anything else in life.

I’m getting older, though, and I’ve realized that my passion for running has sort of….changed, and faded from what it was seven years ago. In the face of my last half marathon in October, I thought perhaps I was finally ready to give running the boot once and for all. I was so over the entire idea of training, and wanted as much distance as humanly possible between me and my running shoes. I was just  burnt out.

I thought it might be for good. Thought perhaps I’d not show up to my next half, and my past as a runner would be a distant memory after a while.

But silly me, I should’ve known. That running is a fickle lover, and he eventually made his way back into my heart, reminding me of what made me fall in love in the first place.

It’s really occurred to me that it’s not the running that I’ve become so burnt out on, but the racing. When I just ran leisurely, however many miles I wanted to, whenever I wanted to, our relationship was great. Rocky, but not stressful. But the racing I’ve been doing the last two years? For some reason, it just brings me stress and makes running feeling like work, instead of a hidden burst of joy in my days.

It’s mainly because I always want to do my very best, and take training very seriously. And I love the sense of accomplishment at the end of races, but overall? I don’t really need the medal. And I don’t need the motivation – I have never had  trouble motivating myself to run….. other than when I’m training. Ironic, eh?

A number of my friends here in California race regularly. They love it, and I can certainly understand why…. but as  a result, I’ve begun to feel a sort of internal pressure, as if I have to register for every single race too, like it mattered or would change my place in the friendship group. And it doesn’t – no one cares if I’m racing other than ME. Isn’t that silly? And it’s not like me to do something just because everyone else is, whether it be running a race or driving off a cliff. I do what I want!

I think I forgot that for a while.

SO, I’m running again, for me, and after the San Diego half, I will be taking a little breather from running half marathons, and I’ll train for another if and when I ever feel like it…. And if I never want to do another, ain’t no thang. Doesn’t make me (or you!) any less of a runner.


Happy Thursday!


Are you a runner? Do you do races? What do you think about them?

Monday Things

1. After making this {delicious} recipe for my book club Thursday night, I’m officially on a one month-long dairy cleanse.  


Don’t tell me you didn’t see this coming

2. Annnnd I haven’t chosen/purchased a new GPS running watch yet… recommendations still welcome. :-)

3. Why is spaghetti squash so easy, and SO good?


If you’ve never made it, simply cut it in half long-wise, remove the seeds, and bake in the oven for 35 minutes with the sliced side face down. Then you just use a fork to remove the “spaghetti” insides, and voila!

4. Remember how I said I only like Sunday football for the snacks? Someone I know has a slightly different feeling about it.


He was all kinds of excited yesterday, and literally jumped on top of the coffee table at one point, to yell at the TV better.

5. This salad was too yummy/pretty not to share. Soft boiled eggs are kind of amazing.


6. I had a chance to see the new movie Interstellar in IMAX on Saturday. Holy moly — 3 hours well spent.

I’m not much into space-themed movies, but gosh this was a good one!

7. These lights from the Irvine Spectrum shopping center, where the movie theater was, sort of made my weekend.


It felt holiday-ish, finally.

8. Homework. Ugh.IMG_4777

Just one more month til the class is over, though!

9. After four miles yesterday, running and I are officially back together. 


More on that coming up this week…


We booked a trip for early into the new year, and I’m dying of excitement.


What are your Monday things?

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