Fri-YAY Favs

Hey-o! Friday time again! I’m heading down to San Diego later today, soon as I finish up my work. I’ll prob squeeze in either a barre class or Body Pump first, depending… I had to skip my workout yesterday due to work/studying. I also have plans to buy some new running shoes, so I can start logging miles again. Wooooooooooop!

Anyways, let’s get to sharing some happiness, k?

1. I finished part one of my second Anatomy test last night! Thank heavens… we are rolling through this semester, people.

2. I’m going to Seattle in one week! 

IMG_2679I get to see that gal (HI VAL!), and drink Starbucks in the land of its birth. Any must see’s (and must eat’s <–main priority)?

3. Tomorrow, I’m brunching with SD friends, as a little belated farewell celebration in honor of my move to Orange County full-time.

They’re the best. And I see pancakes in my future.

4. This.IMG_6428




Well I mean, it feels like summer here, and that’s good enough for me. Homegirl could use a tan (I mean, slathered in SPF-loaded sunscreen, of course). ;-)



What are you FriYAY-ing about today? What made you extra happy this week?

Coffee Talk

Hump daaaaaaaaaaaay. Let’s chat (and caffeinate).


If we were having coffee today, we’d probably be at Starbucks, because that’s basically my office now that I work from home 100% here in Orange County (I’m in Newport Beach). As in, they know my order and ask me if I’m getting my “usual.” (<– Should I be proud or embarrassed?)

And I’d start out by likely ranting that I failed (literally) one of my two quizzes last night in Anatomy… stupid muscles, why must you all look alike? Instead of drinking my 19th soy misto for the week, I should be studying facial muscles and skull bones, because I have a big test tomorrow and another on Tuesday. BUT, guess what? I love, love, looooooooooove taking this class and being back in school (even if it’s just one class after work right now). I know, I keep telling you that, but it’s true! As cliche as this may sound, being in this class the past couple of months has helped remind me that I AM smart, and capable of learning and understanding new things (sometimes we forget that, you know?). As someone who loves running and just being active, I also find it super interesting. Aka I’m sort of excited I now know what each ends of the clavicle are called, and the names of the different features of the femur.

This is a whole new sorta nerd coming atcha now. ;-)

If we were at coffee, I’d also tell you that I’m trying my hardest to transport to a state of zen at work. Like an out of the body/”rise above it” outlook so that I stop getting lost in the nitty gritty annoyances and frustrations of my day job, and the negative effect it’s had on my concept of my skill level and value as a professional lady. Raise your hand if you can relate.

I’d tell you I’m struggling to find a time balance lately, with classwork and real (aka paid) work and blogging and working out and sleeping. I need to devote some time to just getting a new and improved schedule set so that I don’t feel like a sleep deprived zombie who’s always rushing around. I don’t mind having to fit in studying, but I need to establish some balance again, and prioritize.

OH! I would also tell you I’m starting a Paleo Whole 30 on April 6th (aka the first Monday of April/day after Easter), along with my friend Kirby. Anyone else want to join us? This is not my first go round at a Whole 30, and I’ll be sharing a post soon about prepping for it and the reason why I’m doing it…. but essentially I need a kick in the booty to get back onto the clean eating train. I’ve been consistently working out since the SD Half, but my eating has been a bit……. all over the place. March has been the month of eating all the bread. Oops?

I’d probably end our coffee date by sharing that I’m going down to San Diego this weekend to see friends, and I’m on the hunt for a good podcast to listen to on my drive now that Serial is over. Suggestions?

Ummmmm, and now I’d probably tell you I have to go back to work, and earn that paycheck!



If we were at coffee, what would you want to share??


Link Love



Last night I tried a new-to-me vinyasa/power yoga studio here in Newport Beach, Ekam Yoga. I haven’t been to yoga in ageeeeees (or like a month… whatever), so it was a nice change of pace. Such a lovely, peaceful studio! I hadn’t yet been to a yoga studio that I’ve loved here in Orange County, but I think I may have found it now. Thanks for the recommendation, Allie!

The class was not as warm inside (temperature wise) as I was expecting/hoping, but the teacher was just so good, that I still enjoyed the experience. photo-4She said (and played, songs wise) everything I needed to hear last night.

Anyways, I have a couple quizzes today and a test Thursday and Tuesday (week from today), soooo needless to say my focus is all over the place at work/in general. As a result, I thought I’d use today to share some of the stories/articles on the interwebs that have caught my eye as of late… you know, when I’m procrastinating? And as seen above, I’m such an inspirational/motivational vibes sucker, so anything that talks about career refocusing and encouraging good vibes from life, my eyes are immediately drawn to it.

What are you reading online these days? Share some links in the comments!


Monday Things

1. TA-DA! The blog got a makeover! I hope you guys like it!

Big thank you to the wonderful designer who worked all the behind the scenes magic!

2. This weekend was almost entirely devoted to studying Anatomy. IMG_6413

I’m really exciting these days.

3. Turns out grilling pizza is almost as tricky as making a heart-shaped pizza.IMG_6422 IMG_6420

It was good…. but the recipe/process needs some work. Tips?

4. Grilling sweet potato fries, though?photo-4

#Winning. (Even if the photo is not pretty.)

5. Saturday, I had my first run in two weeks (aka since the SD Half)…. Five miles, and it was sort of painful.

My knee… my feet…. Maybe I need new running shoes?

6. Last episode of Season 3 of House of Cards. WHAT?!MV5BMTY1NDcwMDcxN15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMDI1NTQzNDE@._V1_SY317_CR0,0,214,317_AL_


Emotions. Is there even a season 4?!

7. I keep dreaming about school (including nightmares that I’m forgetting about tests/homework).


8. It’s spring and I need some new flats… Tieks – thumbs up or thumbs down?IMG_6423

(via Tieks’ Official Instagram)

I’ve heard so much buzz about them, but it’s usually hard to find cute flats that are actually comfy.

9. I want to go back to Hawaii. Now. 

Ugh, Monday. ;-)



How was your weekend?

Fri-YAY Favs


It’s that time again! I’m so thankful it’s Friday. I have a ton of Anatomy studying to do, but Lordy- this work week was a hot mess. I know I’ve talked on the blog a teensy bit about my professional sitch (aka how frustrated I am with my current career/work life), but I mean it when I say these Friday favs – aka the little joys in my weeks/days – are keeping me sane and smiling.

And you can add great friends – near and far – to the below list (you guys too!).

Now, FriYAY-ing like whoa:

1. This line from Pitbull’s “Time of Our Lives” song. He’s so wise.

This for anybody going through tough times
Believe me, been there, done that
But everyday above ground is a great day, remember that

2. Anatomy class, because it is the bright, shiny light during my work week.

Even with (literally) one or more quizzes each class, because my day job gets a big thumbs down these days.

3. This incredible quote, which is on the side of trash can in Sessions Deli here in Newport Beach.IMG_6401

RIGHT? {And also Sessions’ sandwiches = amazing.}

4. Pasta from Mama D’s on the Newport Beach peninsula. IMG_6400

Soul soothing.

5. This view.IMG_6370

Doesn’t suck. You win, California.

Which reminds me, I took almost two full weeks off of running, and this view makes me want to get out there again.


Happy weekend! xo


What are you loving today/this week? Share your bright, shiny moments. :)

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