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Brunch at Cafe Chloe

Guys. IMG_4017

I have a new favorite restaurant, and her name is Chloe.

Too much? Okay. Moving on.

This past Saturday afternoon, a few friends and I met at Cafe Chloe downtown for brunch. I’d never been before, and oh my gosh – it is so adorable! It reminded me of a little Greenwich Village cafe in New York City, and is located right by Petco Park.

I hadn’t had more than a banana and some gatorade since my ten mile run that morning (I was feeling too zapped from the heat),  so I was ready to EAT when I sat down at our table. IMG_3982

There were some sticky buns and other deliciousness sitting on platters at their front counter/bar area that got me excited right off the bat. I didn’t try one so I can’t vouch for the taste, but they sure looked good. It also made me smile noticing their rack of magazines on the wall, labeled “for your reading pleasure” and available (presumably) in case you’re dining alone. That’s how you win over an English major’s heart, people.

We sat inside since it was approximately a million degrees outside this weekend, but they do have a cute (and teeny) little patio area out front.

I started with some water and an iced coffee (free refills, what what!) as I began to peruse the menu. Two friends enjoyed Cafe Chloe’s special lemon lavender mimosas, which looked and sounded incredible. Had I not been so dehydrated, I would have ordered one myself.

The entire brunch menu was enticing (possibly because I was starving), but their basque style eggs eventually sold me. I ordered them poached instead of fried, because I’m that girl at restaurants.


Poached eggs atop a luxurious bed of sautéed sweet peppers, tomatoes, prosciutto, and pinenuts, with a side of crisp, country bread.


Seriously, this blew my mind. I was not expecting such a vibrant plate. Every bite was filled with flavor and for once I didn’t have restaurant order envy.  Sometimes when you order sautéed anything, the dish can be a bit greasy or oily. These were perfect, even for a picky palate like myself.

One of my friends ordered the vanilla pain perdu with fruit compote and creme fraise (aka decadent french toast), and holy moly. It basically looked like dessert for breakfast. Which is totally acceptable during brunch.

I think it’s also important to note that our server was very patient with us, as we were talking loudly and took forever to order because of the aforementioned talking. ;-) Our food was also served pretty quickly, which my hunger appreciated.

I already want to return for restaurant week – they have a pumpkin soup on the menu!

Cafe Chloe

721 9th Avenue

San Diego, CA 92101

(corner of 9th Avenue and G Street)


SD locals, what’s your fav brunch place?


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Hump Day Confessions

Hi! It’s huuuuump day.IMG_3921

If we were having coffee today, I’d tell you that my boyfriend actually loathes when people call Wednesday “hump day,” but I love it (as you all know) because it reminds me of that darn camel in the Geico commercial…..and so I keep saying it much to his chagrin. Sorry I’m not sorry.

Speaking of commercials, I love my iPhone and am a diehard Apple fan, but I get a kick out of the latest commercials positioning Siri versus Window’s new smart phone assistant, Cortana.  Clever.

The InDesign class I’m taking requires a lot more concentration and dedicated scheduling than I’d originally anticipated, and I sort of wish I’d enrolled as pass/fail rather than a letter grade.  :-( But I’m enjoying the challenge so far!

I forgot to mention in my training update on Monday was that I have grown to dread my shorter, mid-week runs, and I’m not entirely sure why. (The long runs are so much more enjoyable!) And that I feel like my half marathon racing days are numbered, due to the fact that my feet sort of hate running (including the one I had surgery on a couple years ago).

It rained in San Diego yesterday afternoon, and you’d have thought Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were doing cartwheels naked up and down the street for the way my neighbors were all hollering and cheering and staring on their patios and out their windows. No one appreciates a good rain storm like people in a drought, right? (<–whoa, apply it to life and that’s kind of deep.)

An awesome reader recently shared an Instagram feed that features pancake ART. What!? Check it out.

Can I tell you I am so freakin’ relieved that wedding-polooza is finally over? I’ve had weddings every month since June. JUNE.

There are just 2 (eh, and a half…) weeks til I’m reunited with some of my favs for Austin City Limits in Austin, Texas! Our wristbands arrived on my doorstep Monday. That also means just 3.5 weeks til my half!

There’s no air conditioning at my office (historical building, military base, yadda yadda). #firstworldproblems …but really, can I PLEASE get a taste of fall? I need gatorade just to sit at my desk and type. Rant over.

Care of a random raffle win at work that I almost feel like was rigged (and do not mind), I’m going to the Padres game tonight! Makes perfect sense since it still feels like summer ’round here. One hot dog, please. ;-)


Got anything you’d like to confess today?


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And the Harvest Snaps winner is………

As selected by the random boyfriend comment number selector, the winner of the Harvest Snaps giveaway is Juliana. :-)


New Picture (1)


Have a great day, everyone!

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Long Beach Half Marathon Training Update

Hi guys! IMG_3980

I’ve been so neglectful with updating ya’ll on my half marathon training this time around! I am in the last four weeks of training for Long Beach and have updated you approximately zero times I think? Fail.

Sooooo, let’s chat.

I’ve been following my training plan pretty closely, although changed course a teensy bit to align my long run mileage on the “off” weeks (i.e., the shorter mileage weeks I’d originally planned for to give my legs a breather) more closely to Hal Higdon’s plan. I have had to adapt and shift things around due from time to time due to traveling this summer. I ended up skipping (so far) two of my shorter, mid-week runs in the last couple months, one of which being this past Tuesday; my jet-lagged, dehydrated body was just not having it.

I have gotten in all of my scheduled long runs though! Whooooop.

On Saturday morning I got in my scheduled 10 miles, in some ridiculously hot/humid temps.


San Diego is enjoying a lovely heat wave that started this weekend, because it’s September and that makes total sense. At least I had some gorgeous views though, c/o the San Diego harbor. I love running alongside sailboats and the ocean in a big way.

I literally looked like someone had dumped a few gallons of water on my head after my run had completed, but all in all it was not terrible. My legs were definitely feeling zapped from the heat and I stopped a handful of times for water, but I managed to squeak out those 10 in 1 hour 36 minutes, which for me is pretty good! IMG_3978

I credit the many glorious water fountains San Diego smartly put in along the harbor and Embarcadero + margarita flavored Clif Shot Bloks (the added salt really makes a difference I think!). And obviously my rule of only wearing neon colors while running made an impact too (minus my shorts… because sweat on a neon-colored butt?).  ;-)

I feel very lucky because all of my long runs have gone pretty smoothly this time around — minus begging a random couple to share their water on my eight miler a couple weeks ago (I have no shame). This last one was probably the roughest, and only because of the mental game with the heat. I honestly barely even heard my {awesome} playlist because much of the time I was just focused on escaping the sun’s glare and finishing before I got heat stroke (dramatic, maybe). I was less on a training run and more on a scouting trip for the best water fountains along the harbor.

On that note, FYI all my fellow San Diegans, there are ZERO located anywhere near the convention center/Hilton Hotel in the Seaport Village area. But I did see an ice machine that cost 25 cents that I did not have on me to use.

IMG_3973I almost cried.

I went home and chugged gatorade when this run was over, and then went to brunch to eat….and eat….and eat. {Restaurant review coming soon!}

And in case anyone out there is wondering, I 100% still eat pancakes for dinner the night before every.single.long run. No matter what. I think that’s the real reason I run half marathons.


Whole wheat Kodiak Cakes for the win!

I have to say, I’m ready to get this half marathon done. I miss going to Body Pump and barre more frequently, and I feel like the strength I’d been gaining in my upper body is now nearly gone from focusing primarily on running the past 8 weeks. I have made it a point to do some push-ups (at least 10) and a 2-minute plank every day, so I guess that something at least?

Whoa. This update has become longer than I was planning… but you didn’t really want to pay attention at work today anyways, right?

Have a great Monday!

P.S. Don’t forget – there’s still time to enter my Harvest Snaps giveaway!!! It ends tonight at 11:59pm PT.


Do you have any races on the horizon? How has training been going?


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GIVEAWAY! Harvest Snaps Snacks

**Edited to add: This giveaway is now closed.

Guess what?!IMG_3936

It’s giveaway time! I have a package of six Harvest Snaps snacks for one lucky (snacky) reader, courtesy of the generous folks at Harvest Snaps! The package will include a variety of flavors of both the Lentil Snaps and Snapea Crisps, all perfect for snack time as well as an addition to your lunchbox.

There are two ways to enter the giveaway! To enter: 1. leave a comment below telling me your favorite thing you’ve eaten so far this week,  or 2. “Like” the On a Pink Typewriter Facebook Page. Doing both provides an additional chance to win (be sure to mention that you also liked the Facebook Page in your comment).

Contest open to U.S. residents only and closes at 11:59 pm PT Monday (September 15). Winner will be randomly selected and notified via email.

Good luck!

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