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What NOT to Do After a Long Run

Hey guys!

I wanted to share with you all my pretty horrible attempt at long run recovery this weekend. Like seriously, my quads are still a bit miffed. Instead of a post on what to do after a long run to recover, consider this a PSA for what not to do. ;-)

Saturday morning, I ran 11.5 miles bright and early here in San Diego along the harbor.

I’d felt pretty tired all last week as if I’m coming down with a cold or something, so I was a little nervous about how this run would go… it took a mile or two for me to get in the groove, but then it all clicked.

Somehow this ended up being one of those rare runs where you feel like you’re sleeping through it – like suddenly you realize you only have one more mile to go, and you barely remember the previous miles at all.

I think the gorgeous views helped. IMG_4143

The sailboats were looking particularly exceptional and I appreciated the weather’s cooperation this time around.

I had 12 miles on my training plan but for the sake of time, I was planning to stop at 11… and then felt mildly guilty for having not stuck to the original plan and ended up adding another half mile for good measure. I felt run-drunk and awesome, with the exception of some mild back pain, which started bugging me in the last mile (weird– maybe a core or hamstring thing?). I foam rolled a bit before showering once I’d gotten home, and that seemed to nip it in the bud. Shout out to the margarita-flavored Shot Bloks I ate again mid-run — that extra salt is a God-send in warm weather running.

Like I mentioned yesterday, I had plans to attend the USC football game that night up in Los Angeles, so as soon as I’d showered after the run, I had planned to jump in my car and drive north.  I had eaten a banana and drank some water post run and – similar to my 10 miler two weeks ago – hadn’t felt like eating anything else immediately after the run….  But I apparently waited too long to re-fuel (approximately an hour, between with the stretching/foam rolling and showering), and by the time I went to smear peanut butter onto a bagel to eat during my car ride, I could feel myself starting to take a nosedive. I was literally shaky and getting emotional, with a headache starting to brew.

That’s literally never happened to me after a long run (or even a race!). Solid proof that nutrition is key to running and letting your body recover, huh?

But I pulled it together after inhaling my bagel and hopped in the car to drive an hour and change to Orange County,  where I was supposed to meet my boyfriend to carpool up to LA When I arrived in Orange County and unfolded my tired self from the driver’s seat, my calves were so stiff and crampy, and I made a beeline to the nearby convenience store to grab some Gatorade — something I should have drank immediately following my run. My electrolytes were a wreck.

After a quick lunch, we headed up to LA, aka another hour plus in the car. And then I ended up on my feet for the next nine or so hours, with plenty of steps to climb up and down the LA Coliseum, where the Trojans play.  SO MUCH LEG FUN.



Turns out that’s not the best way to spend your time after a (very) long run. Who knew. ;-)

I know, I know…. such  a rookie mistake. I really should have known better, but I honestly wasn’t expecting it to be such a rough day since I’ve usually felt fine after long runs, albeit a little sleepy.

During the tailgate, I was pounding water, but yet still managed to get an immediate headache after a couple sips of a beer. Fail. And even though we were tailgating, there wasn’t much food that looked appealing and I’m pretty confident that I didn’t end up eating enough to fully re-fuel after being on my feet so much that day, despite some slices of pizza eaten at the very end of the night.

By the time we got home from the game, I was exhausted, and woke up the next day feeling like trash with the sorest legs i’ve ever experienced from running. It took a while for me to even get out of my pajamas, and I ended up missing a fun food blogger event organized by another Orange County blogger. Boooooo.

Got it body — lesson learned! I will be MUCH nicer to you post-half marathon, and after any and all other long runs in my running future. Promise.

Speaking of  – the Long Beach half marathon is in TWO weeks! Taper time!


Have you ever had a long run that you just did not recover from as well or as quickly as you’d anticipated? How do you usually spend your day after a long run? I usually just go to brunch and sit on my sofa….. 

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Monday Things

1. It’s TAPER TIME! I had my last very long run of Long Beach half marathon training on Saturday: 11.5 miles. Whew.

2. And how gorgeous was this view during the run? Let me just bombard you with San Diego harbor photos now, thanks.




3. I know next to nothing about football still, BUT I do love the whole tailgate situation. I made these pretzels in bites form for Saturday’s USC game.

4. Speaking of the game, my boyfriend is an USC alumni + football fanatic, and my college didn’t even have a teamYou can imagine my emotional state while attending these games. IMG_4145

4. Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed it’s fall, aka pumpkin season!


….which means I’m already both incredibly overwhelmed and giddy by the current stock at Trader Joe’s.  There are pumpkin POP TARTS, people. I don’t even eat pop tarts and I wanted to buy them, just because.

5. If you follow me on Instagram this is already old news, but I cut my hair! Like a LOT. 


10 inches gone, and donated to Locks of Love again.  (This is my third time donating my hair.)

6. My skin has been breaking out since I moved back to California over a year ago and it’s driving me nuts… what the heck, SoCal!? Can someone please give me some skin advice because my dermatologist hasn’t been helpful. I just switched to a new facial cleanser, so hopefully that’ll do some good….

7. I just finished reading Me Before You by Jojo Moyes, the latest novel for my book club. And I kind of cried at the end.

A lot.

You should read it.

8. In case you missed it, I had an essay published on the website The Eighty Twenty, a women’s (semi-paleo influenced) online magazine last week. If you want to read it (please do!!!), you can check it out here.   It’s on relationships and life and all that jazz…… aka what almost all my personal essays are about. ;-)


What are you Monday things? Share in the comments!

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On Secrets in a Social World

fe5c52f195ff6abf6c260f42925d999cMy life is not simple.

It’s not full of clean lines and calm water.

It’s not easy, but probably neither is yours.

I have a blog so that would lead a lot of people to believe I’m pretty open, and that I share, you know, a lot. And I am! I do.

I mean, I blogged through a hideous break-up a couple years ago, for goodness sake. I might as well have placed a disclaimer at the top of this blog asking you guys to mail me my therapy bill.

But, that’s not everything. This isn’t all of me. There are aspects of my life that I prefer to keep in the shadows. Parts that I’ve never wanted to lend the spotlight to, that I’d rather deal with privately and have only shared with a select few, like my parents.

The era of social media we’re currently existing in lets people think that they know you, inside and out, from the few clever lines you’ve tweeted, or from the perfect days you recap via Facebook status updates. But that’s nothing more than a snippet. Who really knows KNOWS  you?

This 24/7 world can make you feel like all your feelings and actions have to be spoken out loud, or else they don’t matter. But there’s something to be said for privacy. For letting some parts of your life remain in anonymity, and only available to the people of your choosing, when you feel ready to share. That doesn’t mean that you’re hiding, or that those pieces of your life are less important. It just means, I think, that you’re allowing a certain respect to the areas of you that make you who you are – the foundation of your character.

For me at least, the parts of my life that I’ve historically let slide to the background are the ones that have made me the strongest, and helped define my identity and inner spirit.

They don’t need a megaphone.  I don’t long for anyone to pat me on the back and commend me for overcoming obstacles or remaining cheery in spite of personal challenges. Honestly, most of the time I’d rather they’re none the wiser.

My point is, no one’s life is seamless or breezy, regardless of how much you think you know about them. As my mama always told me growing up, everyone’s got something — regardless of how much their flawless Instagram account may otherwise indicate. ;-)

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A Good Read

Hi guys! IMG_4080

So this week is a busier one with work events/projects and homework, which unfortunately means I don’t have time to stop by for as long as I would like…. BUT I did want to drop by and share a great letter I recently came across. It was written by a cab driver on Coronado Island here in San Diego. As longtime readers may already know, in my real life/non-blog career, I work with the military and military families. As a result, this letter spoke volumes to me, and hit home; the Naval ship mentioned – USS Carl Vinson – just recently went out to sea from here in San Diego (there’s a photo of it getting underway on my Instagram feed).

A snippet of the letter:

“We’re just cab drivers, ordinary people living ordinary American lives, and as such we normally take for granted the safety and security we have. Those two things, safety and security, are the reason we can normally be oblivious of world events, and just live our safe little lives. But, with the loss of a brave pilot, it made us think for a little while that our cocoon of safety is actually guaranteed by people who volunteered to make sacrifices on our behalf. Sadly, somebody just made the ultimate sacrifice — for us. That means something. The loss wasn’t in vain. It wasn’t just a workplace accident. It was a sacrifice for others. I hope the family and people who knew the lost aviator fully understand that. If the loss is felt by a taxi driver, I believe it’s felt by a lot of people in America.”

To read the whole letter, click here.


Have a happy hump day. :-)


How’s your week going?

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Brunch at Cafe Chloe

Guys. IMG_4017

I have a new favorite restaurant, and her name is Chloe.

Too much? Okay. Moving on.

This past Saturday afternoon, a few friends and I met at Cafe Chloe downtown for brunch. I’d never been before, and oh my gosh – it is so adorable! It reminded me of a little Greenwich Village cafe in New York City, and is located right by Petco Park.

I hadn’t had more than a banana and some gatorade since my ten mile run that morning (I was feeling too zapped from the heat),  so I was ready to EAT when I sat down at our table. IMG_3982

There were some sticky buns and other deliciousness sitting on platters at their front counter/bar area that got me excited right off the bat. I didn’t try one so I can’t vouch for the taste, but they sure looked good. It also made me smile noticing their rack of magazines on the wall, labeled “for your reading pleasure” and available (presumably) in case you’re dining alone. That’s how you win over an English major’s heart, people.

We sat inside since it was approximately a million degrees outside this weekend, but they do have a cute (and teeny) little patio area out front.

I started with some water and an iced coffee (free refills, what what!) as I began to peruse the menu. Two friends enjoyed Cafe Chloe’s special lemon lavender mimosas, which looked and sounded incredible. Had I not been so dehydrated, I would have ordered one myself.

The entire brunch menu was enticing (possibly because I was starving), but their basque style eggs eventually sold me. I ordered them poached instead of fried, because I’m that girl at restaurants.


Poached eggs atop a luxurious bed of sautéed sweet peppers, tomatoes, prosciutto, and pinenuts, with a side of crisp, country bread.


Seriously, this blew my mind. I was not expecting such a vibrant plate. Every bite was filled with flavor and for once I didn’t have restaurant order envy.  Sometimes when you order sautéed anything, the dish can be a bit greasy or oily. These were perfect, even for a picky palate like myself.

One of my friends ordered the vanilla pain perdu with fruit compote and creme fraise (aka decadent french toast), and holy moly. It basically looked like dessert for breakfast. Which is totally acceptable during brunch.

I think it’s also important to note that our server was very patient with us, as we were talking loudly and took forever to order because of the aforementioned talking. ;-) Our food was also served pretty quickly, which my hunger appreciated.

I already want to return for restaurant week – they have a pumpkin soup on the menu!

Cafe Chloe

721 9th Avenue

San Diego, CA 92101

(corner of 9th Avenue and G Street)


SD locals, what’s your fav brunch place?


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