That one time I almost cried in spinning

Happy Sunday everyone!

It’s been a lovely weekend round these parts, full of the usual: errand-running, gymming, and major snacking with friends.

Today, though, I went to a special spinning class at my gym in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It was spinning for the Cure, basically. Donations were encouraged, and all proceeds went straight to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. There were actually two classes offered, back to back this morning, and I was lucky to get a spot- the spinning classes at my gym fill up quick even when there isn’t a special occasion to sweat for.

Although I was exhausted this morning (hello, Sunday morning), I pulled on some spandex and ate a quick breakfast of peanut butter toast, aka creamy PB slathered on half of a toasted, fluffy Udi’s roll.

Why yes, that is an XL tub of peanut butter.

Did the trick.

I then boogied over to the gym to spin my little booty off.

This was literally one of the best spinning classes I have ever attended here in D.C.! I loved it, especially the instructor who was only there for these particular classes today. From the music to the energetic and uber excited instructor, the cause, and even the weird heavy breathing the instructor kept doing.

Like really. He sounded like a scuba diver underwater. It was weird, but yet awesome in an oddly motivational way.

This guy was the kind of spin instructor who randomly hops off his own bike to weave in and out of the rows of cyclists, counting and making enthusiastic arm gestures to rev up the group.

There was one point where we were doing a heavy interval climb, and the instructor said to  focus on a time in your life when you encountered a large challenge, and overcame it despite the odds. He said to spin with your heart, and use all of your strength and determination to push through the resistance because he knew we all could, that we’d one it before in that particular time of our lives. You know, like during a marathon, or your first triathalon, or a family member who was fatally ill. I focused on a familiar moment in my life that was one of the most difficult I’ve ever faced.

And then it happened.

I became that girl, and almost cried. On the bike, in the dark, sweating like a wilderbeast with 35 of my closest strangers.

Melodramatic like whoa.

Luckily I recovered quickly and finished the class with a bang.

I came home to a very pleasant surprise.

Thanks, Penpal!

Daisies from Afghanistan. 😉

Penpal sent them to celebrate the very first day at my new job tomorrow! He’s very thoughtful. I think I’ll keep him around…

After cleaning off my after-spin glow, I went over to Northside Social in Clarendon (a nearby neighborhood in northern Virginia, right outside of D.C.) to grab a coffee with Meg, my best friend from high school.

This coffee shop reminds me of my favorite in one in NYC, Think Coffee. Sorta hipster-ish, in a feel-good, enjoy a latte, cozy type of way. And they also serve wine.


We spent the afternoon gabbing, and now I’m back home to prepare din and fill out some last minute paperwork before the first day of orientation with my new employer (orientation is all this week). I’m nervous, but they’re providing breakfast and lunch so I figure it can’t go that terribly. 😉

Have a good night!

Tell me about your weekend! Have you participated in any Breast Cancer Awareness activities this month?

ps. Just an fyi: if the blog looks a little different in upcoming days, it’s because I’m playing with theme options before moving to self-hosted.

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