Monday things

Welp, kids. I think we’re getting back on track.

Or at least I hope so. I’m not sure if any of you are aware of this, but I’m actually not a graphic designer. Nor do I want to be. A frustrated hair stylist, maybe. Graphic designer who can make crazy awesome website headers and backgrounds?



But…. I’m trying. And praying I don’t get fired from my money-making job in the process. Or turn away all of my readers with my inability to match colors. (Can color blindness come late in life..?)

In the meantime, let’s talk about some other things, mmk?

1. These. Eat them, okay? I forgot how much I love the fig flavored cereal bars from Trader Joe’s.

Taste like big Fig Newtons! Good thing I remembered. But do not get the other flavors. Ugh.

2. You know what else I want to eat? Okay just kidding, but seriously… this smells delicious. Like I could drink it and it wouldn’t just taste like soap.

I’m a huge fan of Philosophy’s body washes, and I’ve been buying myself them as a treat every year since I was a sophomore in college.

3. This weekend.


4. So, in an effort to get back to the clean-eating ways of past (ignore #3 here), I’m sort of partially regressing back to my old standby foods… i.e. from before I got so distracted by loaded baked potatoes and chocolate-covered everythings this fall.

Like oats. In this bowl: oatmeal cooked in water + unsweetened vanilla almond milk, with blueberries, bananas, and a drizzle of maple syrup. Oh, and a shovel’s worth of peanut butter.

5. I kept having such a major fail today with the treadmill at the gym. See that red button? It’s the emergency stop.

I kept knocking it off.


So… the treadmill belt would abruptly stop, and erase whatever my mileage and time had been. Apparently I’m very handsy with the t-mill.

6. I’m hungry and all I want are these back in my life. (Remember my trip to the happiest place on earth this summer?)

Penpal could come too, I guess.

7. I had a total Carrie Bradshaw moment this weekend and had to break down a shell out some money for a backup hard drive. 

You don’t even want to know the dirty look the Apple “genius” gave me at the Mac store yesterday when I said I’d never backed up anything on my computer, ever, in my life.

8. I know that #5 and #6 contradict each other (above), but I’m over it. 

9. Penpal and I are thinking of doing a fun trip together when he’s back as our Christmas gifts to each other this year….

Got a great travel spot you want to recommend?



What are your Monday things?

6 Comments on Monday things

  1. Lindsay @ Lindsay's List
    December 5, 2011 at 2:54 PM (6 years ago)

    I have hit that dang treadmill button too many times to count. A couple of face plants (and like a slow motion face plant) later, I try to stick to the eliptical.

    • joelle
      December 5, 2011 at 10:02 PM (6 years ago)

      LindsayL Haha that’s definitely where my booty is going tmrw instead- the elliptical. 😉

  2. Janna
    December 5, 2011 at 3:12 PM (6 years ago)

    I was JUSt drooling over that collection of body washes at Sephora…

    • joelle
      December 5, 2011 at 10:00 PM (6 years ago)

      Janna: They’re amazing! My favorites are vanilla birthday cake, coconut frosting, and cinnamon buns!

  3. Katie
    December 5, 2011 at 3:29 PM (6 years ago)

    I HATE It when I knock that emergency treadmill button off – it makes me so angry to lose all my data!

    • joelle
      December 5, 2011 at 10:00 PM (6 years ago)

      Katie: Ugh, me too! You should have seen my face after I did it for the second time this morning.. not good.


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