Restaurant week: the liberty tavern

You guys.


(From their menu, 1st course: Tavern Salad-  field greens, breakfast radish, red wine vinaigrette.)

Restaurant Week Dinner. 

(2nd course: Creekstone NY Strip-  sweet potato batter fries [I opted for extra veggies instead!], roasted Brussels sprouts, spicy pecan brittle smoked bacon & bourbon steak sauce.)

(3rd course: Sorbet trio … and no, not quite Whole30 approved, but definitely Paleo friendly. I only had a few nibbles, so sue me!)


They even had THIS, which Beth ate and I stared at, drooling.

 (Chocolate Caramel S’more Tart- Brûlée Banana, Whiskey Marshmallow <–PERFECT)


And everything I had was Paleo, to boot! What more could a Whole30-doing girl want? I love you, Liberty Tavern.


Back to regular posting asap, with a post dedicated to Paleo snacks coming up too!



How is everyone?! Do you participate in Restaurant Week in your city?

6 thoughts on “Restaurant week: the liberty tavern”

    1. Em: It’s this cool week that happens usually twice a year in cities around the country where high priced restaurants offer a selection of their menu via 3 courses for a set, reduced price! In other words, at many restaurants you get to try 3 courses of their food for practically the price of one entree.

  1. That steak looks amazing and the veggies sound incredible. I was actually ready to run to the restaurant, then I realized i didn’t live on the eastcoast.

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