Cleans and things

People. This CrossFit thing?


I mean, I’m into it. My crush? It’s growing. And I need intense these days, especially after spending 8+ hours with my butt glued to a chair in my teeny little cubicle. Feels good to bust out some energy.

It’s weird though. I’ve learned some… interesting things about myself since starting CrossFit last week.

Like how I can’t seem to lift my elbows very high up.

And how I have basically the most unflexible shoulders on the planet.

(Okay, actually I knew that last one… I was a gymnast as a youngin’ and that was basically what sealed shut my door to the Olympics. JUST that….. obviously.)

Um, I also apparently can’t jump rope.

Was I child? Did I ever play at recess? Not sure what happened that erased this “skill” from my memory (aka singles unders in the CrossFit world), but now…………..A couple jumps and the next thing I know, there’s jump rope hanging off my ponytail.

Don’t ask.

I’m definitely unready for the extra fancy double unders, either. Someday.

Oh, and despite doing hot yoga for years, squats are still hard. My quads may or may not have been sore for one full week after the first day of class, between all the squatting and box-jumping.

Sore as in I had to pause and give myself a pep talk before climbing the stairs at work.

And I know I’ve alluded to this before in the blog, but I’m short. Petite, fun-size, tiny. Whatever you want to call it – at 5ft tall, I’m it. Now picture THAT thrusting a weighted bar above my head while sweating profusely and looking slightly terrified.

NEVER IN MY LIFE did I imagine myself doing that. It’s like I entered the Twilight Zone this summer.

Basically I’m an animal now. I know that’s what you’re thinking too. 😉

Mind you this is a foundations/beginners’ class, so we’re not doing anything too wild compared to what regular CrossFit WODs (workouts of the day) can include. But we’ve been learning basic lifts called power cleans and deadlifts and stuff. No big deal.

And if you don’t know what any of those words mean or think you’d be disasterous at them….. you’re not alone.

Anyways! What am I saying here?

Oh right – CrossFit? It’s definitely a workout that pushes you to your limits and tests your strenght both mentally and physically. I can honestly say that although it’s nothing close to any type of exercise I’ve ever done…. I’m having a blast. It’s kind of empowering even.  Like in a Beyonce/kick butt/own it sort of way. You know?

I mean, I’m not giving up yoga and running, especially since I’ve got the Marine Corps 10K to train for still, but…….. I’m considering getting a membership and give this a real whirl for a month! I told you – smitten.

But I need to buy a jump rope.

Happy Thursday!


Anyone been scared to try CrossFit too? Did you start and then love or hate it?

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