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Long time, no post, huh? Life has been keeping me preoccupied… I mean, when did these holidays creep up?! Last time I checked, it was summer, and now it’s practically Christmas? What?

Maybe I’m confused because it’s still 70 degrees here in SoCal.

Anyways, I wanted to tell you guys about a trail I checked out this weekend! On Sunday, we went on a hike along the Holy Jim Trail in Orange County. The Orange County Register newspaper voted it “Best Hiking Trail” in 2012.


See, Sunday has become hiking day. As it turns out, Southern California has more trails than I actually realized… Apparently I just didn’t care about hiking/the outdoors when I lived in LA for college? Whoops.

This hidden nugget is near Trabuco Canyon and, shockingly, right outside of Laguna Beach….. yes – that town from the MTV showimage

I can’t be the only person that remembers that cinematic masterpiece, right?

I had no idea anything like this existed remotely close to the OC. I guess MTV cut out those scenes.

The trail basically starts out inching along an incline, leading toward the Holy Jim Falls. It’s an out and back trail, approximately 3 miles (once you’re on the trail). We ended up parking farther away from the trailhead, though, which can dramatically lengthen the hike depending on where you park.

imageIt was a bit muddy, but overall a really pretty, shady hike! The trail wasn’t very challenging, and there were lots of dogs and kiddos sharing the trail with us. The toughest part was actually driving up to the trail… the closer you get to the trailhead, the rougher the terrain. Four-wheel drive = critical. We were basically off-roading, Jurassic Park style. I may have wanted to ralph for the first 15 minutes of our hike, as my stomach settled back down. No biggie.

Unfortunately we got a late start, so we couldn’t make it to the falls before the sun was starting to go down. The area leading up to the trail is secluded and shaded by tree cover, so I wasn’t too jazzed about the idea of hiking once the sun began to set. Next time we’ll have to go earlier in the day!image

If ya’ll live near Orange County, check out the Holy Jim Trail for an easy hike. It makes you feel like you’re in the pacific northwest or somewhere else that’s more… I don’t know, rugged? Pretty sure that just means an extra piece of pumpkin pie is warranted….

Happy Tuesday!


Locals, any other hiking areas I should explore around southern California? Leave some recommendations in the comments!

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