Training Plan For Running 2 Half Marathons 5 Weeks Apart

Here we go!

imageTraining for my next race has officially begun!

Well, raceS. The Surf City half marathon is on February 2 (aka 10 weeks from now!) and the San Diego half is on March 9th. That’s a mere five weeks separating the two races.

As a result, I wanted a training plan that would help me keep training past the first half, so I could stay in peak running condition! My concern is always that I’ll get injured, though, since my body semi hates my running habit. Luckily, I was able to avoid injury while training for my last half (aka my first one), and I think that’s due in large part to sticking with only three runs a week — two mid week and one long distance run on the weekend.

My body spazzes out even just at the thought of me regularly running 4 days or more a week anymore, like I used to do in college.

This plan {like my last one) is based heavily off of Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 half marathon training schedule, but with some influence from Jeff Galloway (who also advises the aforementioned three-run-a-week idea), and tweaks to fit my own schedule… you know, like yoga. Basically this plan is a big hodgepodge of the advice I considered smart.image

Because obviously I’m such an expert…………… not.

As you can see, I inserted an off week after the first half marathon, in the hopes I can recuperate quickly from Surf City and have refreshed legs for continuing the bigger mileage onto the SD half in March. That was also the same train of thought that led me to shorten my training for Surf City to 10 weeks versus the 12 weeks I utilized this summer.

To make sure I wasn’t under-preparing (or overdoing it), I asked a friend of mine who’s a ridiculous runner (ridiculous as in she’s running Boston this year………… again) to review this schedule, and she gave the thumbs up. Well, she also mentioned I should throw in some speed work, but we’ll see how that goes. 😉

At first I was a little gun shy about the idea of running two long races so close to each other. Like maybe it was too ambitious of me?



But then I start to feel like it was more of a personal challenge. Plus, I figured it was probably the better option than doing the second one farther apart and then having to start training from scratch again,  (And I know some people don’t use a training plan at ALL…….. whatever.)

Since I’ll be home for the holidays, I’m doing a turkey trot tomorrow in Vegas, and my first long run will be Saturday. That means post-run pancakes and pumpkin pie.


Happy (almost) Thanksgiving!


What are you training for currently? Have you ever run two long distance races that were really close to each other?

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