Lift, Tone, Burn

You guys! I need to tell you about the barre classes I’ve been taking for the last month.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned them here much at all since I started, but if you follow me on Instagram then you’ve probably noticed I started adding a couple of classes at Pure Barre to my workout routine each week. Way back in fall I had purchased a great 10-class Living Social deal (told ya I’m frugal!), and started using them back around the beginning of March or (62)

To be honest, I thought they were just a bunch of talk when barre classes first started gaining popularity, and wrote them off as another overpriced workout class better suited to former dancers. I decided to snatch up the Living Social deal just to give it a try and add something new before getting into big mileage again with my running, and gosh, it’s been such a fun experience!

Well, as an inflexible runner/sporatic yogi, these classes have been kicking my butt! You’d never know I used to take dance classes and gymnastics as a kid… it’s been mildly embarrassing to witness my lack of flexibility, although I think it’s improving.


I can’t speak for all of the barre studios out there, but at least with these Pure Barre classes my limbs are like wet noodles when the hour is over, and I almost always feel sore all over my body. My legs literally quiver and burn with many of the exercises, and I mean that in the best possible way possible (although it’s flippin’ weird to experience at first – I thought my leg was having a seizure or something). {Not dramatic at all.} I see where they get their whole “lift, tone, burn” slogan now.

photo (61)

Plus they have a couple boards up around the studio where they write weekly motivation (or at least this studio does). Love.

Anyways, I personally think it’s a fairly solid whole body workout, particularly for toning, without being high impact. I thought the tiny two and three pound hand weights used for the warm-up each class were laughable at first — my purse weighs more than that — but after my first class I realized their purpose, and the significant difference the lighter weights can actually make when paired with the specific movements Pure Barre classes include.

I’m still not entirely convinced you could simply do barre and no other type of workout (read: cardio) to stay completely fit or to lose weight (if that was your goal), but that may just be the cardio addict in me talking.

Either way, the San Diego Pure Barre studio is very inviting and friendly, and I’m sad my class package is reaching its end! In case you’re wondering, the studio has no idea who I am or that I’m talking them up here – I just wanted to share my experience. I even went this morning to make sure I could get in one last class before heading out of town for the rest of the week!  I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for another deal. 😉

Happy hump day!


Have you tried any barre workouts? What did you think?

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