Good morning!

Well, my MRI results came in. Looks like someone has a stress fracture in her fibula. photo (71)Right there. Cue the balloons and confetti. 😉

In all seriousness, I’m pretty bummed, particularly because my doctor not only told me not to run for eight (yes, EIGHT) weeks, but that I need to avoid anything athletic, aka rest as much as possible.

In case you’re keeping track, that also means no OC half marathon in May.

Apparently fibula injuries can be jerks and not heal properly unless you rest appropriately. Now, if you’ve known me for longer than two seconds, you probably know I don’t do well with just sitting still and not being active. After a few obnoxious back and forth exchanges with my doctor’s nurse – me saying things like “But, are you sure? But what exactly does that mean I can do?”  – I got the green light to swim and try the elliptical or stationary bike at the gym, permitting that any of the exercises do not cause any additional pain. Things like the stairmill or incline walking on the treadmill are out, and even my beloved spinning…… All of which I’d been doing this last month prior to getting the MRI done, but admittedly was causing some pain (although not nearly as much as running had). Oops?

Soooo, cool. Needless to say, I was not in the best mood much of last week, which is why I was mum on the blog. A sweet person sent me the prettiest bouquet to cheer me up (70)

Neon and amazing. I love surprises like this (and the person who sent it).

But hey! This is a great time to focus more on other parts of my fitness, like more strength training and perhaps even some quality swimming time (not my forte). I may even bite the bullet and buy some more barre classes. I really enjoyed the classes and they seem to be one of the few activities that caused zero fibula pain in the last month, so it may be worth it.

And a big congrats to all my friends who ran races yesterday! I’m living vicariously through your runner’s highs.

Have a great day!


Ever had a stress fracture? Runners, what workouts do you do when you’re unable to run?

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