Half Marathon News (And Training Plan Sneak Peek!)

WE’RE SO CLOSE to the holiday weekend! thank-god-founding-fathers-independence-day-ecard-someecards


Has anyone else been anxiously awaiting Friday? I know I have…. It’s like 4th of July and the long weekend can’t get here soon enough. Why isn’t mandatory adult summer break a thing?

Anyways, 4th of July. We’re having a little morning get together for brunch, and then the non-plan is to wander outdoors wearing obnoxiously patriotic outfits until it’s fireworks time. I’m trying to figure out what to bake (or cook) for the 4th, which has been pretty fruitless beyond determining that whatever I make, it needs to scream red, white, and blue. And really I’m just plain ol’ trying to remember what day it is lately. THE STRUGGLE. My brain has been all over the place. But really, if anyone has festive dessert or snack ideas, do share.  Otherwise I’m going to end up plopping some strawberries and blueberries beside a pile of whipped cream and calling it a day.

I’m just saying.

Soooooo, can we talk running? Like I mentioned the other day, I ran a whole 3 miles and change on Saturday around Mission Bay, and felt like I owned the world. It was lovely and somehow I maintained a 9 minute mile  pace the whole time. photo (75)

I have no idea how, although it probably helped that I had someone right behind me the half the time. Like, so close I could practically feel his breath.

I’m secretly very competitive and my pride wouldn’t let me slow down long enough to let him pass me………….. even though probably I shouldn’t have been running that quickly considering I hadn’t run that far since March. Oh well… I survived. 😉 I felt pretty good, too!

I also signed up for my next half marathon!



Long Beach in October!

Feels like a high five moment, doesn’t it?

I was planning to run this as a part of the Beach Cites Challenge, and even though that’s out the window (since I was injured and missed running the OC Half in May), I figured I might as well do it anyways! It’s supposed to be a really pretty course and I’m going to run it with some friends.  I think it’s going to be great, and I’ve got a tentative training plan already……..

photo (8)

Emoji use is key.

We’ll see how it goes. I should start training the last week of July if I plan on doing a full 12-week training period (which I do, considering I’m returning from injury). Some of you have asked me to talk about my training again, so I’ll be sure to share once I have a more detailed plan laid out.

Andddddddddd that’s it! Let’s wrap this work day up and make pop some red, white, and blue bottles!


Have a happy (and safe!) Independence Day, friends! xo


What are you plans for the holiday weekend (including baking plans)?! And do you have any races on the calendar for fall too?? 

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  1. allie@sweetpotatobites
    July 3, 2014 at 8:17 AM (4 years ago)

    Congrats on signing up for your next half! I almost signed up for Long Beach but am going to do the Monterey Bay one in November instead 🙂


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