Post Wedding Detox

Hello, hello!

I’m back from Vegas after an amazing week of wedding shenanigans and three glorious days off from work.

IMG_3401We were obviously the most attractive couple at the wedding.

It was so great to just savor each and every moment and celebrate one of my best friends in the universe getting married. Meg is the best and deserves all the happiness in the world, which luckily her new husband brings to her. Seriously the best.

It was honestly one of the most fun weddings I have ever been to, taking first place over Steph’s last month (which I never thought could  be done). We had some hiccups, like a power outage at the church courtesy of Vegas heat waves and lightening storms, but Meg took everything in stride and it all turned out beautifully!

It was an honor to be her Maid of Honor and to cheers to the couple, but boy was I nervous to give my speech. I was beyond glad to get my  speech over with at the beginning of the reception. Special shout out to the kind bartender who slipped me a glass of red wine even though the bar had already closed for the speech presentations; he could see how freaked out I was to get up there and speak…. good man. 😉

The wedding was a giant, neon-infused dance party, rounded out with delicious food (au gratin potatoes like whoa) and an after party performance by In-N-Out at the very end of the evening. And all the details were just adorable. Meg and her mom did a fantastic job making sure it was a gorgeous affair.

IMG_3330 I want Meg to do her wedding again so that we can relive all that fun.

My only complaint is that I failed to take many photos with the bride (besides some blurry, sweatastic ones from the wee end of the night). Oops.

We stayed in Vegas for another night after the wedding, over at the MGM. In a nutshell, that meant extreme pool time, Irish dancing, dueling pianos, the best hamburger ever, and a lot of unnecessary midnight pizza.



Ridiculously fun, but now I’m pooped and in need of some vegetables.

SO, to kickstart a little post-wedding detox, I got in my planned 3 mile run (pretty sure I sweated out cheese) and followed it up with a green protein shake for breakfast.


All things in moderation, right? This had a scoop of protein powder, 1.25 cups unsweetened almond milk, one banana, a big handful of spinach, and a tsp of raw, no sugar-added almond butter.

I found my very favorite protein powder, Plant Fusion, on Amazon and couldn’t be more stoked about it (I use the chocolate flavor!). I had tried SunWarrior for a while, and just didn’t like the fake sugar aftertaste or how it affected my tummy.

Now it’s back to reality!


How was your weekend? What’s new?

3 Comments on Post Wedding Detox

  1. allie@sweetpotatobites
    July 29, 2014 at 8:10 PM (3 years ago)

    I hear you about the post-wedding detox! I was in a wedding this past weekend too and I’m definitely in needs of greens in my life. I need to check that protein powder out too.

    • joelle
      July 29, 2014 at 9:06 PM (3 years ago)

      So necessary! Today I’ve had a million servings of veggies and some chia for good measure. 😉

  2. Steph
    July 30, 2014 at 5:51 AM (3 years ago)

    So I’ve been de-throned? I see how it is, Joelle…


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