Just You Wait

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Don’t you just love that?

The first time I read that quote, I thought gosh, that’s just perfect.

My horoscope for August says I’m entering a period of letting go to start fresh in 2015. Now, I thought that’s what I’d been doing all of last year, but okay – we can do it again. Nothing wrong with a  little refresh and renewal, right? I’ve always been such a sucker for horoscopes (especially when they feel accurate!), but even if it’s all a bunch of hooey,  I don’t think there’s anything wrong with prioritizing what matters. In other words, remembering what speaks to my soul and heart, and ridding my life of the things that no longer serve me.

Even if you’re not a Virgo (my sign), you can totes do that too. Why not?

We had a hilarious girls’ night popcorn party (a friend has a popcorn machine…), I’m ending week two of Long Beach half training, a birthday coming up at the end of August (insert the high five emoji – I’m obsessed) and the potential of really good stuff bubbling under the surface in other areas of my life, fingers triple crossed.

And faith will get you everywhere…. Just you wait.



Do you  believe in horoscopes? What are you feeling hopeful for about these days?

2 Comments on Just You Wait

  1. LTD 'fo Lyfe!
    August 1, 2014 at 11:19 AM (3 years ago)

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this!

    Reminds me of something my grandma once told me: “Hun, from here on out the only constant in your life will be change. You better learn to embrace it.”

    Change is exciting… and faith is indispensable. Reminds me of another quote, I totally stole from something I found on Pinterest:
    “There isn’t enough room in your mind for both worry and faith. You must decide which one will live there.”

  2. Steph
    August 4, 2014 at 5:34 AM (3 years ago)

    Aw I love it – anything can happen…


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