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Helllllo. I have part two of my second unit test in Anatomy tonight, but then home free for a few days of spring break! Can’t wait, because that also means my Seattle trip is around the corner.

Anyways, I thought today we could talk about working out. My workouts lately are looking drastically different than when I was training for the SD Half Marathon, as in, zero running. No seriously… zero. Instead, my sweat life has been heavy on the Pure Barre.


During half training and even before, I was only going 2 times max a week; lately, it’s been more like 4 times a week. It’s just so fun for me, and the one hour that is cleanly away form my computer and cell phone (aka email access) is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

I know i’ve raved before, but it’s just a positive, encouraging environment and community, and I adore all components of the workout (especially the music mixes). Sure, sometimes you’ll find a teacher that’s not as good (and to me, that means not pushing me as hard or making sure I’m doing the move correctly), but overall I’ve had a great experience, and that includes the Pure Barre studio I just started using this month, here in Orange County.

I should write a post on barre’s effects on my body, but I can honestly say i’m still astounded at how effective of a workout it actually is. And I say that from the perspective of a person who eats a lot (LOT) despite being a petite munchkin, and more so when I’m stressing, like now.

Moving on……IMG_6333

I’ve also been getting in 1-2 Body Pump classes a week!

Gaaaah, I seriously LOVE Pump, and getting stronger is a big, honkin’ goal of mine for this year. I otherwise hate group gym classes (other than spinning), but this is one of those classes that I have found almost all of the teachers I have had given an equally effective, hard workout (I assume it’s because of the set choreography/training). I would go even more, but the schedule at my gym is not as conducive with my work hours as barre is, unfortunately. I mean seriously, a 9am class? Who can go to that? I work from home, but even I can’t usually make it because of phone meetings.

I have also gotten in a little bit of yoga (not much), and just plain, ol’ random gym workouts on my own…… usually the massive step mill (SWEAT) or incline walking on the treadmill.

I promise I plan (and want) to run again, but truth be told, I have been in desperate need of new running shoes, and I literally had not had time to get to the running store to buy them til this past weekend (and they had to order them because my size wasn’t in stock!). I didn’t want to risk another stress fracture just like last year (ya know, that fibula stress fracture I had?) from running despite leg/feet pain, as I had on that last run (and I am attributing the pain to old shoes… could be wrong, but step one, right?). SO, hopefully, I’ll be back in action soon. Not that I’m training for anything new at the moment, but I want to keep my running endurance up, and plain ol’ because I do love running…..and I want to get my butt over to the Orangetheory Fitness here in Newport Beach!

And that’s that! Happy Tuesday, loves!



What are your workouts looking like lately?

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