Healdsburg Half Training Begins (+ MCM10K Team Info!)

Hi friends! Happy Monday. ūüôā

Today happens to be week one of training for my next race¬†– the Healdsburg Half Marathon! It’s October 11th¬†up in¬†wine country (aka northern California).¬†I’m doing basically the same training plan as when I ran the San Diego half in March, except I’ll be doing Crossfit workouts 2-3 times a week instead of body pump.¬†¬†More on that Crossfit biz soon….

Of all the available half marathons in fall that I could have signed up, this one may seem sort of random. I chose it mainly because it reminded me a lot of my first half back in 2013, also in wine country (in nearby Santa Rosa), which had such a warm, community feel since it was smaller. And wine, duh.¬†¬†Large races are exciting, but I almost think that the smaller town halfs are more fun since spectators¬†tend to get super excited and the whole town’s involved.


(Photo from Santa Rosa Рstill my very favorite day ever.)

And that reminds me- the sweet folks over at the Organization for Autism Research (OAR) recently reached out to let me know about their involvement in the Marine Corps Marathon 10K, which is also this fall (October 25th).¬†OAR¬†funds autism research, educates teachers of students with autism, provides support to families, offers scholarships, and more.¬†I’m passionate about community outreach and supporting nonprofits¬†(both personally and professionally), so of course I was more than happy to share their info with you guys.

OAR is forming a charity team right now, and looking for runners to sign up!¬†If you’re on the hunt for a fun 10K race for the fall, I highly suggest this one.¬†The MCM 10K¬†was actually my VERY first race ever (here’s the¬†recap from 2012), and holds a¬†special¬†place in my heart.

The crowds are great (MORE COW BELL) and it winds through great areas in D.C. that make the miles fly by. Plus a Marine will place your medal on you when you cross the finish line, which is pretty rad. The only thing sort of stinky is the massive hill in the last tenth (?) of a mile or so, but it’s sort of a rite¬†of passage for all D.C. runners.

Some facts about Autism, via OAR:

  • 1 in 68 children in the US are diagnosed with Autism or Asperger‚Äôs Syndrome – that’s more children than are affected by diabetes, AIDS, cancer, cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy and Down syndrome combined
  • There is still no cure for autism
  • OAR is the only autism organization that focuses solely on applied research

To join their team, just register for the 10K first, and then sign up with OAR’s team on their website.Picture5

(image c/o OAR)

Personally, I’ve never run a race as part of¬†a charity team, but¬†I would really love to. Ya’ll know I use the SD half to raise money for the Cooley’s Anemia Foundation, and although that was on my own, it felt really good to feel like I was running for someone other than myself and a medal, you know? And let’s be real – training for a race is overall excellent motivation for getting into the swing of running (or back in, if you’ve taken a ¬†break).

As part of OAR’s team,¬†you’ll be provided¬†with:

  • A specially designed singlet
  • Food and drink before and after the race
  • An exciting race-day team environment
  • A runner‚Äôs recognition dinner

Heck, I wish I could come join!

Anyways, I went to Crossfit this morning, and am trying to figure out how sore legs + training runs (and weekend long runs!) are going to mix from week to week… we shall see! It’ll be an experiment. ūüėČ

Have a good one, lovelies. xo


Anyone blend Crossfit in with half marathon/race training? Any tips?

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