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Growing Up


This is going to be a babble post, okay? I’m having one of those days where there’s too many thoughts, and I need to get them out. SO… you’re welcome in advance.

In two days, I will be 29. Last year of my twenties… how’d that happen? 

This song is my current obsession (hence the title of this post).

Last week was a WEEK, if you know what I mean. Technology failed me (thanks, iPhone, for completely spazzing out), work was challenging + busier than even usual, and I was just exhausted. Waking up at 5:30am on the daily and then not getting home from work til 7pm-ish is going to take some getting used to….

Over the weekend, I went down to San Diego to celebrate another friend who’s getting married in September. Two of my favorite people are getting married in San Diego, in September, a week apart from one another! Being there Saturday reminded how much I love SD. We had brunch on the rooftop of the Andaz Hotel downtown, which was just lovely.


I spy Petco Park.

A friend mailed me one of the most thoughtful (and random) birthday gifts I’ve possibly ever received – homemade pasta and sauce. I’m not kidding. Opening the box was bananas in the best way.

I finally tried Grit Cycle in Costa Mesa yesterday morning, and it was fantastic. Like a slightly toned down version of Soul Cycle. I was drinking the kool-aide within a few minutes of bopping around in the dark… too bad it’s $$$$.

In 45 minutes, I learned how uncoordinated I am when it comes to dancing on a bike (shocker), and remembered how fun spin is.

I found out that I have to work at an event the night before I’m supposed to run the Healdsburg Half in October… and the event is here, and the race is up in northern California. TBD how that is going to play out…. i may be in the market for a new fall half marathon, and forced to kiss that already paid Healdsburg registration fee goodbye.

And on a sorta related note, it appears growing up really just means letting the universe do its own thing, because if you let is, you may actually float somewhere better than you could have possibly imagined.. you just sorta have to hang on for the ride sometimes.

Aaaaaand that’s it! Do I get my birthday cookie now?

Happy Monday, lovelies! xo

Healdsburg Half Training Begins (+ MCM10K Team Info!)

Hi friends! Happy Monday. 🙂

Today happens to be week one of training for my next race – the Healdsburg Half Marathon! It’s October 11th up in wine country (aka northern California). I’m doing basically the same training plan as when I ran the San Diego half in March, except I’ll be doing Crossfit workouts 2-3 times a week instead of body pump.  More on that Crossfit biz soon….

Of all the available half marathons in fall that I could have signed up, this one may seem sort of random. I chose it mainly because it reminded me a lot of my first half back in 2013, also in wine country (in nearby Santa Rosa), which had such a warm, community feel since it was smaller. And wine, duh.  Large races are exciting, but I almost think that the smaller town halfs are more fun since spectators tend to get super excited and the whole town’s involved.


(Photo from Santa Rosa – still my very favorite day ever.)

And that reminds me- the sweet folks over at the Organization for Autism Research (OAR) recently reached out to let me know about their involvement in the Marine Corps Marathon 10K, which is also this fall (October 25th). OAR funds autism research, educates teachers of students with autism, provides support to families, offers scholarships, and more. I’m passionate about community outreach and supporting nonprofits (both personally and professionally), so of course I was more than happy to share their info with you guys.

OAR is forming a charity team right now, and looking for runners to sign up! If you’re on the hunt for a fun 10K race for the fall, I highly suggest this one. The MCM 10K was actually my VERY first race ever (here’s the recap from 2012), and holds a special place in my heart.

The crowds are great (MORE COW BELL) and it winds through great areas in D.C. that make the miles fly by. Plus a Marine will place your medal on you when you cross the finish line, which is pretty rad. The only thing sort of stinky is the massive hill in the last tenth (?) of a mile or so, but it’s sort of a rite of passage for all D.C. runners.

Some facts about Autism, via OAR:

  • 1 in 68 children in the US are diagnosed with Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome – that’s more children than are affected by diabetes, AIDS, cancer, cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy and Down syndrome combined
  • There is still no cure for autism
  • OAR is the only autism organization that focuses solely on applied research

To join their team, just register for the 10K first, and then sign up with OAR’s team on their website.Picture5

(image c/o OAR)

Personally, I’ve never run a race as part of a charity team, but I would really love to. Ya’ll know I use the SD half to raise money for the Cooley’s Anemia Foundation, and although that was on my own, it felt really good to feel like I was running for someone other than myself and a medal, you know? And let’s be real – training for a race is overall excellent motivation for getting into the swing of running (or back in, if you’ve taken a  break).

As part of OAR’s team, you’ll be provided with:

  • A specially designed singlet
  • Food and drink before and after the race
  • An exciting race-day team environment
  • A runner’s recognition dinner

Heck, I wish I could come join!

Anyways, I went to Crossfit this morning, and am trying to figure out how sore legs + training runs (and weekend long runs!) are going to mix from week to week… we shall see! It’ll be an experiment. 😉

Have a good one, lovelies. xo


Anyone blend Crossfit in with half marathon/race training? Any tips?

And Saying YES

Hi hi!

SO. We were last talking about saying no, and removing the things and people sinking your soul, right? Cue T.Swift’s “Bad Blood.” (Kidding.. but not  really.. I’m obsessed with the remix.)

Anyways, since you can’t really stomp through life being negative about ALL THE THINGS, I’ve also adopted a “say yes” policy, which basically extends to everything that feels… right. Descriptive, I know. But by “right,” I mean using my gut, and I don’t mean safe. I don’t mean not scary, or not different than the norm. Nothing good ever came from comfort zones, right? Isn’t that what all the smart people in the universe say? 😉

And now I’m saying yes entirely more frequently to invitations from the universe than I was just a few months ago…. I suppose singledom has allowed that in many instances, but I also think a positive mindset and the type of company I’m keeping helps too. I’m lucky enough to have some lovely people in my life, including here in OC, who have stuck by my side after I ended a relationship, and have pushed me to try now things and explore new opportunities.

The yes’s have come in waves, and built upon one another. It’s funny how welcoming one new positive thing/person into your life can cause a positive domino effect. The yes’s have been centered on putting myself in new experiences, with new people. Example: I finally agreed to give Crossfit another shot, and lo and behold – I love it. The workout, the new friendships, the chance to challenge myself in a new way. Never did I ever think I’d be saying I was regularly doing Crossfit and actually enjoying it, but here I am… because we change, we grow, and we learn new things about ourselves, and figure out what will help us become better versions of ourselves.



If you want something you’ve never had before, than you’ve got to do something you’ve never done.

And as a result, I feel more myself than I’ve felt in literally a year, and freer. Not that I had such a miserable existence 365 days ago – don’t get me wrong, I did not at all. But the no-ing and the yes-ing with precision and care in the last couple months have reminded me that for a while, I was squeezing myself into a mold I didn’t belong in, trying to be someone else’s version of perfect because I didn’t want to interrupt our day to day, or ruin a perception someone else had of what I should be. That’s not a reality you can sustain, friends, and it will only diminish you in the long run.

Adopting a mentality of yes really just means opening yourself up, allowing a chance at something new or different. Doors are now open that I’d long before closed off inside myself. It’s a precious balance alongside saying no to whatever drains you or depletes your spirit; the yes’s are refreshing and bring in a renewed wholeness. And now I sound like I’m drinking some hippie Kool-Aide, but hear me out.

It’s just that recently I’ve been ever reminded (again) that’s fate’s a real thing, and things DO happen for a reason (promise). Example numero dos today: After over a year of hunting, I just started a brand spankin’ new job (!!!) last Monday, and, in a nutshell, that career opportunity was discovered because: I moved up to Orange County to be with my ex -> which led me to the getting involved with the local chapter of Girls on the Run up here and being accepted onto their Board of Directors -> which caused me to make a wonderful new friend from that board who knew of THIS particular company and that they were hiring. Boom.

Funny, right?

Granted that is a long and dramatic example, but I believe in signs and I believe to succeed in life, we have to have faith that things will eventually work out however they should. You just have to be available to the potential.

Happy Monday, loveys. xo

Saying No

Oh maaaaaaaan, you guys! You have blown me away with your comments/messages regarding my last post. I appreciate the warm welcome back, not to mention knowing some of you can relate to dealing with life’s ever changing-ness. You’re the best.



So with the whole break-up/new chapter thang has come a little bit of clarity. Okay, make that a lot of bit of clarity, actually. I’ve taken a renewed commitment to living my life with intent, and saying yes (and no) to things with mindfulness and authenticity. I realized I’d somehow, in the last year, allowed my allegiance to my heart and gut to slip, and let far too many people and things in when they probably didn’t deserve a spot in my life. That’s precious real estate, folks… we all only have so much time each day/week/month/year, and your attentions and commitment should be to all that enriches your soul and helps you further celebrate life. People and things that invigorate you and challenge you and make you better.

And so, this new chapter has begun with clearing out the weeds. Saying NO with intention, and meaning it.

I feel like I’ve heard the term “soul suckers” before in relation to sortaaaa what I’m talking about here, but that sounds a little aggressive, don’t you think? But those people or activities in your life that add stress, or tear you down, or poke holes in your resolve or your spirit (even  subconsciously)? Yeah, those — you don’t need them.

I have always been a big advocate of giving people the benefit of the doubt. I hope for the best and I believe most people are truly good, and like to assume people I’m willing to invest my time in and spill my secrets to are true and genuine and investing their own time back in me, and that even if they make mistakes or disappoint you at times, they’re still worth your patience. Here’s the thing, though, loveys-  eventually, if a person constantly lets you down or betrays your trust, it’s not fair to your own heart to let them stay in your life. Respect yourself enough to walk away.

Respect yourself enough to say no.

Good vibes only, you know?

And ohmigosh, everyone and their mother is always telling you these days to stop doing the things you don’t really shout-from-the-rooftops LOVE, and I’m here to just reiterate that. If working out at 5am is adding anxiety to your life, stop. If talking to your ex is making you sad, stop. If checking social media is stressing you out, stop. If you don’t truly enjoy something (like running or drinking or racing) but are making yourself do XYZ because you think you’re supposed to, oh man – stop. Just. Say. No.

It’s fine. I promise. All of it.

The world will not stop spinning because you decide so-and-so is not worth squeezing into your schedule, or because you no longer want to volunteer after work making care packages for orphans in India. You are not suddenly becoming a terrible human being.

You’re just being true to yourself. And hey- high five for that!

Being almost 29 is a nice reminder to cut the junk out and focus on what matters. Ain’t nobody got time for that. So yeah, I’m saying no….. a lot more than maybe I ever have.

But I’m also yes-ing a lot, too. More on that in the next post, k?


The One With the New Chapter

Oh, hi! I know, I sort of fell off the face of the (blogging) planet, but…. IMG_7421

I’m back. I missed you!

A lot of things have happened in my life in the last few months, a lot of changes…. which is largely why the radio silence thang accidentally started. I finished my Anatomy class (with a B+!), moved into a new apartment, amped up my job hunt, started another nursing pre-req class (chemistry), dropped said nursing pre-req class, endured a break-up, and got a job offer.


I was trying this privacy thing out, and, really, I just didn’t have much time with school, but….. I sorta need to write things out to make sense of them/life. I’m a writer, and that’s what we have to do. Like breathing. SO, here I am, taking a big gulp of air again. Anyone still around and ready for a wordy post about relationships? My fav, as ya’ll know.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, then you may remember I had an oh so lovely break-up a few years ago that I basically word-vomited many a blog post about. #Catharsis. To put it as eloquently as possible, that heartbreak – my first – overwhelmed me, and I allowed it to sweep me out to sea for longer than I care to admit. [But, I’m still a firm believer that hearts do not have a time table they follow, and you should always allow yourself to feel the feelings.]

This time around, it’s been a bit different. I have no plans to go into sharing the details here on the internet, but the break was mutual and came after a lot of honest conversations born out of love and real desire for two people to be happy, no matter what. I’m sincerely proud of myself for the way I’ve been able to handle it and honor my heart, and I’m not afraid to say that out loud. Maybe it’s because it ended dramatically differently than my previous relationship, or maybe you only have to get pummeled by heartache one time to learn a solid lesson… either way, I’ll take it.

And this break, it arose gradually, like a loose string in your favorite dress. After months of thoughts and tears and heartache and confusion about what I need and want in a relationship, and what was best for everyone involved, it was finally unraveled. One good tug, and it was completely undone.

Even with being a fancy pants mature adult as I clearly am (as I sit here owning more yoga pants than real pants), I can safely say the last couple months have not been entirely easy, or without the pangs of loneliness or “now what” questions (to myself……. while watching Friends….. don’t worry about it). But ultimately, I know following my heart has always been the best decision in my life, and I still trust it now. Your heart will never lead you astray if you really, really listen to it, friends. IMG_7416


Sometimes things have to drift apart for other things to come together. And it’s so much better to listen to your heart and face some pain in the present than settle for a life that is half than what you deserve. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

And of course, I’m still a firm believer in things happening for a reason, and serendipity, and that what’s meant to be will always be. You know – all the rah-rah inspirational quotes I post on Instagram. Build it and they will come, right? You really never know what the future has in store, or who it’ll bring in (or back in) to your life. And I’m approaching this new chapter by saying yes to all the things that make me happy and challenge me to grow, and saying no to all that does not.

Ummmm, that’s probably enough babbling to welcome me back into the blog world, right? I have missed you all, and missed this space. I have no idea how often I’ll be writing nowadays, but stay tuned.


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