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GIVEAWAY: Warrior Dash in LA

**Edited to add: GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED.**

Hi friends!

warrior-dash-logoFor some extra  hump day goodness, I have a fun little giveaway for you guys today!

The awesome folks at Rockin’ Refuel reached out to me about giving away entries to the upcoming Warrior Dash race on March 21st in Los Angeles! This is a 5K (3.1 miles) with obstacles – the largest obstacle race series in the country, apparently! – including a giant mud pit, climbing walls, and barbed wire to crawl underneath. Intense, right? If you want more details about the course or FAQs, check out the Warrior Dash’s official website.

In case you’ve never had it, Rockin’ Refuel is a real milk/dairy-based protein drink and the official protein beverage/sponsor of the Warrior Dash.


Truth be told, they actually invited me to be a member of their team for the LA race, but I passed since my hammies/IT Band need a little break after Sunday’s half marathon. 🙂

Anyways, more than 4,800 participants are expected to take on the 5k course, and that can include you! I have two race entries ($90/each) to giveaway on the blog!


  • Leave a comment on this post telling me what your favorite food/drink/snack is to fuel up for a big race or other fitness adventure
  • For an added entry into the giveaway, like the On a Pink Typewriter Facebook Page {link here}, and mention that you did so in your comment (only one total comment is necessary!)

This giveaway ends this Friday (March 13th) at 12pm PT/3pm ET.

Please note that the two winners will be selected at random, and emailed to let them know they won. Winners must also sign up for the race before midnight on Thursday, March 19.

If you don’t live near SoCal and want to participate in a race near you, you can check the Rockin’ Refuel events page for races in your area!

Good luck!!



**Big thanks to Rockin’ Refuel/Warrior Dash for sponsoring this giveaway!

San Diego Half Marathon Race Recap

Hi everyone! Happy Tuesday!


I have a race recap for ya today!

The San Diego Half Marathon on Sunday was, in a nutshell, a solidly GREAT race. Extremely well organized and (mostly) scenic with beautiful views of the city; it actually made me love the city of SD more.

Now, let’s get right to it!

I dedicated Saturday to taking my carb-load game to the next level. I mean, I’d been carb-loading for the past few days prior, but I was taking no priosoners by the time Saturday arrived. Including this cookie, although that was from Friday night (a famous Hilton Doubletree chocolate chipper!).


No carb left behind.

My parents were in town for the half marathon, and we grabbed breakfast at one of my favorite (and oldest) SD restaurants: Hob Nob Hill.


This place is definitely for an older demographic, but I stinkin’ love it, mainly because they give you huge, complete meals. I had some delish cinnamon swirl French toast and a couple of poached eggs, with a side of fruit.

After breakfast, we hit the expo to pick up my race packet. The expo took place on the fairly new Broadway Pier (which also happened to be around mile 2 of the half course). This was one of the most organized expos I’ve been to yet, which I guess makes sense given this race overall was so incredibly organized.



And yes, I purposely included an exclamation point after my name on my bib when I’d registered. JAZZ HANDS.


My parents and I did a little drive-by of the start line, which was right in front of Petco Park (the baseball stadium where the Padres play).

The pre-race  dinner I had Saturday evening should come as no surprise for longtime readers. 😉


IHOP to the rescue, because I was the only one (besides my dad) okay with eating a stack of pancakes at dinnertime.

I’m embarrassed to admit that even I couldn’t finish this whole stack… I left one behind. I may have carb-loaded a little too hard earlier in the day.

The race itself went off without a hitch!


Note this was walking to the start line….I think this guy was pooped a little preemptively.

I’m usually very nervous before races (all races, even short ones) and am sort of intimidated, like I have something to prove, but for some reason, that wasn’t the case. I really wasn’t too nervous before this one, and I’m not sure why. Maybe because I was going to be sleeping in my own bed beforehand, and I knew it was a smaller race than the last couple I’ve done…. I don’t know! But I was overall just excited to do it, and to enjoy the run.

The first seven or so miles were mostly along the water, winding through the Gaslamp District, up along the San Diego Harbor (including Harbor Island), and through Liberty Station, which is a route I’m very familiar with because of my running club inSD! I had been given some good advice before the race started, which I took to heart: just soak in the experience and be happy running.

The views of the water and awesome scenery definitely corresponded with that, and helped the miles fly by.


Okay, well… until around mile 8.5. That was approximately when we entered hill territory. This course was ridiculously flat for the first half, and then we hit Noelle Street. This was a short hill, but pretty darn steep. It actually caught me by surprise, even though I’d seen a comment on the race’s Facebook Page saying this one was no joke.

And then, the MONSTER: Washington Street.


{Photo courtesy of a very nice boyfriend who made his way to Washington to wait for me and give me the motivation where he knew I’d need it.}

A mile long incline, no exaggeration.

It was no joke and ended up slowing my 9 minute (and below!) pace to a snail’s pace. I think the average was a 15 minute mile for that portion of the race? No bueno, and that’s with actually running the majority of it! I was doing the 90 year old shuffle, apparently. I did start singing “Geronimo” out loud at one point…. perfectly placed playlist, I tell ya! I’m sure I looked nuts, but it helped me keep moving.

And honestly, despite the epic hill, I still didn’t feel terrible. This was the first race that I felt pretty consistently good the entire time. I will say I had a moment after Washington Street where my legs were just tired, and I had to give myself a bit of pep talk (and eat a couple more Margarita shot blocks) to avoid hitting the wall.

…but then we moved onto 5th Avenue in Hillcrest, and I felt myself again. Conveniently, T.Swift’s “Out of the Woods” started playing on my iPod at this exact moment too,a nd I seriously did feel like I was finally out of the woods and headed toward the finish. I knew the downhill finish was within reach.

The finish was a nice 2 mile downhill roll. Seriously, the best.

At mile 11-ish, we were along the perimeter of Balboa Park on 6th Avenue, and I saw a group from Girls on the Run San Diego, and freaked out that I knew someone cheering (and wasn’t hallucinating).

By the time we got to mile 12.75, I was shouting to everyone around who would listen to keep going, because we were soooooo close.


I thought I was FLYING in the last mile (and thought my Garmin said I had a pace in the 8s), but according to the race tracker my pace was 9:30s. Weird.

I also had this bizarro thought I’ve never had before during a half where I was having such a good time that I was almost bummed the finish line was so close. <–Who am I? And I’m the same person that was dying for this half marathon day to be over already just days before.

Anyways, I had the biggest freakin’ grin on my face when I got into the last tenth of the race. I’m sure anyone who saw my face on the jumbotron (yes, they had a jumbotron at the finish line!) was blinded by my teeth.

I had accidentally started my watch a few seconds early at the start, so it was a bit early all along; by the time I hit the finish line it said I’d done a little over 13.25 miles, but even still I knew I’d hit a PR.

Yes sir, a shiny new personal record of 2:04! And a pretty new medal, to boot.


I know I’d have been at 2:00 or below had my pace not gotten so muddied during the two hills. Whomp whomp – guess that’s why people do hill training, eh? But now I know I have it in me! I felt great at the 9 min mile pace and below, which is at least 45 seconds faster than I’ve run long runs in the past, pace-wise, to which I credit actually doing speed intervals during this training.

Random photo for you – I saw this guy at the finish area.


…there was a lot of very patriotic runners at this race, and I heard people shouting “USA” in the last half mile… sorta random, but I was totally okay with it.

After the run, my dad surprised me with flowers because he’s wonderful like that, and we eventually headed to brunch at the Brooklyn Girl in Mission Hills.



I had the T.A.B.L.T., aka a turkey, avocado, bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich on buttery brioche bread. It hit the spot.

And that’s it! I continued to eat for basically the rest of the day….um, and yesterday. I also spent a lot of time Googling future half marathons…… I guess no matter how many times I swear off racing, I have the bug.

I was on cloud nine after the race, and I’m actually a little melancholy now because it’s over. It was just such a special experience, and I genuinely loved and appreciated the whole 13 miles, corny as that may sound. I truly embraced the whole “running because I can” thing, and gosh… I’m just grateful to have had such an incredible experience, and for all the loved ones who supported me and helped me fundraise for this race {I ended up raising $1,375!!}.

I took yesterday off, but today is back to reality (with still super sore IT bands).

Thank YOU for your support, and for reading! xo

San Diego Half, Here I Come


How’s everyone’s Thursday going? I have part two of my first unit test in Anatomy tonight! Tuesday was the first part, and I think I did okay… I was totally that person that worked til the end and tried to double check all the questions I was unsure about after the exam ended.

Anyways…… SUNDAY! It’s only three days away, which means my fourth half marathon is almost here!


From a comment on my race fundraising site; thanks Kirby!

I I usually get ridiculously nervous leading up to races (and even long training runs), but I’m feeling okay right now. This entire training period – aka the last 12 weeks – have felt pretty low key; I almost forgot I was training for an actual event. My improved training mindset has helped tremendously, but I’ve also been so bonkers lately that I have gotten lost in to-do lists and haven’t had time to think too much about training or the race itself… well, other than planning like a crazy person to make sure I was able to get in all my scheduled training runs.

I have, of course, looked at the course map and elevation already, and there’s one mega beast of a hill coming around mile 9 (San Diegans, it’s Washington Street!). It doesn’t look too fierce on the map, but word on the street is it’s intense. Apparently you climb for a whole mile……….. PARTY TIME. The last couple miles are completely downhill, so hopefully that equals it all out. I didn’t do much hill training for this race (at least not for as steep of a hill as in the race), to include zero attempts to run this actual section of the course. I’m just going to go with the flow and see what happens race day….. Any and all hills can be a fun surprise. 😉

Reminder – I’m definitely not a running coach or expert…. in case that wasn’t abundantly clear.

I’m onto the main prep I usually do the last couple days before a half. Things like charging my Garmin, updating my iPod….


New jams = critical.

Making motivating running playlists is an art, and I take it far more seriously than any grown woman probably should.

Also on my to-do list: hydrating more than usual, and carbing up.

luna grill

You can’t tell from the photo, but there is an extra large serving of rice on this plate. Thanks Luna Grill.

My life is pretty much a giant carb party 24/7, but I’m actually taking carbloading far more seriously this time around than in the past. At my last half (the Long Beach Half Marathon – race recap here), I was hungry almost immediately into starting the run. <– Never a good sign. I’m not sure what happened because I thought I had prepared myself appropriately, but I don’t want to risk history repeating itself. BRING ON THE PANCAKES AND BAGELS!

I am hitting Pure Barre today, and then I have nothing but rest and some walking on the docket before the big day Sunday! Fingers crossed I have a positive experience to share with you guys on Monday!



Super important question — what is your favorite food to eat for carbing up (before a race or, uh, life)? Mine is a big stack of pancakes!

Focused February and the Running Motivation Blackhole

Hiya! How’s your week going so far?

So far I’ve eaten a lot of meatballs, and gotten in a nice and sweaty Body Pump workout. I’d say that’s a solid start, yes?

Now since my first 10 miler of this half training is looming (Saturday, holler) and I’m one month out from the SD half, I’m kicking training into high gear.IMG_5813

That’s my version of high gear. 😉

I’m going to do all those things, and yes, that’s taped onto my bathroom mirror. Because I want to be faster, and I know I need to take training a teensy bit more seriously if I want to see a sparkly new PR.

And on that note, I thought today would be a good time to talk about the mystery of running motivation. Or actually, lack there of! We’ve all been there, right? Where you know you should run (like because of your race training or due to a lack of time to workout another day, etc.), but you just can’t seem to find even the hint of motivation to actually step foot outside. Like just putting on your running shoes feels like a chore, and it seems like a way, way better idea to pull on stretchy pants and sit on your sofa with a snack.

[Raises hand.]

Let’s back up to this past weekend… I’ve been doing this thang in training where I intersperse a shorter amount of miles every other weekend in place of my long run. (I did that for my last two half marathons too, and it worked out just fine.) So this last Saturday, I did five miles, whereas the week before was eight. Get it? Now considering I’d just done a lot longer mileage and I’ve done plenty of *long* runs – which in my mind are seven miles and above – you’d think that the idea of running five miles on Saturday would have seemed like a breeze.

Not so, friends.

I was exhausted from work + the late hours the previous few days, so running at all, never mind  the 10K on my plan, sounded daunting. I also didn’t feel like getting in the car and driving myself to any of my fav running paths, and I don’t really enjoy running in my immediate neighborhood after my lovely run-in with a car a few weeks back.

After hemming and hawing, I finally bargained with myself to run on the treadmill at my apartment’s gym, and that I had to do at least three miles, but could stop after that if I really felt like trash.


It worked!

Like magic, I had a nice little five mile run! Not super fast by any means or the prescribed 10K, but also not stopping every five seconds to stretch or overall hating life. I’ll take it!

But my question is, what the heck happens that makes that little internal switch turn even the most diehard running lover into Procrastination Polly on a random run day? I mean, once I got my legs moving on the treadmill, I felt great and was so glad I was doing it, but before……. it was like you were asking me to go jump off a bridge the way I was looking for excuses to do anything but get outside onto the pavement. Pure dread.

It feels like a total blackhole! Just sucks in all your motivation on those days when you’re extra pooped or super lazy or whaaaatever. Maybe that’s the same mysterious black hole that also eats one sock in the dryer?

How anyone else experienced this? Please tell me I’m not the only one.

The only real remedy I know is reminding myself that I’ll unfailingly feel so glad I’ve done it (the run, workout, whatever) once it’s over, so I might as well just do the darn thing…oh, and remembering I’m running because I can.

…..although that still doesn’t always make motivation automatic. 😉



Experienced this too? Got any tips on willing some motivation on those blackhole days?

Running Gear Spotlight: Garmin Forerunner 220 GPS Watch

Good morning, lovelies!

How’s everyone doing today? I’m in the midst of a busier-than-average work week. I have some coworkers in from Washington, D.C., and this whole week I’m spending time outside around some Navy bases in the SD area {new readers- I work with the military as a consultant, although I’m not actually in the military}. Even though I’m sure I’ll be pooped by the time Friday afternoon rolls around, I’m STOKED at the fact that I get to be off my computer and phone for once. 😉

Anyways, I thought today would be a good time to tell you all about that new GPS watch I bought last month! I had asked your opinions when I was trying to nail down which to buy after my old Garmin bit the dust during the Long Beach Half Marathon in October, and I got some great tips.

I initially purchased the Garmin Forerunner 10, but ended up returning it within days because even though I’m a pretty simple runner, it was TOO simple for me.It didn’t have the ability to showcase more than two data components on the screen at one time, which was just not going to fly for me…. and I’m pretty sure its pace calculator was off. No gracias.

When I returned it to REI (<–loveeee), I went with the watch I’d be eyeing originally……. but whose price tag had scared me off.


The Garmin Forerunner 220. {Photo from a 6 miler a couple weeks ago.}

Hello, gorgeous.

I had read extensive reviews beforehand and seen nothing but praise for this watch’s accuracy, which is what really matters most to me. I figured the hefty price was worth it for something that’s an investment, and will be used often. My old Garmin lasted me for five stinkin’ years, after all, which seems like a lifetime in tech land.

I actually bought the men’s version of the Forerunner 220, which comes in varying shades of…… black. Even though it’s meant for a male wrist, it fits me just fine (and for context, I’m very petite – 5 ft tall on a good day and small boned <—that sounds weird). To be honest, I was pretty peeved that Garmin decided women only want to wear hot  pink and purple and mint, which is basically all that the slimmer fitting female versions of their running watches are available in, Um, just because I’m a girl does not mean I automatically want my running gear to be cutesy. Same reason I think running skirts are ridiculous (sorry if you love them).

And YES, I own obnoxiously bright pink running shoes.

I do what I want.

Anyways, this watch….. I’m obsessed. It has a few different screens you can have up at one time when you’re running, and you can choose to show three data components at one time, which is exactly what I was looking on watch

I always have it showing total running time, current pace, and distance.

{Note: this photo ^ plus the one below are from my 8-miler on Friday, which I’m kinda frustrated by; my legs were still zonked from speed work earlier in the week, so my pace was slower than my usual 9min/mile – particularly in the middle miles.}

The GPS accuracy seems spot on, judging by my own knowledge of certain running routes I’ve used, as well as a comparison to Google (and the less than reliable Map My Run app). It also held up in some light rain I got caught in two weeks ago too, which was reassuring.

It also vibrates after each completed lap/mile, which is nice! Helps me zone out and not pay religious attention to my watch.lap

It’s also not sensitive, which is helpful when you’re running in long sleeves. My old watch became a lot more sensitive to touch in the later years of its life, and would just stop or turn off the GPS function. The 220 isn’t a touch screen – buttons are all on the side, and it’s very intuitive to figure out.

The battery life is proving top notch as well (I think I’ve charged it just once since Christmas?), although I realize it’s probably far too early for any real judgement calls on that. It charges via an USB plug-in to your computer… easy peasy.

You can apparently upload your data to your computer and do some intense analyzing if you’re into that jazz… I’m really not (told ya- simple runner), but it IS possible. I’m old school and have always just used a little notepad to log run mileage/time. Not going for the gold here.

SO, bottom line, if you’re in the market for a GPS watch and you’re not a brand new runner (or someone who doesn’t care much about maintaining a certain pace and distance), I would highly suggest this badboy. In my mind, it was totally worth the $$$.



Runners, what do you use to track your runs? I’ know some people swear by certain apps, but I’ve never gotten much into that beyond May My Run… 


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