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Running Because I Can

Happy hump day, you guys!

Want to hear something nuts? I actually got locked in the stairwell of my office last night (apparently they lock the stairwells from the inside after 5pm)… um, yeah. Luckily I was quickly saved, and thanks to Monday’s holiday, I feel like this work week is flying by! No complaints here. ūüėČ

I wanted to give you guys a quick update on how half marathon training is going for the SD Half. I feel like in the past, half marathon training has become sort of all-consuming –¬†I would eat, sleep, and breathe running and training schedules. I was constantly thinking about how to fit in my daily miles, and for some reason running actually become more of ¬†a chore and less of a passion, or¬†a hobby I love. Hence my whole “I’m breaking up with¬†racing” speel.

But not anymore!


I think I had a mini epiphany. Kinda, sorta.

Not to be dramatic, but around the holidays I was thinking about my health and how lucky I am to be alive and healthy, and started to feel overwhelmingly grateful for the opportunity to run at all, whenever I want. It’s a privilege.

I have been horrifyingly¬†honest with you guys on this blog¬†many times (just check my personal essays tab for verification of that…), and my experience running long distances has been no different. I do not take the ability to run half marathons lightly, for reasons I shared in this post about my first half marathon experience (the¬†Santa Rosa half in August 2013).¬†¬†Granted,¬†I’ve let the stress of training and perfectionism get to me in the past, but overall, running is incredibly special to me, and as an adult, I’ve used my health¬†to propel my interest in health promotions and fitness, and my pursuit of¬†big miles.

But back to my epiphany! In the last couple of months, I’ve come to remind myself that in those times when I’m stressed about fitting in a few miles before work or anxious about tackling extra long mileage,¬†that I run because I can.


And for as long as I can, I will.

Not that everyone and their mother should be a runner, or that I’m going to run races without abandon, but my point is simply that our health is at the epicenter of our lives. It’s not something to be taken for granted, or ignore. So if right now, I can take control of my health and run just one little mile, or down dog til the cows come home, or whatever…then heck – I’m going to make the most of that!

Mindset is a powerful thing, isn’t it? That’s my long-winded way of saying training for this half has been no biggie so far. Just a chance to eat extra pancakes, you know? {Fuel, obvi.}

I actually didn’t run at all this past weekend because I wasn’t feeling well, but I’m back in action and got in a 4¬†miler on my lunch break yesterday. ¬†There’s 8 miles on the schedule for this weekend, and then all the brunch.

Because let’s be real, health or not, the best part of long distance running = extra reasons to snack.




Why do you run/bike/swim/hike/yoga/whatever? What motivates you?

San Diego Half Marathon Training Plan


Did anyone else watch the Oregon/Ohio State game last night? I {still} know little about football, but I gladly plopped down after work with pizza to watch alongside friends. I do not turn down activities with delicious food, people.

Without further adieu, here’s the half marathon training plan I’m using for the San Diego Half Marathon on March 8th!


“X-train” = cross-training. ūüėČ

Just like all of my past half marathons, I based my plan off of Hal Higdon’s, but I’ve changed it up a lot for this race. I’m trying to maintain the strength training I’d already added into my workout routine these past few months, and have made¬†speed work a priority for this race. On Tuesdays, I’m doing two to three miles with speed intervals built in, very much based off of my past experiences with Orangetheory! I never placed much of a priority on speed work, but I’m feeling extra motivated to improve my pace, particularly since I came so close to PR’ing at the Long Beach half in fall (had the series of unfortunate events not occurred in the last five¬†miles…. recap here). If I can find a way to cheaply go to the local Orangetheory studio here, too, I’d love to fit that in on Tuesdays. We’ll see how much I can push my budget though…..

For cross-training, I’m alternating between Pure Barre, hot power yoga, Bikram yoga (til that Groupon runs out), and Body Pump. What I’ve been doing each cross-train day basically depends on my work schedule, but I’m making it a priority to fit in Body Pump at least¬†once a week. In the past, I’ve let strength work¬†slack during half training, but athletes¬†much wiser than me have taught me how important strength training is to improving pace. SO, I’m going to try!

As you can see, the above schedule is also 10 weeks. Most half marathon plans range from 12 to eight weeks, and I probably could have done eight but I like to take my time with training since I’m so injury prone. I mentally love the big miles, but my body historically doesn’t…. this is the system that has worked best for me in recent years (alternating longer mile weeks). ¬†And obvious disclaimer: I’m not a certified running coach or personal trainer or really anything offic in the running/health world, soooo¬†this is all just based off my own experience.

B-t-dubs, I’m running this half to raise money for a cause dear to my heart… but more on that soon!

And now I’m off to do the work thang. Happy Tuesday!



Anyone else running a race this spring?! Do tell!


**Edited to update training plan graphic (corrected a misprint on next week’s long run.)

Review: ClassPass San Diego

It’s almost Christmas!

I’m traveling back¬†to Las Vegas today to be with my family, and I can’t wait! Although it doesn’t really FEEL like Christmas (sunshine and 70s will do that to you), I’m definitely ready for a break and I’ve been really trying to get into the spirit. I even bought extra decorations for my apartment, just because it seemed like a good idea. And really, when are gold glitter bows a bad idea?



Anyways, I wanted to share my experience this last month using ClassPass!

I’m always embarrassingly honest with you guys, and so I have to start this review with a disclaimer – I was out of town traveling for a huge chunk of my intro month with ClassPass, which meant I really didn’t get to utilize it for a full 30 days as was intended. That being said, I did use it for what I feel like is really its largest asset and main goal: providing an opportunity for fitness¬†lovers in a given city to explore¬†new studios and ways to get your sweat on.

As a reminder, for a monthly fee, you become a ClassPass member and can take unlimited classes per month at their participating studios (and only 3 classes per studio per month). 

I checked out studios I never even knew existed in San Diego, ranging from cycling to yoga to barre (yes, I cheated on my bff, Pure Barre). The majority of the studios listed on their San Diego map were outside of my neighborhood, and not even on my radar prior to my collaboration with ClassPass… and, quite frankly, studios I’d probably not had motivation to crash had I not had the added incentive of the class being free. ūüėČ Like Bird Rock Yoga in Pacific Beach.


Um, this studio is so lovely, and so San Diego. Even though I wasn’t in love¬†with my early flow class that I took, I wanted to move in. (Note: nothing against Bird Rock – this was¬†solely because I like my yoga studios to be more heated than this particular class was.)

Anyways, for someone who loves being active, I found it incredibly exciting to see the plethora of workouts at my disposal. ClassPass was an awesome opportunity to break out of my daily exercise routine and spice things up. I now have a list of studios I want to visit (or revisit).

I am not buying a ClassPass membership for myself – at least not right now –¬†but that’s only because I find the $99 per month is a bit too much since I’d want to be able to take more than 3 classes at Pure Barre per month, and I would still have¬†my regular gym membership (particularly for when I travel outside of SD, which is often). BUT, if you want a chance to check out new studios in your city¬†“safely” (i.e.,¬†for a cheaper rate than a full-time membership would be at each of the awesome studios!), or just to keep your workout routine fresh and fun, this is definitely a great option.

Okay, time to pack! (Mmm, smells like procrastination.)



Have you tried ClassPass in your city? What’d you think?

Fabletics Activewear Review

Hi friends!

I hope your hump day’s off to a good start. First things first! I tried Barre3 yesterday and then RideOn SD {a spinning studio in Pacific Beach} this morning using ClassPass, and it’s been a fun change of pace from my normal workout routine.¬†As for using ClassPass’s system – a breeze so far! I’ll be writing another post dedicated to my opinions on it after my one month trial is over.

Anyways, today I wanted to tell you guys about my recent Fabletics purchase! *



I’d been seeing the ads everywhere, and since I’d been in the market for new leggings, thought¬†I’d give Fabletics a shot. Their website is sort of weird, but the gist is that¬†you can choose to either shop individual pieces, or buy complete outfits pre-designed¬†by Fabletics stylists. You can also become a VIP member, which means you get to¬†pay slashed prices on items and automatically get outfits delivered every month.

To be honest, I¬†had¬†pretty low expectations due to a poor¬†experience¬†with their customer service reps, and wasn’t sure how great the quality would be. Since they advertise a complete activewear outfit for just $25 when it’s¬†your first purchase, i.e., ¬†leggings + shirt¬†+¬†possibly a sports bra, I figured¬†it was worth the risk.

Here’s what I ordered:


This was the “Brink” outfit, aka a pair of the Lima capris in mulberry, and the Norwalk tank in white and¬†lime green.

My purchase arrived pretty quickly, and – surprisingly – fit perfectly. I’d read all the reviews on the items I ordered, and tried to choose my sizes accordingly. I’m very petite, though, so I was a little wary. I probably could have sized up one size for the shirt because the bra part was a little tight, but otherwise no issues! Upon first glance, I loved the colors of both pieces, and was instantly impressed with the quality. The leggings felt thick with the right amount of compression, and the shirt seemed like a typical workout shirt I’d buy elsewhere, with an added airy quality due to the partially mesh material.¬†I am a big fan of these types of workout tops in general — with the fitted sports bra and blousey lower half.

I tested out the outfit first in a  cardio barre class, and then on another day for sweaty sprint intervals and a stairmaster workout at the gym.

The entire outfit was perfect for barre, and held up against lots of squatting, leg-lifting, and arm raises. The capris didn’t feel too tight in the waist or end up loosing up (always a legging pet peeve on workouts), and the tight stretch¬†stayed put.

As for the clothes’¬†performance on the second day during a gym workout? ¬†Well, the capris¬†survived again without a hitch, but the shirt sort of stretched out ¬†during my run. It has a cinch tie, which didn’t seem to hold up when running at a fast pace. I will probably reserve it for yoga and barre classes.

These leggings are definitely not see-through¬†(hallelujah), and the color is so vibrant they make me smile just looking at them! One flaw, though:¬†sweat is¬†definitely visible on this particular color leggings…. and by sweat, I mean in spots on your lower half you probably don’t want people staring at while you’re sprinting….or, um, ever. ūüėČ

Bottom line: I was really satisfied with my purchase! The jury’s still out on whether or not I’ll order from Fabletics again, but the clothes were definitely cute and efficient enough to warrant it — especially for the discounted VIP prices.

And now it’s time to get to work! Have a great Wednesday!


Anyone else tried Fabletics yet? What’d you think?


*FYI, this review is completely my own – I have zero connection to Fabletics other that being a new consumer.

ClassPass San Diego

Hello, hello!

I hope your Tuesday’s off to a great start!¬†I wanted to share some fun news for all my fellow¬†San Diegans. Have you heard of ClassPass? I hadn’t until recently, so don’t worry if you have no idea what I’m talking about. ūüėČ

ClassPass is a relatively new¬†start-up¬†that’s designed to help fitness lovers diversify their sweating routines, providing an opportunity to take fitness classes at studios around their city (as well as at other participating cities). Members have a chance¬†to take unlimited fitness classes each month for one fee ($99 per month).

The lovely folks at ClassPass recently reached out to me to help celebrate the launch of Class Pass here in San Diego, which was yesterday.


I was, of course, delighted, because as you guys know, I adore being active¬†in a big way, and have found a new joy in¬†fitness classes since moving here over a year ago (hello, Pure Barre). They’ve generously offered me a one month free membership to test the system out, and share my experience with you guys! Sweet¬†deal, right?

SD is joining a great list of cities already spreading ClassPass love:¬†LA, NYC, Washington, D.C. (<–right after I moved!), Boston, Chicago, and Seattle.¬†

There’s a TON of participating studios already, and I kind of freaked¬†out looking at the list. You can find a map here of all the participants.

My ClassPass membership started today, so I’m ready to dive in and expand my sweatastic horizons. I have plans to take a Barre3 class later today and am stoked! Since I’m a Pure Barre loyalist with an active class package, I’ve been hesitant¬†to branch out and try other barre studios in the area, but have always been curious how they compare. (Stay tuned as I¬†will likely do a barre studio comparison post soon….).

I’m very much a creature of habit, including where my workouts are concerned. This is mainly because of tight work schedules, parking convenience, and a disinterest in blowing up my budget on multiple¬†fitness class memberships. Regarding¬†the latter, I have a gym membership and a Pure Barre package and (until recently) have been in race training mode/running outside,¬†and therefore¬†it’s¬†seemed sort of irresponsible to me to spend more $$ on additional exercise studios. I consider my health to be invaluable, ¬†but¬†when one class is usually around the $20 price point – and higher –¬†for most local fitness¬†studios, I just can’t justify that, you know? That makes ClassPass pretty enticing to me, particularly since I’ve been interested in learning what other fitness studios¬†exist here in SD and stepping¬†outside my {fitness} comfort zone.

If you’re interested in signing up for ClassPass, check out their website! Heck, you can join me for some classes over the next month even. ūüôā FYI, although you can take an unlimited number of classes per month, you have a maximum of three classes per studio per month.

I’ll be sure to let you guys know how my experience goes!

Enjoy the rest of your day!

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