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Fri-YAY Favs


And Friday the 13th, might I add?

If I could shower us all in red and pink glitter right now, I would. That is how thrilled I am that it’s finally the weekend (and a LONG weekend to boot!).



On to the Fri-YAY  favorites of this week, shall we?

1. All of YOU who expressed your sweet  support for my decision to go back to school. 

I got messages across a variety of different platforms (thanks, technology), and you guys are the best.

2. Heart-shaped pizzas existing in the universe.

(via How Sweet It Is)

I actually think Valentine’s Day is kinda stupid, and always have, but I am looking forward to an opportunity to bust this actually make something this awesome looking.

3. This opinion piece in the NYT on why you hate your job.

I know that sounds depressing, but it’s a frank look at what I think a lot of us twenty/thirty-somethings are feeling, and I’m (obvi) a firm believer in making big life changes to get your happy on.

4. My {obnoxiously bright} pink running shoes. unnamed

These just make me happy to look at (as do the stares I get from people while I’m running in them – YES people, it’s hot pink).

5. Girls’ nights. 

Busy bee as I’ve been, I got to see some of fav Orange County ladies Wednesday night (hit up this place, which I’d never tried- yum!), and even though I feel so out of the loop from being all over the place lately, there’s something nice about having a group to laugh with.

Happy weekend! xo


What’s got you FriYAY -ing about right now? 

Fri-YAY Favs

Good morning!




I’m continuing the trend of sharing some Friday favorites today. {Read the inaugural post of this new weekly series here.}  What better way to usher in the weekend than to focus on the good, right? I mean, and wine.

On the list this week:

1. A running playlist that makes you want to sing out loud while running. 

2. This.IMG_5802

(via Pinterest)

2. Also, this.73da029357910a96d760bd0831bd63e3


4. Brightly colored nails. 

Add it to the mysteries of the universe, but somehow a vivid nail polish color can really cheer up any dull work day.

5. SLEEP. 

I’ve been pooped this week! SO ready for some weekend slumber that doesn’t require a crack of dawn wake-up call.




What are your FriYAY favs today? Share some good stuff!

Fri-YAY Favs

Hey, hey, hey! Weekend time is upon us!

I decided I’m starting a new weekly feature on the blog – FriYAY favorites, aka celebrating some happy things in honor of the start of the weekend. It goes back to my 2015 goal of focusing on some small delights and just really squeezing out all the joy from life this year. e2f51a76601e7c1fe48d1484d45fa978


For the inaugural post, here are some little things that are making me smile today!

1. Oats in a jar for breakfast.IMG_5756

For some reason, eating your food in a peanut butter jar makes things so much more fun!

2. Early morning Pure Barre classes.

Even though I was ZONKED this morning, I still got my booty up for class… for some reason, I just love starting my weekend with an early barre class.

3. This quote.IMG_5730

4. The fact that the folks are sharing my race fundraising page!

…and random people I’ve never met are now donating to my cause.  Awesome. 🙂

5. This view. IMG_5741

I mean, come on. That’s a shot of Balboa Park early Tuesday morning (I was near there for work).

Have a great weekend!!




Share some of your FriYAY things below in the comments! Spread the joy!

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