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Scenes From the Weekend

Happy Monday, friends!

I’m currently at the hospital, waiting for my boyfriend who’s in surgery (he’s getting an old sports injury fixed). We had to leave at o’dark thirty to get here, so I might be that girl napping and taking up four chairs in the waiting room sometime very soon. In the meantime, here are a few stolen scenes from the weekend….


Friday body pump class, preceded by speed intervals on the treadmill… hence the sweat on the floor. I’m gross. 

IMG_6785 IMG_6787

Pedicures and happy hour with a friend on Friday afternoon! We went to Wine Lab at The Camp in Costa Mesa, and I had a deliciously smoooooooooth Malbec. #winning


A friend and I went to “Pure and Simple,” a Pure Barre class sponsored by Real Simple Magazine on Saturday morning! It was a regular Pure Barre class, but with zero equipment (aka no red bands, balls, etc.). It was still pretty darn hard!


I spent Saturday afternoon in Los Angeles… I was asked to speak at a conference, and it was a great excuse to be back in the city. I went to college in LA and always forget how much I actually like it.IMG_6804IMG_6805IMG_6810IMG_6807IMG_6809

Sunday was a lazy day, but I did make it to yoga for a relaxing yin-yoga class! I ran there and back for a total of 3 miles, which was a nice change of pace. I’ve gotten in such a habit of driving EVERYWHERE since moving back to California, and I truly miss living in a walkable community. My yoga studio is super close to where i live, though, so it makes going car-less a lot easier. 🙂


Sunday supper! I made a fav recipe my mom turned me onto last year, made with chicken and a soy sauce/ginger/garlic/sesame seed sauce. It is so delish (especially over rice!), and the recipe is actually from McCormick (aka the spices company)… my mom had found this McCormick package of spices at the grocery store that came with a recipe for a meal using those spices on the back – way convenient.  

The rest of the weekend was pretty much anatomy and quality Trader Joe’s time.. you know, two of my favs. 😉 Have a good one, loves!



What’s a highlight from your weekend? Tell me!

Scenes From the Weekend

MONDAY. Who’s ready?



I ended up taking a spontaneous mental health day from work Friday after my blog post went up because I’d been having a WEEK, and my day thereafter was largely owned by podcasts + pizza. I got stuck in crazy traffic that afternoon driving down to San Diego… these podcasts were a God-send. “Invisiblia” is my latest obsession (reader recommendation!), and I listened to “Happier With Gretchen Rubin” for about two seconds before getting annoyed with her voice and switching to a different podcast. Pizza was the reward for surviving three hours on the 5S highway. 😉


I snuck in an early morn barre class Saturday morning at my old studio in San Diego. They use the double bands there in some classes, which – in case you’re wondering – are not fun, and more difficult (I hear they’re considered a Level III Pure Barre class).

IMG_6455 IMG_6458

Saturday = brunch with my favorite San Diego ladies at Cafe 222 (which is on this list of best breakfasts in SD). The pancakes were on point (and larger than my head). It was SUCH a gorgeous day in SD, too. SoCal had headed face first into summertime. Apparently we don’t need spring?

IMG_6468 IMG_6464And Sunday I basically repeated Saturday, only in Orange County….. brunch at Greenleaf Chopshop with a friend after a sweaty barre class in Newport Beach (they need to get some a/c in that studio!). I’ve only had salads here, but their breakfast selection was great! I loved my eggs and toast, which came with sweet potato (win!), and my friend’s breakfast pizza looked amazing. 


STUDYING. Part two of my Anatomy test coming up tomorrow! Ps. that’s a scapula, don’t even worry about it.

Writing this post reinforced that i apparently only do three things these days: eat breakfast foods, go to barre, and study. #creatureofhabit


How was your weekend?

Monday Things

1. TA-DA! The blog got a makeover! I hope you guys like it!

Big thank you to the wonderful designer who worked all the behind the scenes magic!

2. This weekend was almost entirely devoted to studying Anatomy. IMG_6413

I’m really exciting these days.

3. Turns out grilling pizza is almost as tricky as making a heart-shaped pizza.IMG_6422 IMG_6420

It was good…. but the recipe/process needs some work. Tips?

4. Grilling sweet potato fries, though?photo-4

#Winning. (Even if the photo is not pretty.)

5. Saturday, I had my first run in two weeks (aka since the SD Half)…. Five miles, and it was sort of painful.

My knee… my feet…. Maybe I need new running shoes?

6. Last episode of Season 3 of House of Cards. WHAT?!MV5BMTY1NDcwMDcxN15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMDI1NTQzNDE@._V1_SY317_CR0,0,214,317_AL_


Emotions. Is there even a season 4?!

7. I keep dreaming about school (including nightmares that I’m forgetting about tests/homework).


8. It’s spring and I need some new flats… Tieks – thumbs up or thumbs down?IMG_6423

(via Tieks’ Official Instagram)

I’ve heard so much buzz about them, but it’s usually hard to find cute flats that are actually comfy.

9. I want to go back to Hawaii. Now. 

Ugh, Monday. 😉



How was your weekend?

Scenes From the Weekend

Hello, hello! How was your weekend? I had a little too much fun enjoying the amazing weather, so I figured a post of 90% photos was probably wise. Also, how possible do you think it is to get the powers that be to add another day onto our weekends? Is that like a “write your local Congressman” type of possible?





Friday lunch at A Market in Newport Beach; I had the summer veggie salad with goat cheese, beets, and avocado. They messed up my order at first, but it was really good, and SO adorable inside. And YES- that’s wine soaked goat cheese. OMG.

IMG_6338New Netflix obsession – “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.” There’s been a lot of LOL moments so far, and reminds me a little bit of “30 Rock” (which shares Tina Fey star power). 


Body Pump love, aka the first weekend without a run in months.


Homemade peanut butter blondies – recipe coming this week!


Someone made me breakfast, because he makes the BEST fried eggs + sweet potatoes in all the land. 


 Gold plastic cups are the only way to drink wine in the summer spring. Ps. I am no longer 21 years old and need to remember that. #fail 🙁

IMG_6331Sunday brunch with a good friend (HI, SAM!) at Side Street Cafe in Costa Mesa. The pancakes were huge, but rubbery. Whomp whomp.


 Picked up this cute shamrock plant at Trader Joe’s for some luck of the Irish. They’re supposed to be lucky. 😉

IMG_6330Weekend tradition/the only thing I ever order at Thai restaurants: pad see ew with chicken, extra veggies. 


What stands out from your weekend?

Monday Things

1. Guess what? I’m moving!


You probably all had an idea this was coming, given my tales of driving up and down SoCal, but I’m in the process of moving up to Orange County! More deets soon.

2. Which brings me to this – an Ikea success story… 


Big thank you to he who shall remain nameless for assembling far more parts and plastic nails than you  would ever think one piece of furniture might require.

3. Last long run = COMPLETE! 11.56 miles. 




That time is for the 11 mile mark. The rest of my running club stopped at this point, and I ended up forging on for about another half mile.

4. Contrary to popular belief, standing on your feet for another few hours after a double digit run is not necessarily terrible…. especially if you’re at an awesome event, adding condiments to people’s hotdogs.



That was the scene (at least from where I was standing) at Hope and Help on Saturday. It. Was. Wonderful.

5. Eating even more food than normal (which is already a lot) is undoubtedly my favorite thing about half marathon training.IMG_6023

Feeling of accomplishment is a close second. 😉

6. This comes back on Friday.




7. I made a super easy eggplant parm for dinner last night:


It was ready in minutes, thanks to the help of ol’ Trader Joe.

{To make, I quickly heated the cutlets on the stove, then transferred them to a baking sheet with layers of marinara sauce and fresh mozzarella, and cooked for ~10 minutes at 425′ F.}

8. This bread was a random Target find, and it tastes amazing.


I’m such a marketing sucker.

9. Is it weird that I like doing homework?

Don’t answer that.




How was your weekend? What are your Monday things?

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