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Squad Goals

Today one of my favorite people is getting married. IMG_7539(^From our rendezvous in Vegas this summer for her bachelorette.)

It’s got me to thinking a lot about friendship and, of course, love. I’m such a sucker.

But friendship! The bride, Jess, and I became friends just two years ago when I first moved back to California from D.C. She had gone to high school with my best friend from college, who virtually introduced us before I had even boarded that one-way flight to SoCal. Jess welcomed me into San Diego and her life without batting an eyelash, taking me in sight unseen into her friendship circle.

There’s something to be said for someone who can open their life and heart to new people, even when we’re adults and already have a complete social circle.

From our very first meeting, I knew Jess and I would be good friends (probably because we both really like snacks + wine….), and in such a short timespan, she’s transformed from a stranger in my new city to one of my very best friends. I think that’s remarkable. Corny, I know, but being an adult is hard. I hear this time and again from friends, especially who’ve moved to new cities or started over; without a safety net like school or childhood bonds, it can be lonely and difficult to find true friendship as a grown-up.

And by the way, isn’t that one of the greatest parts of having amazing women in your life? Excuse me – I  mean squad, because that’s the word of the year, right? But seriously. I think that’s just what happens – they have the opportunity to bring the extraordinary people in their lives and fold them into yours.

It’s cheesy, but it’s true.

We need the good vibes, and the people who perpetuate that positivity in our lives. Who see who we are and don’t push us to be something else. Who think we’re incredible as ourselves, and want to support us in becoming even better versions.

We need to surround ourselves with people who are true and kind, and hone in on that authenticity.

Too often we feel like we have to allow negative people to take up space in our lives or in our hearts just because they’ve been there for a long time, or because others think they’re terrific. If someone’s not bringing out your brightest, then you don’t need them.

Goodness attracts goodness. Love attracts love.

It’s science.

Not science? My amazing wedding dancing skills. 😉

Happy weekend, folks. Have some wine, k? xo

Be Kind

Hi friends!photo 2 (2)(source)

Yesterday, I was at a very looooooong doctor’s appointment, and basically falling asleep atop my laptop (I was trying to get some work done while at my appointment). Out of the blue, a warm coffee cup was handed to me by a nurse who I’d earlier been commiserating with about feeling sleepy.

He’d walked upstairs to the hospital cafeteria and bought me a coffee (and brought packets of sugar and cream, just in case I didn’t take my coffee black). Ummmm, what?photo 1 coffee

This person I barely know, other than some hellos and how-are-yous. I was floored, in the best way.

Enough so that I wanted to tell you guys about it! Kind, thoughtful people may seem few and far between in today’s world, but that little gesture was enough to restore my faith in humanity. A solid reminder that there is good in the world still — people with full hearts and positive intentions.

Since Easter is coming up this Sunday, it seems even more timely to share a message of kindness and paying it forward. I know not everyone celebrates Easter and that’s cool, but in my own life it’s always been a symbol of hope and love and renewal. Hand in hand with spring, really. And regardless of any religious foundation, those are all good things.



As you head into this weekend and onward, don’t be afraid to let a little kindness pour out of your heart. Just a reassuring word or small action does the trick. Sounds totally goobery, but just go with it. You never know who you’ll help without even knowing it.


What are your plans for the weekend? Anything fun for the holidays?

Something to Think About

Let’s learn a new word.
New Picture (5)(source)


I’m sleepy from a later night out, but it’s a thankful sort of Friday. We’re going to play that game again today, okay?

I’m thankful – a little over a month having moved to San Diego and cross country – for… well, everything. The transition (more on that in another post) and changes back to an old sense of self, friends/acquaintances made, experiences had so far, the work I’m doing, and heck- even the run club I joined,

Mmmk… your turn!



What are you thankful for this week?


Going With the Flow

Hello and happy Friday!

So today I’m headed up to New York City after work for some quality time with my cutie pie niece and some people who have known me for… well, basically forever (including Christina). I’ll explain why I’m traveling there on Monday (it’s a surprise occasion), but I’m soooooooo looking forward to getting away and seeing them, even though I’ve still got an annoying cold.

Sometimes you just gotta go!

My schedule has been jam packed (which maybe is why my cold is still hanging on?), and I’ve been trying to soak up the gorgeous fall weather here in D.C. I’ve been focused on running, tutoring, and other dreamy, faraway opportunities. So far so good, and I’m especially loving tutoring so far. My little second grader even made me a drawing to hang at my desk.

We’re both princesses. No big deal.

I also just booked a trip to Boston for November to see one of my best friends from college (remember Alexa?). I’m pumped.

Alexa, get ready — we’re hitting the Freedom Trail and Cheers bar like whoa.

Anyways, where was I going with this?

I’m trying to keep focusing on the positive and that smiling at the world junk (you know, when I’m not watching Grey’s Anatomy reruns and eating my weight in guac and chips), and it has made me realize that you’ve got to relax and have some hopefulness about what’s next. You know? Because believe me when I tell you – people will surprise you. Heck, life will surprise you. I mean, nothing is quite taking my breath away at the moment, but I’m going with the flow and trying to stop seeking answers for everything. It’s a smart thing to remember.

Which reminds me! Lately the universe has been having some major giggles at my expense with the ridiculous turn of events that have transpired (really, if I could, I would go into detail; my life is a soap opera), and the word  serendipity has popped into my little head. It’s one of my very favorite words, and I mean, all that ridiculousness? Serendipity related, totes.

Let’s go with that.

And heck, you might as well let things happen and then laugh about them over giant pita wraps with your friends.

(From Zorba’s.)

Just a suggestion.

Um, or wine, like I’ll be having tonight with Christina. 😉 Catch you all Monday!



What are you doing this  weekend?

Thankful Friday


1. Pizza chats with friends.

(From Faccia Luna)

2. Fall! I can’t stop gushing about the gorgeous weather in D.C. 

3. Life’s completely and utterly ridiculous randomness. 

4. The new Fiestaware dishes I just ordered (to replace the same cheapo dishes set I’ve had since college)! Is it normal to be excited over dinnerware?


5. Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix streaming. 

6. Nice coworkers that keep me laughing (even when I have mind-numbing work eyeing me on my desk) and bring me sweet little cupcakes to try.

7. Scarves season!

8. That I’m rendezvousing with my dear friend Beth this weekend FINALLY. She’s been out of town for the past few weeks and D.C. is NOT the same without her. 😉


I know you’re thankful it’s Friday, but what else? Share!

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