Oh HI! 

Welcome to my new blog, folks! So if I look familiar, it’s for a good reason… I used to run this funny little blog called The Pancake Girl where.. well, I ate a lot of pancakes and then got too distracted to keep up with my blogging. I ended up deciding to retire it since I’d become such a bad and unreliable blogger, but turns out I could not retire my desire to ramble on the world wide web. Ya’ll are such great listeners! 😉 As a result, I’ve decided to start fresh, and here I am! Ready to listen to the 1567920823095829 thoughts running through my little brain? Mmk, good, glad we settled that.. let’s do this.

This time around, I’m going to be obviously writing about pancakes and the ten million things I’ve baked or recipes I’ve had explode out of my oven, but with the addition of some random musings, running and fitness tidbits, and whatever other random ol’ thang pops in my head. I do promise that I will be staying more accountable and actually blogging regularly, so feel free to check back in soon. For now, I’m off to find an apple and figure out how to confess to you all that I’m not actually updating this blog on a real typewriter. Oh.. hmm.. guess the cat’s out of the bag on that one.

P.S. In case you’re wondering, I really do have a pink typewriter. A gift 19 months ago from my very sweet Penpal (my boyfriend) on our first date. He felt like I needed one since I was a writer (I was in grad school for journalism in New York City at the time). Remind me to tell you all that story sometime… And don’t worry- we’d already known each other for many years before he showed up at my doorstep holding a typewriter and asking me to go steady. My life is random  but not that random…

Have a great night!

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