The One With the New Chapter

Oh, hi! I know, I sort of fell off the face of the (blogging) planet, but…. IMG_7421

I’m back. I missed you!

A lot of things have happened in my life in the last few months, a lot of changes…. which is largely why the radio silence thang accidentally started. I finished my Anatomy class (with a B+!), moved into a new apartment, amped up my job hunt, started another nursing pre-req class (chemistry), dropped said nursing pre-req class, endured a break-up, and got a job offer.


I was trying this privacy thing out, and, really, I just didn’t have much time with school, but….. I sorta need to write things out to make sense of them/life. I’m a writer, and that’s what we have to do. Like breathing. SO, here I am, taking a big gulp of air again. Anyone still around and ready for a wordy post about relationships? My fav, as ya’ll know.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, then you may remember I had an oh so lovely break-up a few years ago that I basically word-vomited many a blog post about. #Catharsis. To put it as eloquently as possible, that heartbreak – my first – overwhelmed me, and I allowed it to sweep me out to sea for longer than I care to admit. [But, I’m still a firm believer that hearts do not have a time table they follow, and you should always allow yourself to feel the feelings.]

This time around, it’s been a bit different. I have no plans to go into sharing the details here on the internet, but the break was mutual and came after a lot of honest conversations born out of love and real desire for two people to be happy, no matter what. I’m sincerely proud of myself for the way I’ve been able to handle it and honor my heart, and I’m not afraid to say that out loud. Maybe it’s because it ended dramatically differently than my previous relationship, or maybe you only have to get pummeled by heartache one time to learn a solid lesson… either way, I’ll take it.

And this break, it arose gradually, like a loose string in your favorite dress. After months of thoughts and tears and heartache and confusion about what I need and want in a relationship, and what was best for everyone involved, it was finally unraveled. One good tug, and it was completely undone.

Even with being a fancy pants mature adult as I clearly am (as I sit here owning more yoga pants than real pants), I can safely say the last couple months have not been entirely easy, or without the pangs of loneliness or “now what” questions (to myself……. while watching Friends….. don’t worry about it). But ultimately, I know following my heart has always been the best decision in my life, and I still trust it now. Your heart will never lead you astray if you really, really listen to it, friends. IMG_7416


Sometimes things have to drift apart for other things to come together. And it’s so much better to listen to your heart and face some pain in the present than settle for a life that is half than what you deserve. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

And of course, I’m still a firm believer in things happening for a reason, and serendipity, and that what’s meant to be will always be. You know – all the rah-rah inspirational quotes I post on Instagram. Build it and they will come, right? You really never know what the future has in store, or who it’ll bring in (or back in) to your life. And I’m approaching this new chapter by saying yes to all the things that make me happy and challenge me to grow, and saying no to all that does not.

Ummmm, that’s probably enough babbling to welcome me back into the blog world, right? I have missed you all, and missed this space. I have no idea how often I’ll be writing nowadays, but stay tuned.


Link Love

Hi loveys!IMG_6821

(Random photo from this weekend, just because…)

After yesterday’s dark and early wake up call (we were on the road before 5am!), my brain is feeling a smidge like mush. I got up early to squeeze in my fav yoga class at my studio this morning, though, and shed a few tears that my {cheaaaap} intro package has now officially ended. I’m not sure what to do because the yoga packages are a bit steep for my budget these days, considering I already have a gym membership AND keep an active Pure Barre package. Maybe there’s a neighborhood discount? 😉

Anyways! Thought I’d share some articles that have caught my eye on the interwebs lately….



Anything catching your eye in the news/on the web lately? Share please!

Scenes From the Weekend

Happy Monday, friends!

I’m currently at the hospital, waiting for my boyfriend who’s in surgery (he’s getting an old sports injury fixed). We had to leave at o’dark thirty to get here, so I might be that girl napping and taking up four chairs in the waiting room sometime very soon. In the meantime, here are a few stolen scenes from the weekend….


Friday body pump class, preceded by speed intervals on the treadmill… hence the sweat on the floor. I’m gross. 

IMG_6785 IMG_6787

Pedicures and happy hour with a friend on Friday afternoon! We went to Wine Lab at The Camp in Costa Mesa, and I had a deliciously smoooooooooth Malbec. #winning


A friend and I went to “Pure and Simple,” a Pure Barre class sponsored by Real Simple Magazine on Saturday morning! It was a regular Pure Barre class, but with zero equipment (aka no red bands, balls, etc.). It was still pretty darn hard!


I spent Saturday afternoon in Los Angeles… I was asked to speak at a conference, and it was a great excuse to be back in the city. I went to college in LA and always forget how much I actually like it.IMG_6804IMG_6805IMG_6810IMG_6807IMG_6809

Sunday was a lazy day, but I did make it to yoga for a relaxing yin-yoga class! I ran there and back for a total of 3 miles, which was a nice change of pace. I’ve gotten in such a habit of driving EVERYWHERE since moving back to California, and I truly miss living in a walkable community. My yoga studio is super close to where i live, though, so it makes going car-less a lot easier. 🙂


Sunday supper! I made a fav recipe my mom turned me onto last year, made with chicken and a soy sauce/ginger/garlic/sesame seed sauce. It is so delish (especially over rice!), and the recipe is actually from McCormick (aka the spices company)… my mom had found this McCormick package of spices at the grocery store that came with a recipe for a meal using those spices on the back – way convenient.  

The rest of the weekend was pretty much anatomy and quality Trader Joe’s time.. you know, two of my favs. 😉 Have a good one, loves!



What’s a highlight from your weekend? Tell me!

Fri-YAY Favs

Hellllllo, lovelies!

This has been a pretty good lil week over here! How’s it been over in your neck of the woods? Maybe I’m just focusing on the positive, but I feel like the universe is finally showing me more roses instead of the thorns. 😉 Either way, wine is probably warranted.

Now, let’s get down to business with some FriYAY goodness.

1. New sneaks!sneaks

Four fresh miles Thursday morn in these badboys broke ’em in.

2. This,well and good pic


(First seen on Well and Good’s Faceook Page!)

3. Friends episodes streaming on Netflix.friends-tv-show


I just watched  the one with the Prom video, aka “SEE? He’s her lobster.” Gets me every time. 😉

4. Lunch at Haute Cakes.haute

I’ve professed my love for this cafe as one of my happy places, and lunch there this week with my mama was no exception. (P.s. I only ate part of it, but their gluten free English muffin is killin’ it… i had chicken salad on it!)

5. I’m now a board member for the Orange County chapter of Girls on the Run!gotr


I’ve been volunteering with them since I lived in D.C., and am SO excited to help grow this chapter!

And that’s it! Who’s ready for the weekend?!



What are you FriYAY-ing about today? Spread the happy!

Yoga Life

Hi loveys! How’s everyone’s week going?ekamJPG

For the past month, I’ve been exploring a yoga studio in my new neighborhood here in Newport Beach, Ekam Yoga. I’ve felt more drawn back to my mat and to practicing yoga than I have in a long time… like, YEARS. Quite honestly, I’ve sort of fallen in love with this studio itself. The vibe there has fed into that little voice inside me that was calling for a return to the mat, and helped me renew a love for yoga I’d semi forgotten about.

I’ve historically only liked super hot yoga (like power yoga classes or Bikram), and this studio is not that at all. There are warmer flow classes (which is mainly what I’ve stuck to), but nothing too terribly sweat-worthy. And yet I have sincerely enjoyed every class I’ve gone to at Ekam, and each moment on my mat in the practice room. I’m not sure if it’s because of the relaxed, calming SoCal vibe, or just the season of life I’m in right now, or just the deep “let’s talk about life/your existence/the universe” sharing that each yoga teacher I’ve had there so far has brought to the practice…. but there’s something. I’m drinking the Kool-Aid. photo 3(But let’s be honest – the deep thoughts sharing is pretty much my favorite part because I love me some good ol’ deep thinking.)

I recently realized there’s also a small amount of fear inside of me regarding concentrating more wholly on my yoga practice, and taking an eye off of running. As if there’s a piece of me that’s scared I’ll lose the speed/endurance/consistency that I’ve built up over the last few years of racing, or – perhaps even more – that my heart will not want to return to running………. what has for so long been ever deeply tied to my identity.

That sounds sort of silly, doesn’t it? As if people aren’t allowed to change and evolve and let each chapter of their lives move them in new ways (or old ways). I know deep down that just because I take a mini vacay from running, I’m not necessarily banishing my running identity altogether, but I suppose I’m not sure what will actually happen when I admit that I might love other activities more right now. I’M A RUNNER, DARN IT. And, I mean, I am…. though I have barely looked at my running shoes since the San Diego Half, and I seem to have a bit of runner’s knee flaring up these days.

Anyways, YOGA. Right now, in what feels like a moving-at-the-speed-of-light, million puzzles pieces thrown up in the air sort of time of my life, yoga feels like an answer more than anything else. Or at least a light, and a way to ground myself and remember things happen for a reason, how they should and when they should. And that’s something, right?

That being said, I plan on running this morning. 😉 P.s. if you live in the Costa Mesa/Newport Beach area, check out Ekam! (And nooooo, they don’t know I’m writing about them!)



Yoga – are you a fan or no? And do you believe in fitness “seasons” in your life, aka being drawn to different types of activities at different times in your life?

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