Paleo Recharge – Week 1 Update

Hiya. Soooooooooooooo week one of my Whole30?photo

(Pssst- those were baked sweet potatoes, not fried, and were not made with any icky oils.)

I ate some great food…. And now, it’s kinda, sorta, completely over.

Um. Yeah.

I hesitate to tell you all this, lest I look like a butthead, but honesty is the best policy in my book. ūüôā In a nutshell, I ended up getting sick Friday (some weird bug that’s been going around) and was crazy nauseous through Saturday, and as a result, finally caved and ate some gluten free bread.

Is anyone rolling their eyes? WHOA, GLUTEN FREE BREAD – getting wild up in here.

I have to tell you, I was sitting there, head in my lap, debating if the world would end if I had to eat a piece of toast to try and settle my stomach Saturday afternoon, and realized that was absolutely ridiculous – personal health is more important than any voluntary diet challenge you put yourself on. I mean, duh? SO, eating the gluten free bread did not make the world stop spinning and I doubt most people who read this blog will really care, but it does pretty much kill the entire Whole30 thang….. all bread is off limits per official¬†Whole30 rules (even if gluten free, because it’s still made with rice.. or at least the one I ate was), and oh did I mention I put peanut butter on that bread? Double rule breaker, but when you feel like puking, the last thing you want is meat on top of meat, or even eggs, and you don’t care about some arbitrary rules other human beings created… sorry I’m not sorry. And it did make me feel better! ¬†Hallelujah.

Breaking the rules means I would/should have to restart my Whole30 altogether, to complete¬†it with¬†the full integrity of its design, aka change my life and my eating habits completely, to¬†set myself up onto a clean path for a new Paleo life…. and frankly, I’m not interested in that.

Let’s back up for a sec. I really decided to even do this Whole30 at all because I wanted a kick in the butt to eat more protein and veggies, and become less reliant on toast and Luna bars as a snack as of late… not to actually switch over to lifelong Paleo eating. You guys already know that. So not doing a Whole30 after one week in is not a huge deal, other than it makes me feel like a jerk to say I’m going¬†to do something and then get derailed. BUT¬†I’m not throwing away the intention behind that Whole30 challenge! That’s the important part.

For the rest of this¬†month, I’m sticking with the main principles that tend to guide Paleo lifestyles:

  • No sugar
  • No dairy
  • Limit/eliminate processed foods (i.e., keep things as natural as possible – including no artificial sweeteners or soy products)
  • Limited alcohol (which I already try to be mindful of¬†anyways)
  • Focus on protein and vegetables/fruit

……..Plus¬†my own modification (a reflection of what’s already occurred): gluten free grains. I think that’s totes (and yes, I really just wrote out “totes”)¬†fine, considering my goals here. This means rice, quinoa, gluten free oats…… And that doesn’t mean I will be doing cartwheels with¬†gluten free desserts or processed gluten free snacks. ¬†ūüôā I’m not trying to cut corners in order to¬†eat junk that’s still junk, regardless of white flour being involved or not, and I honestly never had an “addiction” to sugar in the first place, which is what a lot of Whole30 official language seems to be focused on breaking.,,, I am keeping a big focus on eating natural, whole foods, which is still at the heart of the Paleo movement.

This will work for me, and makes me feel less like a stinker for breaking my solidarity¬†with all you Whole30-ers/Paleo diehards out there this weekend…. especially after freakin’ Instagramming my Whole30 day-in-the-life for The Eighty Twenty on Friday. I couldn’t have predicted I’d get sidelined by a virus, and I’m not at all regretful for¬†breaking it in order to, ya know, not puke on my boyfriend. So, there’s that.

All that being said, I made a big crockpot full of my fav Paleo chili yesterday, and I bought approximately 1 million eggs + veggies at Trader Joe’s on Sunday, so I’m totally ready to rock this week and keep my eyes on the {good health} prize.

OH! And on a completely unrelated note, I’ve started (as of Sunday) taking a biotin supplement at the recommendation of my hairstylist. I’m trying to urge my hair to grow – it’s been such a stinker the past few months since I chopped off those 10 inches, and taking entirely too long to grow out. We’ll see what happens!



Anyone else trying to eat healthier this month? Or have you tried Biotin or anything else to grow your hair?? Do tell.


Fri-YAY Favs

FriYAY. Friday. Holler. Lots of favs this week ¬†and tough to pick just five….mainly becasue I’m still riding the Seattle trip wave, and basking in memories of eating the most delicious grilled cheese known to man.e2f51a76601e7c1fe48d1484d45fa978

Anyways, here’s what’s been keeping me smiling this week…

1. These flowers, that just scream SPRING.

photo 1-3


…which continue to perk up my whole week and remind me that no matter what, there are happy things in this world.

2. 2


Me, 1000%.

3. I got to try out SoulCycle for the first time last night, and OMG. What a freakin’

My friend’s company was¬†doing something with them, and she got to invite folks for a free class! I’ve been dying to try their classes¬†and hadn’t¬†because of the $$$. It was awesome!

4. This speaks to my heart, and I was happy to see it on my Insta feed 4

I will forever love Carrie Bradshaw and her obviously impeccable wisdom, but this in particular struck a chord with me this week.

5. I’m taking over The Eighty Twenty’s Instagram¬†feed today!¬†update-logo3


Be sure to give them a follow and say hi to me throughout the day! I’ll be sharing my Whole30/complete randomness, per usual.


Have a great weekend, loves! xo


What are you FriYAY-ing for today?

Do the Tough Stuff


First things first. Yesterday, I made mashed sweet potatoes for the first time, and it made my life. I also went to an information session for¬†a nursing program at a local university. I’m¬†not applying quite yet, but I¬†wanted to do some intel…. nurseI’m still mulling over my options and feeling my way through my pre-reqs to make sure this is the path I want, but being more informed is never a bad thing, right?

AND I was really proud of ¬†my¬†outfit, and basically no one got to see it.¬†I mean, except my dedicated Starbucks baristas (who don’t know I’m doing ¬†a Whole30, and still want to serve me my usual – a soy misto, aka coffee with a lot of steamed soy milk). Usually I’m wearing spandex, so, ya know, color coordinating my outfit and slipping on shoes¬†other than flipflops (I was wearing booties) feels impressive.stitchfix shirt

New shirt via Stitch Fix (here’s my referral link if you want to sign up!). P.s.¬†I’m not even going to pretend I’m a fashion blogger, so thanks in advance for not laughing at my bathroom selfie (<–hate that word). ūüėČ

Anyways, when I was sitting in the parking lot about to head home from the info session, I started thinking about how sometimes life can seem like you’re on top of the world and have every ace in your pocket, while other times…. it’s like you’re in a muddy hole, trying to dig yourself out in the middle of rainstorm.¬†Sometimes, life is just hard. And messy. And a bit unclear.

Totally not trying to pull a Debbie Downer today, but it’s more that I find it sort of interesting… the rollercoaster.

And there, sitting in my car, being that person that everyone hates in a crowded parking lot because ¬†they take twenty minutes to turn on their car and back out, I began rolling through a slideshow of my life…. thinking about how the good stuff – the great chapters of your life book, the best career decisions, or most worthwhile athletic achievements – often start out HARD. My mind’s eye settled on my life right now, and how confusing and messy it is… how everything¬†I seem to want comes with a million questions and pre-existing clauses.

But our whole lives are bookended by¬†these invisible, seemingly insurmountable goals or dreams. Ones that eventually¬†ARE¬†surmounted¬†(when it’s meant to be). It’s so easy to let the hardness dissuade you from carrying on, or to let the burden of a long or mysterious path to your goal diminish your excitement or ambition, but we can’t let that happen.¬†photo 1


I think that even goes for relationships. Sometimes things seem magical and easy, and other times, not so much. All relationships – romantic¬†and the friend variety – take effort, and can be messy…. and sometimes, they can be hard, even when they don’t start off that way. Everything in life eventually requires some work to maintain, with the exception of love, and relationships are built on more than just that.

Is anyone following this ramble? Bueller? Bueller?

So DO the tough¬†stuff. Fight for what you believe in and what you want. Put in the effort and don’t let anyone tell you what you or do not deserve, or what you are or are not capable of.

Now off of my soap box, and into a pile of mashed sweet potatoes (um, it was too delicious).



Can anyone relate here? Talk to me. ūüôā

Aboard the Whole30 Struggle Bus

Happy hump day, friends! Coming ‘atcha a little later today, but, ya know, WEDNESDAY.

For someone who didn’t change time zones, I feel like a jet lagged mess. Except it’s not jet lag (obviously)… it’s Paleo lag. Silly me, I totally forgot about the cool withdrawal¬†symptoms related to cutting grains and sugar¬†cold turkey.

The struggle is real.

DAY THREE, here we are. And I want to dive face first into this…


(From this past weekend.)

Except I’ve been eating things like this.


And this.

IMG_6633And almond butter on top of berries. And a lot of sausage, and potatoes (mostly sweet, one white since that’s now Whole30/Paleo approved).

All of which is delicious…. however, for some reason, meat currently seems revolting to me. What the heck is that about? I don’t recall that happening during other times I’ve been on the Paleo train. And I’m currently in the exhausted/cranky/why am I doing this voluntarily phase. AND feel like I’ve gained weight since Monday/bloat. TMI? Whoops.

My friend and Paleo enthusiast Kirby assures me this is normal, and I just don’t remember since I’ve been separated from team Paleo for so long now. We shall see! I’ll share a typical day of meals soon, and then you can see what Paleo-ing looks like up close during a Whole30… in case you’re into that sorta thing.

Also, can someone mail me some pancakes? I’m hungry and not interested in the many meetings currently lining my work calendar. Thanks.



What are you eating this week that’s been super delicious and cheesey/bready/chocolatey? Make me jealous!


Sleepless in Seattle

….I MEAN, I had to. ūüėČIMG_6507

Anyways – HELLO! I’m back from Seattle, and facing¬†serious cheese withdrawal. My April Whole30/Paleo challenge has officially begun, although I admit I totally flopped yesterday and accidentally ate a veggie burger that contained¬†oat bran and corn. Somehow I totally missed that little fact til I had finished eating…… oops. We’ll blame my nonexistent jet lag. Today, though, it’s on like donkey kong. If you want to follow along on Instagram/Twitter, I’ll be using the hashtag #springpaleo for all my Whole30-related photo sharing.

Now, how’s about a photo recap of my trip to Seattle? I am now completely smitten with the Emerald City, and it has been officially added to my list of places to eventually live…. because yes, that is a thing, and I definitely have one. Wanderlust is real (even within your own country). I cannot wait to visit Seattle again, and eat all the carbs.

IMG_6500 IMG_6499IMG_6490IMG_6492IMG_6495photo 3^Just a gal and her city. ūüėČ My fearless tour guide and local, Val, made Alki Beach¬†+ west Seattle our first stop Friday morning…. It’s where Seattle was first settled! There’s even a mini Statue of Liberty. So random, and also so awesome.¬†


IMG_6525photo 1 (1)photo 5photo 3
photo 2 (1)

Pike Place Market! OMG. This was one of the few must-sees on my list going into this trip, and it didn’t disappoint. And yes, we did a wine tasting at noon on Friday. Vacay, right?IMG_6533IMG_6534IMG_6535

The original Starbucks! I got that delicious pour-over as a part of my usual soy misto, and you could definitely taste a distinction. The taste was superior to their usual suspects at their shops around the country, in my opinion. photo 1 (1)IMG_6542

Beecher’s Cheese Shop! Oh maaaaaaaaan… my grilled cheese (the original, starring their Flagship cheddar) was fan-freakin-tastic, and we watched the cheesemongers in the shop physically separate curds and whey through a viewing window.¬†IMG_6543IMG_6545IMG_6547IMG_6555IMG_6518We went strolling around downtown Seattle from the market. Soooo lovely! And yes, it was raining, which I was sort of expecting.

photo 2 (1)

IMG_6556 IMG_6561 IMG_6567Friday night was pizza from Tutta Bella and wandering around Columbia City neighborhood… followed by, obviously, wine + popcorn + an awesome movie. Also, Seattle has the best street signs I’ve ever seen. The end.

IMG_6571photo 2 (1) IMG_6573 IMG_6574IMG_6576

Brunch at Portage Bay Cafe by Union Lake, aka home of some of the best pancakes in Seattle (at least according to my research). I got the classic stack and they were pretty good… and the topping bar? Please. Val easily ate our check’s worth of whipped cream. Oh, and the friendly host (might have been the owner) gave me that mug with their awesome logo (which was not for sale) for free, just because. #Winning.IMG_6593 IMG_6589 IMG_6639 IMG_6591

Lake Union, aka where my future houseboat shall live. And the duck who jumped out of the water and wanted to come home with us. 

IMG_6598 IMG_6603 IMG_6604 IMG_6606

¬†We took the ferry (!!) to Whidbey Island to spend a few hours hanging out there, where Val grew up. I had a total Grey’s moment on the ferry, and it was wonderful.


IMG_6611 IMG_6612 IMG_6613IMG_6615 IMG_6616

In a nutshell, Saturday night for ya. Special shout-out to our new fav restaurant, Machiavelli’s, for its delicious Italian food and cheap house wine.IMG_6627….and my final adios to Seattle: Beecher’s Mariachi mac and cheese, purchased at the convenient Beecher’s airport stand, and eaten while waiting to take off on the plane back to Cali. It was worth every single cheesey calorie, let me tell you.¬†


How’s your week going? Do YOU have a list of places you want to eventually live or visit?

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