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Penpal’s on his way home from Afghanistan!

It’s been a long journey since September when he left. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and I’m so excited for what’s ahead.

I’m off to have some celebratory drinks tonight (aka day 30 of my Whole30!) and YOU should do the same. 😀

Have a great Friday night!



Anyone else celebrating something tonight? 


Oh heeey! Happy Groundhog Day!  (<–There is a dedicated website. Really.)

Aka the day of the year we let one furry little animal determine our snowy fate. I personally rely more heavily upon the Farmers’ Almanac for making my random weather predictions (they were totally right this year, btw), but if we’re playing the groundhog game, Staten Island Chuck – who predicted spring is a comin’ soon this morning – is pretty spot on most years. Just sayin’.

Anyways, speaking of the weather, it’s being amazing here in D.C. the past few days! I sometimes wish my office had a porch with wifi. Although I guess I could go hang out with the Occupy D.C. protesters, since they seem to be having no trouble urban camping all day (my office is in the same neighborhood).

The lovely weather have given me ample time to test out my new boots.

In fact, Tuesday – you know, when I was dying from cabbage overload? – I emerged from my apartment around 5pm just to test these babies out. 

I’m in love.

P.s. special shout out to Zappos for bringing these into my life! An old friend from middle school works there now and saw when I had blogged about wanting them back around Christmas and sent me a coupon! SO sweet of her.

Anyways, this is also a special day, because a certain someone is currently thisclose to being back in the ol’ U.S. of A.

From Alexa.

AGREED, totes. This weekend.

I still remember when he left back in September, more affectionately known as the day I cried into my mimosas at brunch. (You can read my mushy/goobery post about that day here if you want.) I’m looking forward to my first text in months from his actual cell phone (what? i love text messages). And I guess seeing his face very soon too. 😉

Luckily in Florida it doesn’t really matter what the silly groundhog says today, so I’m expecting picture perfect temps when I do get there… It’s always gorgeous! I dare any Floridian to prove me wrong (minus that hurricane season thing)… and then adopt me and let me bask in their sunny weather every single day.

Anyways, this morning I had a nice little workout with abs, the stationary bike (because of course I slept through spinning class again), and some trashy gossip magazines. And in case you’re wondering – yes, I learned very critical information this morning. Such as this gem from US Weekly:

And on that note I’m off to work! Someone‘s got to pay for these boots. 😉 Be back later with a recipe…



Do you believe in the Groundhog Day’s predictions (like from Punxsutawney Phil)? And am I the only one who finds it strange that all those folks in Pennsylvania wear top hats to interview him?

Monday things

Gooooooood morning!


1. Since this Saturday’s adventure, I can’t stop wondering why I don’t currently own a winery.

It’s meant to be! Ugh.

2. After my big shpeel on Friday about being all over running and hardcore cardio, I went on a running kick over the weekend, running a little over 4miles on Saturday and 5 + change on Sunday.

I blame my boyfriend telling me about his awesome runs lately- he can bust out 8 miles in the blink of an eye, and I get competitive. 😉

3. In case you’re curious, I actually had eased up my grand running plans (you know how I was fake training with James?) over Christmas/New Year’s break, after my foot doctor told me to chill.  One of my feet (the one that got run over two years ago) had become a bit swollen near the injury for some reason in recent weeks (due to narrow shoes), and my doctor doesn’t want me to run until it’s back to normal (minimal pressure).

4. If you read numbers 2 and 3, then you know I don’t follow rules very well.

5. My airplane ticket to visit James once he’s back in America has been BOUGHT. I am so excited I could scream and cry  and dance all at one time.

I hope it’s beach weather by then…

6. I had been planning to go to a beginners’ CrossFit class yesterday,but I chickened out. I know, I knoooooooooow. I’m annoyed at myself too. Does anyone want to come with me?

7. It’s not quite beach time here, but we have been having the nicest (for winter) weather lately!

Very unseasonable for a January in Washington, D.C., but I’m hoping we can ride this good luck out until about mid March, when it starts getting warmer again typically.

8. I’m not sure this is what Paleo Whole 30 inventors had in mind.

That’s a (my) spoon. Hitting the bottom of an almond butter jar.

And did I mention I just learned I’ve gained a few pounds since September, coincidentally when a certain boyfriend deployed… I’m sure this is helping tremendously.

9. My fellow Paleo-ers: have you been struggling to wake up in the morning since starting?

It’s been painful to wake my brain up each morning and get my day started, and I used to jump (well… that may be an exaggeration) out of bed and hit the gym before work, and now I’m snoozin’ like there’s no tomorrow. I do NOT recall this detail from when I last did a Whole 30, so I’m not sure if it’s Paleo… or me. I’d rather blame Paleo.

10. I have a LOT of yummy new recipes to share this week (Paleo friendly, vegetarians..not so much), including one this afternoon! Stay tuned!

11. You should Like the On A Pink Typewriter Facebook page today. Like, right now. Mmmk? Thanks. 🙂

Time to get to work! See you later today with a recipe.

What are your Monday things?

Training to run, not race

Good morning!

This week is shaping up to be a busy one! Since I have been waking up every morning feeling like I’m coming out of a coma, I decided to make a concentrated effort to get to bed earlier last night. Apparently getting extra sleep = feeling more alert in the morning. Although I had a hard time falling asleep, I was actually able to peel myself out of bed before snoozing my alarm for an hour. Excellent.

I hit the gym to attempt Day One of the new non-race training plan I’m now using to shape my workouts, like I mentioned yesterday.

*Training guide courtesy of Runner’s World, as seen here.

Well… technically Day Two – the first day was a rest day.

On today’s docket? 4 miles. Since I ran a little over 5 miles (!!) on my knee over the weekend, I figured 4 would be pretty simple, especially since I took Monday completely off to rest my leggies.

The point of doing this little half marathon training plan is two fold for me. First of all, I think it’ll be kind of fun to do this with Penpal as the weeks tick off, me in D.C. and him over in Afghanistan. By the time we’re done, he’ll be that much closer to coming home. This training plan also piqued my interest because I’ve been looking to get back into the shape I was in during the summer when I was still running frequently, and – as I’ve mentioned before – I  sort of thrive on structure to be productive, which also goes for within my workouts.

I’m a hot mess the majority of the time, so whatever assistance I can get in an aspect or two of my life is highly appreciated. Plus, my brain thinks that if I have some sort of training plan that’s not attached to an actual race as the end goal, I’ll actually be able to squeeze out 13 miles without getting another injury.  It’s very scientific.

I’m definitely going to tweak this plan to meet my personal needs (i.e. I have found my body can’t handle more than about 3 days of running per week) and am not sticking to it exactly as written, although Penpal will be, I think. I still want to incorporate other fun activities into my workout routine as usual (like yoga, Pilates, etc.) to keep injury-free, and the first sign my knee starts to get angry at me again, I’ll be backing off the running…. which I can totally do since this is a non-racing training plan!

It’s more like training for.. life. Or something. This will just give me a bit of a framework for my running routine.I’ll post my modified plan asap in case anyone wants to join (wink, wink)!

Anyways, after a surprisingly speedy 4 miler (little over 4) to some new tunes I downloaded over the weekend (I love Girl Talk!), I showered and am now inhaling some overnight oats I actually prepped last night. 

That never happens.

I’ve got to hit the post office to drop off a little somethin’ somethin’ before heading to the office in time for a conference call.

I hate being late, but yet somehow I’m always running behind schedule when it comes to appointments and end up rushing. I think it’s my charm that keeps people hanging out with me.

Time to jet!

Something to read: Interesting article on NPR about the real reason why your mom always told you not to eat raw cookie dough. According to this, I should have already had E.Coli and Salmonella by now.



Are you a runner? Do you stick to a training plan even when you’re not racing, or do you just wing it in workouts?

Monday things

1. Winter is officially here.


2. I have been snoozing my alarm clock pretty much every single week day for the last month.

What is going on? Does someone keep slipping me an Ambien every night in my tea? I need to head into hibernation or something for a few weeks, and then maybe I’ll feel more rested. If it works for a bear… no?

3. When I was in the shower this morning, I started thinking about how breakfast is my very favorite meal of the day (totally normal shower time thoughts).

Last night I had breakfast for dinner: a peppers and onion scramble, chicken apple sausage, and steamed veggies. What’s better?

4. Somehow Penpal convinced me to do this half marathon training plan with him….

(*Training guide courtesy of Runner’s World)

…even though neither of us are signed up for a half marathon. Just for kicks. I actually think I’m going to do it though, with some tweaks. I’ll keep you all posted.

5. Speaking of running, I didn’t make it into the D.C. Cherry Blossom 10-Miler. 🙁 

I entered the lottery on a whim last week, but I think God may be telling me to chill the heck out. (Maybe I should reconsider #4…)

6. This is on my to-do list today.

I’m aiming for “Christmas in a box” this time. (If you want to learn more about sending a care package to deployed troops, check out this post!)

7. This morning I had the chance to meet up with my old coworkers for coffee. 

Given the nature of my former workplace, I can’t really show you too much else other than the subway stop. I miss my old coworkers, and heck, even my commute. Never thought you’d hear me say that one, huh Washington Metro?

8. I’m convinced that people look completely different when you speak to them via Skype. Or maybe just me. 

Someone told me I looked Asian last night, which – hate to tell you guys – I’m not. Not even a little bit.

9. Remember that cone “situation” I mentioned needed to be taken care of again?

Well. It was.

And no, we did not break any laws, so stop judging.

10. I decided to recycle some blank Christmas cards I had leftover from last year, and then realized – after sealing, addressing, and postage-stamping them – that the people I’m sending them to are mostly the same people who got them last year..

Oops? What are the chances they saved last year’s Christmas cards? #fail



What are your Monday things??




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