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Newport Beach Wine and Food Festival

This weekend, I had the pleasure of attending the Newport Beach Wine and Food Fest at the Newport Beach Civic Center.

IMG_0128There were over 200 wines being poured and lots of bites from local restaurants here in OC. I probably drank double what I ate, but….. no regrets.

Wine and food fests are pretty much my favorite thing ever, because really what’s better than being outside in sunny weather drinking and snacking?


IMG_0096 IMG_0109 IMG_0126 IMG_0127

IMG_0129 IMG_0130 IMG_0131 IMG_0132

IMG_0084 IMG_0085Anyone else there as well? It was such a wonderfully done event, although more water coolers would probably have been useful considering the number of people. I’m already excited for next year.

Personal favs of the event? Pasta from Filomena’s (see above), roasted veggies from True Food Kitchen, brut champagne from Louis Roederer, and the wine from a local classic, Hi-Time Wine Cellar. ūüėČ

Thank you to the Newport Beach Food and Wine Fest for having me!


Happy Tuesday! xo


If you were at the food and wine fest as well, tell me what your favorite part was!

Friday Things



I have some random biz to share with you guys because… you know. It’s pretty much the weekend. What else are we all doing?

  1. I used a flatiron (hair straightener) to iron my romper this morning. Think about that entire sentence……I’m an adult?
  2. I bought new running shoes this week and broke away from my beloved hot pink Nikes;¬†I’ve been wearing the LunarGlide6 style for a year and have LOVED them, but they’re actually a teensy bit too narrow for my feet (blisters are fun). It’s fine – these new guys are bright mint.
  3. Pumpkin is officially back in my life…….. pumpkin waffles, pumpkin oatmeal.¬†Just a PSA for you.
  4. OC friends, have you tried Grit Cycle yet? I’ve totally drunk the kool-aide. Pssst – went yesterday and heard¬†this song and this song and am now obsessssssssssssssed.
  5. Scandal’s back. ¬†YAS.
  6. Tomorrow I’m going to the Newport Beach Food and Wine Fest! Any OC folks wanna join?! The ticket price is a little scary, but it’s all inclusive (to my knowledge) and I have a sweet discount for $50 off for ya — MEDIA50

Happy Fri-YAY! Have a lovely one, friends. xo

Swifties in San Diego


Saturday night, I had the pleasure of seeing Taylor Swift perform live in San Diego.IMG_8247

Holy amazing!

If you have met me in real life¬†for at least¬†five seconds, then you probably have learned I’m a total fangirl for Ms. Swift…. and maybe sing her songs¬†at a high pitch when there’s been too much wine. I’ve loved her music¬†forever, mainly because of her beautifully written lyrics (which often feel like they’re about my life…).

The tickets were a generous birthday gift from someone who knows me well, and I went with a good friend who also loves Taylor and recently had a birthday. We figured it was the perfect way to celebrate! It needs to be said I also purchased my very first crop top especially for the event…. because Taylor’s all about it. 29 is the perfect age to start flaunting¬†your abs (ha – joke) in other people’s faces, right?


Thought so.

Anyways, live music is one of my most beloved¬†summertime activities, and this felt like the perfect¬†way to end summer with a bang. This post is actually a contribution to¬†Eventbrite’s¬†Hometown Hunt project, and so of course seeing Tay-Tay shake it off in one of my¬†favorite local venues¬†deserves a mention! Eventbrite has a suite of fantastic event management tools, and of course is the go-to for learning and sharing local events.


This concert was held at Petco Park, smack in the middle of downtown San Diego. If you’re familiar with SD, then you probably know Petco is where the Padres play, and it’s the most gorgeous baseball stadium ever (at least the best one of I’ve ever been to!). It’s literally a stone’s throw from the San Diego harbor, and where ¬†a lot of SD races (including the half I ran in March!) begin and/or end.¬†It¬†is without a doubt¬†one of my very favorite parts of SD.

The stadium itself is jam-packed with incredible vendors serving up more than just the typical hot dog and beer, most of which represent the local food and beer scene. We’re talking craft beer from breweries like Stone and Ballast Point, pizza from Ocean Beach gem¬†Pizza Port, burgers from Hodad’s, and so much more.

And now I’m hungry.

I’d actually never been to any other events at Petco that weren’t related to game day before — just the¬†occasional beer and wine fests before summertime games. It seems they’re trying to expand their event offerings outside of baseball season though, and seeing Taylor take the field to perform was pretty incredible.

There’s something about live music under the stars in summertime that just takes your breath away, and every Swiftie in attendance was given these fun LED wristbands that lit up in concert with the beats of each song.IMG_8241

How rad is that?! 45,000 glowing lights, my friends.

It was an experience I won’t forget anytime soon.

I sure do love living in Newport Beach now, but I sooooo wish I could have packed up a few items from San Diego with me, including Petco Park and some of my fav girlfriends. Least it’s not a far drive, right? ūüôā




National Brain Tumor Awareness Walk


I’m currently hanging out here in Chicago prepping for my best friend’s bachelorette party and let’s just say it’s a little cold here. I may or not have brought two coats with me. Less than one year off the east coast, and San Diego has already made me a wuss. ūüėČ

In the meantime, I wanted to let my local readers know about an upcoming event here in San Diego! As long time readers may already know, I’m a big advocate for participating in community events that raise awareness for causes near and dear to my heart. It seems like San Diego is always having some sort of walk or memorial run. Next Sunday, April 6th, the National Brain Tumor Society is hosting a 5k walk to raise awareness.¬†NBTS Logo

More than 7,000 families here in California have been affected by brain tumors. All proceeds from this walk will go toward funding critical brain tumor research and helping to raise awareness.

If you’re interested in participating, the walk starts at 9am in NTC Park in Liberty Station over on Point Loma!


Check out the walk’s website for more information and to register:¬†¬†

Time to enjoy Chi-town! Have a great weekend everyone!



*All images in this post were provided to me c/o the National Brain Tumor Society.

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