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Fri-YAY Favs

Good morning!




I’m continuing the trend of sharing some Friday favorites today. {Read the inaugural post of this new weekly series here.}  What better way to usher in the weekend than to focus on the good, right? I mean, and wine.

On the list this week:

1. A running playlist that makes you want to sing out loud while running. 

2. This.IMG_5802

(via Pinterest)

2. Also, this.73da029357910a96d760bd0831bd63e3


4. Brightly colored nails. 

Add it to the mysteries of the universe, but somehow a vivid nail polish color can really cheer up any dull work day.

5. SLEEP. 

I’ve been pooped this week! SO ready for some weekend slumber that doesn’t require a crack of dawn wake-up call.




What are your FriYAY favs today? Share some good stuff!

A Yogi Confession

This is a tale about a tiny girl who signed up for yoga teacher training and then realized she didn’t, actually, want to be a yoga teacher. 974403aefb2a61e99e0734908f7583ad


Oh, hi, didn’t see you there.

Confession: that 8-week/200-hour power yoga teacher training I started last Wednesday?

It was grand. Lots of talk about light and yoga ruling the world. And now, it’s over, one week later.

I very quickly realized that though I love yoga, adore the philosophical musings instructors share in class, and need the reflections I have on my mat, becoming a yoga teacher…. not quite for me.

I prefer to be the student. Not the teacher.

I didn’t know that before, but I know it now.

And it’s a lesson I wouldn’t have known had I not put myself in this situation. I wanted to push myself to a new limit, but instead it turned out this wasn’t my limit to be pushed…. at least not at this point in my life. Does that make sense?

So a lot of journaling and long phone conversations with some patient people I am blessed to have in my life and emails to the yoga training lead later, and I’m now refunded and back to square one.

Well, not square one. I’m not sure what square I’m at. But I I know something I didn’t about myself before, and THAT, my friends, is a great thing. That’s what life is all about, now isn’t it? Discovering new bits and pieces of ourselves and growing to our potential.fffeac1ea8349aeb3d6a76bd4fda841d


Some would call what I did a mistake. Heck, at first even I flirted with that thought, and really got stuck in my own head weighing out the pros and cons. But in reality, it’s not a mistake at all. That’s what learning is. (Trust me – the Type A in me doesn’t like hearing that at all.) I mean, don’t teachers say there’s no stupid questions? You have to try and risk falling in order to know where you can get back up again, to run forward faster. Right?

What WOULD have been a mistake would be continuing with yoga teacher training (or anything else, for that matter) that I wasn’t passionate about, and “dialing it in.” At least, in my opinion. That’s the worst… don’t ever do that, please.

When I realized yoga teaching was not necessarily for me after all and I was deciding what to do, a certain someone said something that stuck in my head. I was asked if I didn’t want to continue with the training because it was too challenging, or if, perhaps, it was that I’d signed up because I was searching for something — something I’d now realized could not actually be fulfilled through a yoga teaching certification or a new class or anything of the like. For me, it was the latter, and he said, “Whatever decision you make will be the right one.” <–That’s something my mama also always tells me, which I 100% believe – go with your gut – but sometimes forget (you know, due to aforementioned Type A tendencies that want me to be the best at, well, everything).

SO, that’s the story! Sometimes you have to take (expensive but hopefully refundable) chances to understand yourself better. 😉


Happy Friday!


Tell me: Ever make a similar “mistake” that taught you more about yourself? 


Hey-o! Happy Friday.

I’m 26 now, remember? I know – you’re rolling your eyes. It’s not a super special age. I could already drink and get a tattoo and gamble and heck – even rent a car. I mean, what more could you ask for? But to me, it’s epic.

It’s my golden year! I turned 26 on the 26th.

It’s only fitting that I set some goals for this new year, and refocus. Upward and onward to a future that is … well, let’s be serious – whatever I want it to be. BOOM.

So this year, I’m keeping the following principles in mind:

-Say yes.

-Let go. Let life happen.

– If you don’t like something in your life, then CHANGE it. No one’s going to do it for you.

-Happiness is everything. Remember what/who makes you happiest every day, and do whatever you can to stay close to it/them.

-Trust your gut.


-Believe in people. Sometimes they can surprise you, in both good and bad ways.. let them. 

-When all else fails, get back to the basics. Do what makes you feel yourself. 


And on that note, I’m starting training for the Marine Corps Marathon 10K this weekend! Back to my scorned lover, running… it’ll be a small miracle if I make it to the starting line in October injury-free, but here’s hoping. 😉



I feel like I’ve learned so much this summer. We’ve talked about this, but I was reminded again this week.

Especially about how much I truly DON’T know, or didn’t realize.

Turns out I don’t know a whole lot.

Don’t worry – you probably know just as little as I do. It’s cool.

It’s exhausting sometimes, when I sit down and think about how much my life has altered since Memorial Day weekend. To be honest, I try pretty hard NOT to think about it anymore, because of that. I don’t like being reminded of the painful few weeks that followed. Deflated and lost, like a crumpled paper airplane.

Not myself.

But with unexpected change and loss can sometimes come unforeseen opportunity and freedom.

Does that make sense? Because that’s where I’m at right now.

In other words, I’m ready for more.

I’ve been in the D.C. area since January 2010. I came here initially for me, and stayed even longer partially for Penpal. For us to be colocated and end our long distance relationship in a place that would work for both of our career goals. It made sense at the time. Unfortunately, as the story goes, our long distance ended and then so did our relationship, in the place where I’d been holding our page for so long.

I was the bookmark in a story that had its last chapters ripped out.

That’s how it goes, and I don’t regret any of my past decisions. But now I’m ready for a NEW chapter.

Heck, I want a new book!


I’m thinking a lot about the future these days. My resume is updated and uploaded all over the world freakin’ wide web, and I’m looking west. BOOM.

I don’t when I’ll move, or where exactly I’ll go, but I do know that I’m in charge. Lots of questions with no answers yet (seems like a theme of this summer, no?), but the more important part is that I’m sure it’s time for a big change.

Okay, well, I’m as sure as you can ever be about anything.

And I think that’s what I need right now. That and a new jar of almond butter. 😉


Happy weekend!


Got any deep Friday thoughts to share? Dooooo it.




You guys…. It’s the first weekend of August.

The first LAST weekend of the summer.


August is actually one of my very favorite months. MAYBE because it’s my birthday month. Maybe because it’s extra hot in Vegas, where I grew up.. Maybe because it’s always the month where we’re reminded to savor our time and not take things for granted.

Because after August, comes back to school. Back to winter. Back to reality, and goodbye to the dreamy adventures of summertime.  BACK to  leaves and snow boots and big puffy jackets.

But not yet! Take a deep breath.

There’s still time to gobble up some of those magic moments of summer!

Like salads filled from items at the Farmers Market. Juicy peaches. Ripe tomatoes. Summer squash.

Extra large ice cream cones with rainbow sprinkles for dinner.

Being outdoors as much as humanely possible.

Random summer getaways and visitors.


Beach sunsets and wine with good friends. 

No Daylight Savings time. (Need I say more?)


Ugh. Too bad it can’t stay. But nothing in life can, right? Things have to change to remind you why they were important or special in the first place.

So in the meantime………… ENJOY. Enjoy your life. Your friends. Your time in the sun.

And for goodness sake, eat some pancakes.

(Barefoot Contessa Pancake/Waffle mix courtesy of Christina, who just arrived in town for another weekend visit.)

At least I know what I’ll be doing this last first weekend of summer….  



What’s on your end of summer bucket list?? I still need to get in some hikes and bicycling

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