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And Then I Joined a Gym

Hey guys!

How was your weekend? Mine was nice and relaxing, despite an epic road trip back to California from Vegas (where I was home for a few days). photo (59)Traffic is quickly becoming my least favorite thing ever.

Quick update! Friday, I had an appointment with an orthopedic doctor who, in a nutshell, told me in no uncertain times to put down my running shoes until all pain is gone. He’s still not entirely clear on what my injury/mysterious leg pain is exactly and wants me to get an MRI, but said pain is not normal and running through it just because I have a race coming up (or, as I put it to him, “don’t want to be a wuss”) is not wise. photo (60)


In happier news, I’m spending a lot more time doing non-running activities now, and I joined a gym! I actually joined a few weeks ago because of a great membership sale that was going on with the intention of making use of it over the summer when I’ll be traveling a lot — before I had a real inkling I’d be benched from running outside due to an injury. Now it’s turned out to be the best decision!

I’ve been an avid gym member for years, really since college, but was hesitant to join a real gym since moving here to San Diego. I mean, with the beautiful weather (most days) and all the race training I’ve been doing, it just didn’t make sense at first. Plus, my apartment complex has a small fitness room with the basics, making it seeming even more unnecessary financially, you know? But here’s the thing.

I realized I missed going to a gym.

I’ve always really enjoyed the gym environment (weird?) and find that it helps motivate me to push myself further. I also love having access to class like spinning (my favorite) and Body Pump, not to mention I’m working from home most days for the next couple of months, and it’s just nice to have a good excuse to get out of the house first thing in the morning. And you know what?



Amen. But in all seriousness, health and wellness is something I feel strongly about, and don’t mind spending money on (as long as I have it, of course).

I’m pretty frugal when it comes to most things in life (um, can’t remember the last time I bought a new outfit), but if it has to do with my fitness goals or eating well (i.e. healthy groceries to stock my kitchen or new running shoes to replace a worn pair), I’m all over it. This is within reason, of course. I’m not the type to  run a race with a $300 entry fee, or even pay to run a race at all if it’s under 13.1 miles (I could do that in my own neighborhood for free). Heck, I refuse to take yoga classes that are $25. Fun fact: I use Living Social/Groupon type deals for the majority of yoga or fitness classes I take. 😉

For me, though, this gym membership fell into the “worth it” category.

So that’s where I’m at right now. I did try to run yesterday, and there was still pain………… so if you need me, check the nearest elliptical machine.

Happy Tuesday!

Syrup On the Brain

I have had pancakes on my mind all. darn. morning.IMG_6810

Okay. Not so surprising.

I headed to the gym this morning, but my stomach was growling the whole time. Don’t you hate when that happens?

Once I’d finished up some elliptical and strength exercises, I was beyond ready to hit the syrup. I hurried back home, dropped my bag near the door, and basically flung myself into the kitchen to whip up some of my yummy Greek yogurt pancakes.

Thank God these babies take literally minutes to go from batter to plate.


Since I was only serving little ol’ me, I used half the amount of dry ingredients, an egg white instead of whole egg, and completely omitted the sugar since I was using vanilla flavored Greek yogurt. Although, let’s be serious – I could have easily demolished the whole recipe as it’s originally written.

Voila – pancakes served in a flash!IMG_6808

A perfect weekend meal, and pre-Sweetlife Festival fuel. Especially since it’s going to downpour apparently?


Have a great weekend and a very happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there (including my own)! 🙂

Overheard In Spinning

Heeeeeello! How’s your Friday so far?!

I started my day with an early morning elliptical sesh at the gym. I’ve mentioned this before, but running and I have a love/hate relationship. My body tends to hopscotch around the “hate” side, and I know I’m about guaranteed to get injured when I run consecutive days in a row. So instead, I supplement my workouts with power/hot yoga or other forms of cardio so that I don’t have to batter my body with back to back runs.

Lately, I’ve been ALL about spinning!

IMG_6667Even if you’ve never actually legit cycled outdoors (Tour de France-bound I am not, thanks), it’s a great workout. For me at least it ends up feeling like a big {sweaty} dance party. How could you go wrong?!

Just one problem.

Sometimes the instructors say things that make me want to get off my bike and snap the microphone right off their heads. One instructor in particular who teaches an early morning class I’ve started attending regularly has some doozies.  Let me give you some examples, mmmk:

Lots of talking about how THIS IS SO TOUGH, TEAM.

Lots of dramatically swooshing her arms into position three on the handlebars. 

Lots of incorporating lines from the songs playing in order to use them as motivation throughout the workout. Like belting out “Yeah, you know this hill is trouble!” while T. Swift is blasting, or calling all of us in the class “wild ones.” Yep.

I find it annoying, but in a laugh out loud way. IMG_6664

It’s a good thing I’m usually wearing a baseball cap and no one has to be exposed to my sweaty smirks. 😉

I know teaching is hard, especially teaching a fitness class when the sun’s barely up to people who are half asleep. I’m thankful that she’s doing her job and helping me spin my legs til they’re jelly.  But when it’s 6:30am and I haven’t had breakfast, I have a low tolerance for bad jokes.

I’d probably be more patient after some pancakes.

Annnnnd now it’s time for work! Happy Friday, ya’ll!


Had a similar experience with a fitness instructor? What’s your biggest group exercise pet peeve?


Joining a gym

Confession: I joined a new gym last week.

IMG_6362Since I have a sneaking suspicion a lot of you feel the same way, I’m going to go ahead and admit that I kind of love working out, and can’t remember a time since college that I’ve not belonged to a gym.

When I went out west back in December and knew I was going to be there for so long, I had quit the gym I belonged to at the time here in D.C. I figured I’d be fine without one when I returned because there’s an exercise room in my apartment building, filled with a couple bikes, treadmills, and some weights. Plus, this is one of the fittest cities in the nation, with a zillion fancy workout classes popping up in every neighborhood.IMG_5107

In reality, I have missed the atmosphere of a real gym. Working out in my apartment building, albeit convenient for early morning workouts (my fav), doesn’t have the same empowering energy for me that larger gyms possess. I’m pretty good at motivating myself, however since I’m just now able to start running again and I’d even been sidelined from power yoga for a part of my recuperation from foot surgery, it’s been tougher to muster up the same gusto in recent weeks. In order to revive that workout joy, I decided to take advantage of a free trial week at a local Gold’s Gym by me, and ended up feeling revitalized. That was the push I needed to sign up.

As a healthy living blogger here in the nation’s capital, I want to be all “D.C. is my gym!”
image(December 2012)

…but to be perfectly honest, my work schedule isn’t always all that accommodating during the work week to making it to set class schedules, and I personally can’t run outside every day without risk of injury {know thy body}. Plus, the majority of private studios in D.C. (yoga, CrossFit, etc.), though excellent, are a teensy bit too expensive for me to justify monthly memberships, much as I’d like to.

On a related note, I’ve been pretty lucky lately to get invited to participate in some really fun fitness events and classes around town {pssssst- some fun ones coming up later this month!}. D.C. truly is a great place to live if you enjoy staying active and being sweaty in spandex (guilty), and I’m looking forward to sharing any of the cool places I uncover with you all.

Okay. Now we should probably all go workout, mmmmk?


Do you belong to a gym? If you live in the D.C. area, what’s your favorite way to stay fit?

Kids in the Kitchen


How is your week going? Things have been… weird here.

Weird like there was a goose following me into my office yesterday morning.IMG_6097

(I posted this photo on my Facebook profile and mistakenly called it a duck… Apparently there are a lot of goose lovers out there, because I got some major flack about the mix-up….)

Um, yeah. So far, I’ve also worked through the weekend, gotten to wear regular shoes, went to a 3 year old’s birthday, had a mini breakdown, slightly (completely) broken my Lent promise, and realized making Tuesday wine night just because you didn’t have a real Saturday is not the best life decision.

Annnnnnd we’ll leave it at that.

Oh! Plus, I’m boot-less and back in the gym, which is a little more excitement than I can handle right now.IMG_6087

Thank you all for your well wishes about my doctor appointment Friday!

I can’t run til April, but I’ve happily been strolling on the treadmill and cycling. I’m trying to be patient and ease back into exercising like my doctor ordered, but I’m not very good at following those types of directions, as you all may have noticed. And I look like a soccer mom because I can mainly only wear sneakers for the next few weeks, with everything I own (i.e. spandex leggings……. plus running shoes).

Watch out, all you single men in D.C. –  sexy like whoa. 😉

I also wanted to let all of my D.C. readers know about a fun event I’m attending Saturday morning – Kids in the Kitchen! It’s a health and wellness fair put on annually in the district by the Junior League of Washington. KITKcolorLogoThere’s going to be exercise classes from awesome places like Bar Method and YogiKids, as well as games, goodie bags, and lots of other stuff that makes me wish I was still 8 years old. I’m actually attending as part of the organization I tutor with each week, but someone from  the event planning committee also reached out and asked me to mention it here on the blog – of course I’m happy to oblige!

If you have kiddos or know any who might be interested, I hope you’ll pass this information along! The event is at the YMCA National Capital from 11:45am to 2pm. You can also find out more details on their Facebook page here.


How is your week going? Please tell me I’m not the only one having a strange past few days…


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