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Workouts Lately

Hello, hello!

Let’s talk about working out. This fibula stress fracture has been a bit of buzzkill on the cardio front, you guys. It is helping push me to do more strength workouts, though, which is a good thing!

IMG_1895Lately, I’ve been getting my fitness fix with:

  • Body Pump classes
  • Barre workouts a la Pure Barre (I bit the bullet and bought a class package since I’m limited in what I can do to workout nowadays)
  • Walks outside {a slow to moderate pace}
  • Yoga
  • Elliptical and stationary bike, in very limited spurts

I’m not always great at being patient when it comes to myself and my own limits, so I’ve been semi pushing the threshold of doctor-approved workouts while waiting on this stress fracture to heal {which is not necessarily the smartest course of action – remember, I’m not a medical doctor or licensed fitness trainer}. I’ve been mindful to stop whatever activity I’m doing if I notice it in any way starts to hurt my leg, though, or results in pain afterwards.

I actually had to stop putting in much time on the elliptical or stationary bike because I noticed they both cause my foot to be tingly afterwards if I’m on either for too long. A physical therapist I know mentioned this might be due to aggravating the fractured fibula, which has a nerve attached to it. In other words, I need to remember that my orthopedist said to take it easy.

I’m trying, I’m trying. 😉

If anyone has other suggestions for some good low-impact workouts, do tell! I’ve been considering adding swimming into the mix, but I  sort of feel like a flailing gorilla in the water.

Now I’m off to try and not eat the rest of these darn doughnuts (recipe probably coming this week). Have a good one!


Low-impact workout suggestions – go! 


Good morning!

Well, my MRI results came in. Looks like someone has a stress fracture in her fibula. photo (71)Right there. Cue the balloons and confetti. 😉

In all seriousness, I’m pretty bummed, particularly because my doctor not only told me not to run for eight (yes, EIGHT) weeks, but that I need to avoid anything athletic, aka rest as much as possible.

In case you’re keeping track, that also means no OC half marathon in May.

Apparently fibula injuries can be jerks and not heal properly unless you rest appropriately. Now, if you’ve known me for longer than two seconds, you probably know I don’t do well with just sitting still and not being active. After a few obnoxious back and forth exchanges with my doctor’s nurse – me saying things like “But, are you sure? But what exactly does that mean I can do?”  – I got the green light to swim and try the elliptical or stationary bike at the gym, permitting that any of the exercises do not cause any additional pain. Things like the stairmill or incline walking on the treadmill are out, and even my beloved spinning…… All of which I’d been doing this last month prior to getting the MRI done, but admittedly was causing some pain (although not nearly as much as running had). Oops?

Soooo, cool. Needless to say, I was not in the best mood much of last week, which is why I was mum on the blog. A sweet person sent me the prettiest bouquet to cheer me up (70)

Neon and amazing. I love surprises like this (and the person who sent it).

But hey! This is a great time to focus more on other parts of my fitness, like more strength training and perhaps even some quality swimming time (not my forte). I may even bite the bullet and buy some more barre classes. I really enjoyed the classes and they seem to be one of the few activities that caused zero fibula pain in the last month, so it may be worth it.

And a big congrats to all my friends who ran races yesterday! I’m living vicariously through your runner’s highs.

Have a great day!


Ever had a stress fracture? Runners, what workouts do you do when you’re unable to run?

And Then I Joined a Gym

Hey guys!

How was your weekend? Mine was nice and relaxing, despite an epic road trip back to California from Vegas (where I was home for a few days). photo (59)Traffic is quickly becoming my least favorite thing ever.

Quick update! Friday, I had an appointment with an orthopedic doctor who, in a nutshell, told me in no uncertain times to put down my running shoes until all pain is gone. He’s still not entirely clear on what my injury/mysterious leg pain is exactly and wants me to get an MRI, but said pain is not normal and running through it just because I have a race coming up (or, as I put it to him, “don’t want to be a wuss”) is not wise. photo (60)


In happier news, I’m spending a lot more time doing non-running activities now, and I joined a gym! I actually joined a few weeks ago because of a great membership sale that was going on with the intention of making use of it over the summer when I’ll be traveling a lot — before I had a real inkling I’d be benched from running outside due to an injury. Now it’s turned out to be the best decision!

I’ve been an avid gym member for years, really since college, but was hesitant to join a real gym since moving here to San Diego. I mean, with the beautiful weather (most days) and all the race training I’ve been doing, it just didn’t make sense at first. Plus, my apartment complex has a small fitness room with the basics, making it seeming even more unnecessary financially, you know? But here’s the thing.

I realized I missed going to a gym.

I’ve always really enjoyed the gym environment (weird?) and find that it helps motivate me to push myself further. I also love having access to class like spinning (my favorite) and Body Pump, not to mention I’m working from home most days for the next couple of months, and it’s just nice to have a good excuse to get out of the house first thing in the morning. And you know what?



Amen. But in all seriousness, health and wellness is something I feel strongly about, and don’t mind spending money on (as long as I have it, of course).

I’m pretty frugal when it comes to most things in life (um, can’t remember the last time I bought a new outfit), but if it has to do with my fitness goals or eating well (i.e. healthy groceries to stock my kitchen or new running shoes to replace a worn pair), I’m all over it. This is within reason, of course. I’m not the type to  run a race with a $300 entry fee, or even pay to run a race at all if it’s under 13.1 miles (I could do that in my own neighborhood for free). Heck, I refuse to take yoga classes that are $25. Fun fact: I use Living Social/Groupon type deals for the majority of yoga or fitness classes I take. 😉

For me, though, this gym membership fell into the “worth it” category.

So that’s where I’m at right now. I did try to run yesterday, and there was still pain………… so if you need me, check the nearest elliptical machine.

Happy Tuesday!

Running Around…. But Not Running


The past few days (and next couple weeks) are jam packed! I’ve been running around like crazy trying to get some final errands done in prep for my best friend from high school’s bachelorette party (hi, Meg!).

As Maid of Honor, I’ve been planning this baby for the last couple months, and it’s almost go-time. It’s next weekend in (57)As a result, I’ve spent more time at Party City and Michael’s craft store in the past few days than in my entire life.

Hey Chicago – figure out your spring situation by then, (5)

Good thing I left my winter coat in D.C. when I moved, huh?  Yikes.

And this weekend, I’m road tripping home to Vegas to visit my parents and hang out with a certain someone running a race in the area. Pancakes and homemade Italian food, come at me!

With everything going on, it feels like March is just flying by! Which isn’t necessarily fantastic, because it’s flying by with me in non-running/non-training mode.

That leg pain is still lingering despite a serious lack of running on my part the past couple of weeks. I ran last Thursday, which wasn’t too terrible pain-wise, and then (56)

I thought my leg was feeling back to normal and hopped on the treadmill for a quick 3.5 mile test on a pancake-flat surface……… and let’s just say I’ve got a sweet limp today.

Whomp whomp.

I finally caved and made an appointment with an orthopedic doctor to get this all checked out.  I’m trying not to worry about whether or not I can run the OC Half coming up and just focus on all the fun happening in the next few weeks. We’ll see what happens!

Happy hump day!

Running Through Pain

Well guys, let’s get right to it!

Not to be Debbie Downer, but that lower leg pain I mentioned in my last post? Still lingering… and feeling kinda, sorta worse? Ugh.

Yesterday I tried to run per my training plan, being the good little schedule follower that I am. And I was not terribly successful.

My run morphed into this:IMG_1393

That would be a stationary bike at the gym combined with reading about running. Right.

I may have actually angry tweeted Nike about their running shoes ruining me, too. Yes, I was THAT runner.

In a nutshell, when I started to run last night I instantly felt that same pain in my leg that I’ve had been experiencing recently, only screaming a bit louder than it was during Sunday’s five miler. I immediately stopped my run, nervous I would only make the injury gods angrier if I decided to ignore the pain.

And now I’m sort of at a loss as to what to do (besides foam rolling, icing, and Advil popping).

In the past, during my pre-half marathon running days, I used to constantly run through any potential injury pain, basically until I would end up completely injured and on crutches or banned from running for a couple of months. I spent most of grad school that way, as a matter of fact.

In the last few years, however, I became a lot better at listening to my body.  I also  began to honor running as a blessing in my life and have appreciated any opportunity to do it at all. 40766a56368c75e9ba62f2c71da30382(source)

As a result, I’ve learned to back off as soon as I start to feel an injury brewing. The first twinge of significant pain while running in the last few years. and I typically end the run and take a hiatus until the pain seems to have healed or faded. Now, I’m NOT talking about uncomfortable sort of pain (like feeling like puking because of a tough hill or getting  a mean side stitch). I mean real, physical pain……. the sort of pain that tells you an injury is probably near if you don’t press pause and reevaluate whatever’s going on.

So far, that’s served me well! I’ve avoided serious injury for the last two years or so as a result. And since i’m injury prone as it is, I’ve taken training for these recent half marathons very seriously. As you’ve seen, I try to follow my training plans to a ‘T,’ making exceptions or shuffling workouts as needed, but mostly sticking to the plan per week. 

But now… well I’m torn. A familiar voice is telling me to not be a wuss because running through pain and building mileage ASAP is necessary to be prepared for the  quickly approaching OC Half Marathon. The other side of my brain — the more logical, non-runner side? — is shooting out reminders that it’s best to hold off on running until the pain is noticeably fading, before I head face first over the injury cliff and can’t run ANYWHERE, never mind at one unimportant (eh… in the grand scheme of things sort of way) race


SO, instead of getting worked up about the possibility of not being able to take on my next half marathon, I’m trying to be really zen about all this. In other words, taking training and the pain one day at a time. Totally zen, right? And then next week, we’ll reevaluate.

I’m headed to a barre class today and will probably take another stab at running tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed!


Runners, what do you think? Better to train though pain and hope it fades away eventually on its own, or actively rest until it’s gone and then pick back up on your training if possible?? I want to hear your opinions please!

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