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FRIYAY.IMG_0552Lately, my concentration has been the pits. No focus. I’m honestly unsure where the hours are going. It’s like I just fly through each week. Before I know it, Mondays become Fridays become Mondays again.

I’m happy. Don’t get me wrong… like super happy.

Races and Girls on the Run (I’m on the board of directors for the local chapter here – have I mentioned that?) and crossfit and running and friends. All the happy.

But somehow it feels like I got onto a conveyor belt. Or one of those moving sidewalks… you know, like at the airport?

I’m talking career wise, here. I’m Type A bananas and that means I like plans and I’m always hungry for what’s around the corner. I love my current job and company, don’t get me wrong, but I like to have a long-term target, and goals for the grander picture.

I went for a walk last night before dinner and starting to think a little bit about all this. The tangle of to-do’s and could do’s and current vs. horizon.

My dad always told me while growing up that you need to have a fire in your belly. You have to have goals – BIG goals – that keep you pushing forward and reminding yourself who you are and where you want to go.

And recently I’ve been floating through…. preoccupied with the present. That’s probably a good thing, right? A GREAT thing. ‘Bout darn time. Yet still, I want a plan. I want to get my booty back to writing more frequently, and make good on that Huffington Post blogger gig (read my HuffPo piece here). And other stuff that I need to unravel in my heart. Fire in the belly, leeeeeet’s go.

But how do you hone in again? How do you recenter and look forward without losing track of the present too?

No, really – any tips?

Does anyone else feel ^^ this way too?

I’ll let you all know what I figure out….. and tthat concludes this pre-weekend ramble. 😉 I’m ready for some weekend goodness (including a doughnut).

Happy Friday! xo

Working From Home

Good morning, friends!

IMG_0420I thought it might be about time to share some updates on my life. I mean, this is my blog after all, right? And considering I’ve been the blogging phantom lately…. whoops.

SO, I started a new new job in September (have I already mentioned that?) and I’m now working with the military again, and am working from home. My company is on the east coast,  and hired me as their California sunshine representative. 😉 As you may be able to see from my desktop image above, I take that role very seriously (photo is of the Wedge here in Newport Beach).

I don’t have a real desk at home, per say, but I make a point to work at a table and have a clean area. And a pretty, festive space because… you know, that helps. So fresh flowers, lots of light, my gold planner (yes, I use a paper planner – what year is it?), a notebook, post-it notes……. all the requirements for my work space. IMG_0419And snacks, but that’s a given.

Whenever I tell people I work from home, they usually say one of the following: “That’s so awesome, I wish I could work from home!” or “I don’t think I could get anything done working from home.” And then I say ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yeah.

Because quite honestly, I feel both of those on the daily.

Working from home has a number of obvious perks, like the flexibility and ability to wear yoga pants 24/7 (without breaking a sweat). But there’s also some challenges, like feeling like a recluse being coworker-less (besides my digital buds – thank God for gchat and work instant messaging systems) and getting distracted. You need to have a strong work ethic and an ability to self-motivate when you work from home, which luckily I’ve never had an issue with.

But, it’s all about balance.

I actually LOVE working in loud spaces, like coffee shops.  I can quite literally work from anywhere (long as there’s wifi) which, honestly, is my favorite aspect of teleworking. And the coffee shops! I focus much better when there’s a million things going on around me – loud voices, grinding espresso machines, music playing – versus perfect silence. I’ve alwaaaaays been this way, and in college would usually write my million page papers in the local Starbucks by campus instead of the library. So as you can imagine, my workspace also looks like this more often than not.

IMG_7866(^^That’s Better Buzz Coffee in Encinitas.)

Basically any coffee shop in the area that offers free internet access (cool decor is a perk). The baristas at my local Starbucks have already memorized my order.

I don’t hate it.

I usually head over to a coffee shop for half the day. It’s a nice change of pace and keeps my brain focused. Since I work with east coasters, I start my work day around 7:30am and end a little bit earlier (usually) than the typical. Yay for three hour time differences!

This post is actually inspired by WeWork, a network of shared office space all across the country. They’re not in Orange County yet, although a different community office space did recently open up in my neighborhood to unite teleworkers/offer shared desk space. I haven’t tried it yet, but I think it’s a wonderful concept. The cost (at the co-working space in my neighborhood) is the only thing holding me back – it’s a bit more than the average cup of joe at my usual “office.”

And that’s it! Happy Tuesday, loveys. xo


Wednesday, I turned 29.IMG_7893As a little girl, I would constantly dream up what being an adult would look like. Usually I resembled a Babysitters Club member, but nevertheless… I thought about my career, who my friends would be, how my parents would live forever and ever, and how I wanted to always be loved and surrounded by people I cared about.

I never really put a number on it though.16 might as well have been age 30. I didn’t know any better – grown up just seemed GROWN UP. A steady state you just sort of took on one day at a magic moment, where your ponytails always looked perfect and you could hang out past 10pm on a week night.

And then suddenly, I found myself a week out from turning the last age in my twenties. A decade that has been punctuated by education and best friends and heartbreak, bookended by moves cross-country. And suddenly, I realized I was terrified.

Never in a million years did I think I, of all people, would be nervous about turning 29. I mean, what’s age, right? Nothing but a number. But the thoughts started piling up – of the things I had done, that I hadn’t finished, that I hadn’t started. And more so, what was missing, or that I had assumed I’d already have had by the time I was such a grown-up, nearly 30 years old.

I think, without ever voicing it consciously, I had assumed I would be sure by now…. of everything. I’d have the concrete career path, and that marriage thing that I had honestly never given much thought about, well it would have just already happened. To be standing on the edge of a decade of life and growth and realize I was still growing and learning and figuring s*** out…. surreal.

All my favorite song lyrics personified, and amplified by 1,000.

Let’s be real – I didn’t expect to be 29 and single, Beyonce style, or still feeling the need to dip my toes into multiple career pools to see where my passion fit best. Or, ya know, having yet to publish the next New York Times bestseller.

So many enormous visions of my life and expectations that I didn’t even realize I possessed,  tucked so far down into my heart that it took a flippin’ birthday to pull them out. Who knew, huh?

It’s a little absurd, in my opinion, to boil your whole life down into one age, as if 30 is a finish line and you’ve got to wrap up everything un-done into a tight little bow by the time it hits 11:59pm on the last day you’re 29. I’m not a fan of “30 before 30” lists for that exact reason. There’s no time limit! So what was I getting all flustered for?

I love birthdays – yours and mine – in an obnoxious way, because I love celebrating life. Can you think of anything better? And birthdays are synonymous with growth. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, I have GROWN in these last 28 years. No doubt about it, and for that I’m so grateful. It wasn’t until literally the night before my birthday this week when I received a text from my mom, letting me know that at that exact time 29 years ago, she’d been reading a baby book panicked herself because her water had broken and she wasn’t sure if that meant she and my dad really had to go to the hospital yet, that the fear finally broke. Something quietly switched inside me, and I woke up the next morning ready to own age 29, and whatever it might throw my way. And gosh, am I curious what’s next!

I’ve been a lucky gal, but I’ve also worked my booty off… and I’m ready for more goodness to float in. I am so incredibly thankful for all the people in my life, and all the experiences I’ve been blessed to have – this last year and really my entire life so far. I know – corny as all get out, but I’m throwing down the birthday card here, okay? My 20s have been ridiculous in terms of amazing highs and a few heart-aching  lows, and probably yours have as well. But the good has far outweighed bad….The good always wins.

And so, fresh into this next trip around the sun, I’ll leave you with the main thing I’ve learned in these last 28 years: BELIEVE. In yourself, in others, in love, in life. Believe it, and it will happen.

Cheers for what my 29th year has in store, and happy Friday! xo

Growing Up


This is going to be a babble post, okay? I’m having one of those days where there’s too many thoughts, and I need to get them out. SO… you’re welcome in advance.

In two days, I will be 29. Last year of my twenties… how’d that happen? 

This song is my current obsession (hence the title of this post).

Last week was a WEEK, if you know what I mean. Technology failed me (thanks, iPhone, for completely spazzing out), work was challenging + busier than even usual, and I was just exhausted. Waking up at 5:30am on the daily and then not getting home from work til 7pm-ish is going to take some getting used to….

Over the weekend, I went down to San Diego to celebrate another friend who’s getting married in September. Two of my favorite people are getting married in San Diego, in September, a week apart from one another! Being there Saturday reminded how much I love SD. We had brunch on the rooftop of the Andaz Hotel downtown, which was just lovely.


I spy Petco Park.

A friend mailed me one of the most thoughtful (and random) birthday gifts I’ve possibly ever received – homemade pasta and sauce. I’m not kidding. Opening the box was bananas in the best way.

I finally tried Grit Cycle in Costa Mesa yesterday morning, and it was fantastic. Like a slightly toned down version of Soul Cycle. I was drinking the kool-aide within a few minutes of bopping around in the dark… too bad it’s $$$$.

In 45 minutes, I learned how uncoordinated I am when it comes to dancing on a bike (shocker), and remembered how fun spin is.

I found out that I have to work at an event the night before I’m supposed to run the Healdsburg Half in October… and the event is here, and the race is up in northern California. TBD how that is going to play out…. i may be in the market for a new fall half marathon, and forced to kiss that already paid Healdsburg registration fee goodbye.

And on a sorta related note, it appears growing up really just means letting the universe do its own thing, because if you let is, you may actually float somewhere better than you could have possibly imagined.. you just sorta have to hang on for the ride sometimes.

Aaaaaand that’s it! Do I get my birthday cookie now?

Happy Monday, lovelies! xo

And Saying YES

Hi hi!

SO. We were last talking about saying no, and removing the things and people sinking your soul, right? Cue T.Swift’s “Bad Blood.” (Kidding.. but not  really.. I’m obsessed with the remix.)

Anyways, since you can’t really stomp through life being negative about ALL THE THINGS, I’ve also adopted a “say yes” policy, which basically extends to everything that feels… right. Descriptive, I know. But by “right,” I mean using my gut, and I don’t mean safe. I don’t mean not scary, or not different than the norm. Nothing good ever came from comfort zones, right? Isn’t that what all the smart people in the universe say? 😉

And now I’m saying yes entirely more frequently to invitations from the universe than I was just a few months ago…. I suppose singledom has allowed that in many instances, but I also think a positive mindset and the type of company I’m keeping helps too. I’m lucky enough to have some lovely people in my life, including here in OC, who have stuck by my side after I ended a relationship, and have pushed me to try now things and explore new opportunities.

The yes’s have come in waves, and built upon one another. It’s funny how welcoming one new positive thing/person into your life can cause a positive domino effect. The yes’s have been centered on putting myself in new experiences, with new people. Example: I finally agreed to give Crossfit another shot, and lo and behold – I love it. The workout, the new friendships, the chance to challenge myself in a new way. Never did I ever think I’d be saying I was regularly doing Crossfit and actually enjoying it, but here I am… because we change, we grow, and we learn new things about ourselves, and figure out what will help us become better versions of ourselves.



If you want something you’ve never had before, than you’ve got to do something you’ve never done.

And as a result, I feel more myself than I’ve felt in literally a year, and freer. Not that I had such a miserable existence 365 days ago – don’t get me wrong, I did not at all. But the no-ing and the yes-ing with precision and care in the last couple months have reminded me that for a while, I was squeezing myself into a mold I didn’t belong in, trying to be someone else’s version of perfect because I didn’t want to interrupt our day to day, or ruin a perception someone else had of what I should be. That’s not a reality you can sustain, friends, and it will only diminish you in the long run.

Adopting a mentality of yes really just means opening yourself up, allowing a chance at something new or different. Doors are now open that I’d long before closed off inside myself. It’s a precious balance alongside saying no to whatever drains you or depletes your spirit; the yes’s are refreshing and bring in a renewed wholeness. And now I sound like I’m drinking some hippie Kool-Aide, but hear me out.

It’s just that recently I’ve been ever reminded (again) that’s fate’s a real thing, and things DO happen for a reason (promise). Example numero dos today: After over a year of hunting, I just started a brand spankin’ new job (!!!) last Monday, and, in a nutshell, that career opportunity was discovered because: I moved up to Orange County to be with my ex -> which led me to the getting involved with the local chapter of Girls on the Run up here and being accepted onto their Board of Directors -> which caused me to make a wonderful new friend from that board who knew of THIS particular company and that they were hiring. Boom.

Funny, right?

Granted that is a long and dramatic example, but I believe in signs and I believe to succeed in life, we have to have faith that things will eventually work out however they should. You just have to be available to the potential.

Happy Monday, loveys. xo

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