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Paleo Recharge – Week 1 Update

Hiya. Soooooooooooooo week one of my Whole30?photo

(Pssst- those were baked sweet potatoes, not fried, and were not made with any icky oils.)

I ate some great food…. And now, it’s kinda, sorta, completely over.

Um. Yeah.

I hesitate to tell you all this, lest I look like a butthead, but honesty is the best policy in my book. 🙂 In a nutshell, I ended up getting sick Friday (some weird bug that’s been going around) and was crazy nauseous through Saturday, and as a result, finally caved and ate some gluten free bread.

Is anyone rolling their eyes? WHOA, GLUTEN FREE BREAD – getting wild up in here.

I have to tell you, I was sitting there, head in my lap, debating if the world would end if I had to eat a piece of toast to try and settle my stomach Saturday afternoon, and realized that was absolutely ridiculous – personal health is more important than any voluntary diet challenge you put yourself on. I mean, duh? SO, eating the gluten free bread did not make the world stop spinning and I doubt most people who read this blog will really care, but it does pretty much kill the entire Whole30 thang….. all bread is off limits per official Whole30 rules (even if gluten free, because it’s still made with rice.. or at least the one I ate was), and oh did I mention I put peanut butter on that bread? Double rule breaker, but when you feel like puking, the last thing you want is meat on top of meat, or even eggs, and you don’t care about some arbitrary rules other human beings created… sorry I’m not sorry. And it did make me feel better!  Hallelujah.

Breaking the rules means I would/should have to restart my Whole30 altogether, to complete it with the full integrity of its design, aka change my life and my eating habits completely, to set myself up onto a clean path for a new Paleo life…. and frankly, I’m not interested in that.

Let’s back up for a sec. I really decided to even do this Whole30 at all because I wanted a kick in the butt to eat more protein and veggies, and become less reliant on toast and Luna bars as a snack as of late… not to actually switch over to lifelong Paleo eating. You guys already know that. So not doing a Whole30 after one week in is not a huge deal, other than it makes me feel like a jerk to say I’m going to do something and then get derailed. BUT I’m not throwing away the intention behind that Whole30 challenge! That’s the important part.

For the rest of this month, I’m sticking with the main principles that tend to guide Paleo lifestyles:

  • No sugar
  • No dairy
  • Limit/eliminate processed foods (i.e., keep things as natural as possible – including no artificial sweeteners or soy products)
  • Limited alcohol (which I already try to be mindful of anyways)
  • Focus on protein and vegetables/fruit

……..Plus my own modification (a reflection of what’s already occurred): gluten free grains. I think that’s totes (and yes, I really just wrote out “totes”) fine, considering my goals here. This means rice, quinoa, gluten free oats…… And that doesn’t mean I will be doing cartwheels with gluten free desserts or processed gluten free snacks.  🙂 I’m not trying to cut corners in order to eat junk that’s still junk, regardless of white flour being involved or not, and I honestly never had an “addiction” to sugar in the first place, which is what a lot of Whole30 official language seems to be focused on breaking.,,, I am keeping a big focus on eating natural, whole foods, which is still at the heart of the Paleo movement.

This will work for me, and makes me feel less like a stinker for breaking my solidarity with all you Whole30-ers/Paleo diehards out there this weekend…. especially after freakin’ Instagramming my Whole30 day-in-the-life for The Eighty Twenty on Friday. I couldn’t have predicted I’d get sidelined by a virus, and I’m not at all regretful for breaking it in order to, ya know, not puke on my boyfriend. So, there’s that.

All that being said, I made a big crockpot full of my fav Paleo chili yesterday, and I bought approximately 1 million eggs + veggies at Trader Joe’s on Sunday, so I’m totally ready to rock this week and keep my eyes on the {good health} prize.

OH! And on a completely unrelated note, I’ve started (as of Sunday) taking a biotin supplement at the recommendation of my hairstylist. I’m trying to urge my hair to grow – it’s been such a stinker the past few months since I chopped off those 10 inches, and taking entirely too long to grow out. We’ll see what happens!



Anyone else trying to eat healthier this month? Or have you tried Biotin or anything else to grow your hair?? Do tell.


Aboard the Whole30 Struggle Bus

Happy hump day, friends! Coming ‘atcha a little later today, but, ya know, WEDNESDAY.

For someone who didn’t change time zones, I feel like a jet lagged mess. Except it’s not jet lag (obviously)… it’s Paleo lag. Silly me, I totally forgot about the cool withdrawal symptoms related to cutting grains and sugar cold turkey.

The struggle is real.

DAY THREE, here we are. And I want to dive face first into this…


(From this past weekend.)

Except I’ve been eating things like this.


And this.

IMG_6633And almond butter on top of berries. And a lot of sausage, and potatoes (mostly sweet, one white since that’s now Whole30/Paleo approved).

All of which is delicious…. however, for some reason, meat currently seems revolting to me. What the heck is that about? I don’t recall that happening during other times I’ve been on the Paleo train. And I’m currently in the exhausted/cranky/why am I doing this voluntarily phase. AND feel like I’ve gained weight since Monday/bloat. TMI? Whoops.

My friend and Paleo enthusiast Kirby assures me this is normal, and I just don’t remember since I’ve been separated from team Paleo for so long now. We shall see! I’ll share a typical day of meals soon, and then you can see what Paleo-ing looks like up close during a Whole30… in case you’re into that sorta thing.

Also, can someone mail me some pancakes? I’m hungry and not interested in the many meetings currently lining my work calendar. Thanks.



What are you eating this week that’s been super delicious and cheesey/bready/chocolatey? Make me jealous!


Paleo Whole30 Recharge

Remember when I was Paleo for a hot second?


(These are the kinds of places I frequent these days….)

Ummm, yeah, I don’t really either. But I was! On and off for a couple years, back in 2012 through 2013. Heck, my oat-less Paleo faux oatmeal is still one of my most popular blog posts!

Like I mentioned last week, I’m starting a Paleo Whole30 on Monday after I’m back from Seattle, in an effort to get back onto a healthier bandwagon. This means 30 days of clean, Paleo-inspired eating, from April 6 through May 5. Just in time for Cinco de Mayo margaritas, dare I say. 😉

Now to be clear, I don’t think Paleo is the only way to eat, nor do I think it’s the “ideal” healthy way to eat for everyone, or healthIER than what you do in your life for yourself. Everyone knows their own body (or should!), and personally, I have no angst with whole grains. Um, hello, pancakes are my fav food? I do not at all think they’re the devil or some ingredient that is ruining mankind and making America fat. That being said, what I – a normal person with no official medical/health/nutrition training – appreciate about the Paleo lifestyle is the emphasis on cutting out sugar (which I DO think is the devil.. processed sugar specifically, not fruit), and adding more protein and veggies into your diet. I usually feel a boost in energy and lose a bit of my hanger edge (aka being unreasonably angry when hungry…). And THAT is why I almost always end up turning to Paleo when I need a kick in the booty, diet wise.

For a refresher (and those of you new to Paleo), here are some do’s and don’ts, totally pulled from one of my blog posts on Paleo eating two years ago:

paleo do and dontIt kills me that I have a grammatical typo in the above graphic (aka there should be a comma after “i.e.” – UGH).

Peanuts are legumes and therefore not allowed by the Paleo gods (bye-bye, peanut butter), and white potatoes are also not generally approved for a Whole30, which is basically intended to be a stricter, super clean kick-off for starting a Paleo lifestyle. I am not a paleo expert, but you can find lots of helpful info on Whole30 “rules” from gurus across the internet, such as here. My boyfriend is vegetarian, recently turned, and as a result I feel like I end up eating mostly eggs or grains with him… primarily because I’m too lazy to cook chicken or something else separate. SO, I’ve been consuming far less protein lately than I feel is best for my body and energy levels, and heavier on the breads and such. Exhibit A:IMG_6430


March has been the month of sandwiches the size of my head.

Soooooooooo. Here we are.

My friend Kirby and her fiance (hi!) are joining me virtually for the next month – anyone else want to? Please say yes!

First things first – grocery shopping! Click here for a Paleo/Whole 30-friendly grocery list, and click here for a list of Paleo-friendly snacks.

Personally, if I have something around, I’ll eat it……so best to clean out the kitchen cabinets and refrigerator shelves (you can always donate unopened items to food pantries, give to neighbors), or – if you live with other people not joining you on this Paleo journey – set hard and fast rules that all the pasta and bagels and frozen waffles are your significant other’s/roommate’s only… pretend you’ll get struck by lightening if you touch their waffles. Whatever.

And on that note, I’m going to go eat some carbs before Monday rolls around.



Paleo – how do you feel about it? Ever tried it? Want to join me for this monthly challenge/recharge?!

Kia Game Day Preview

Happy Friday!

Today’s the last day of the New Year, New Paleo 30 Day Challenge, if you started with me on January 2! Time flies when you’re avoiding grains, eh? Personally, I can’t believe it’s already February — I mean heck, tomorrow is Groundhog’s Day (PLEASE DON’T SEE YOUR SHADOW, CHUCK!) and then, obviously, even if you hate football you’re probably semi aware of what Sunday is.

I’m not exactly what you’d call a big football fan (I just recently started to fully understand/appreciate it), buuuuuuuuut I do love anything social involving snack food. SO, that makes me pro-the big game on Sunday. I also especially love the commercials, because even if I’m completely lost while each team is playing, I can take a mental break with stuff I do understand – people being ridiculous for the love of a car/food/beer/whatever is being advertised.

I  was lucky enough to get a sneak preview of this gem from Kia Motors, which they asked me to share with all of you! As someone who is a former 2nd grade teacher with a rambunctious 5 year old niece, I can appreciate this. 😉

[Content and/or other value provided by Kia Motors]

Seriously, watch it. You’re going to laugh about these #SpaceBabies, and that’s always necessary on a Friday.

Sorta like happy hour, you know? Or snacks+sporting events. Hand in hand.

Have a great day!!

P.s. did you get your sweat on yet today?


What’s your favorite recipe/snack to make during big sporting events? I’m more a baseball kind of girl, and that means beer and hot dogs!

A Day of Paleo Meals


So I really should have written this type of post oh, say, 3 weeks ago, and not a day before the 30 day Paleo challenge is scheduled to end, however I’m apparently not very good with a calendar. Further evidence of this? I have been telling everyone 30 days from January 2 is February 2………..Um, no – it really isn’t.

Anywho, I thought it might be helpful for ya’ll to see an example of a typical day of meals for me! Keep in mind, I haven’t been doing a traditional Whole30, just 30 days of Paleo (a Whole30 is stricter). Not all of these are from the exact same day, but they are pretty darn close to exactly what I have on most days. And in case you’re wondering, I usually drink a lot of water, some coffee {black}, and plain ol’ sugar free iced tea (<–my family is obsessed and always has some in the fridge).  Plus, I know many of you started the challenge a few days after I did, and are hoping to maintain this way of eating for the long-term.

Disclaimer: I not a Paleo expert or a registered dietitian, or even anything remotely connected to the medical field. 

Now, without further ado……..


image[Usually two eggs and a side of chicken sausage or bacon, or a few Paleo pancakes; all of the above with a side of berries. Also, I always have a banana every morning and hot tea.]


[A salad topped with chicken/lean steak/hard-boiled eggs, filled with lots of veggies and often some avocado, or a bunless burger with a side of steamed vegetables.]


[Some type of Paleo bar (like a Lara bar!), or a few slices of deli turkey or handful of trail mix. If I don’t have an afternoon snack, I become VERY unpleasant. 😉 Sometimes, when I’m out and about running errands, I’ll also stop at Coffee Bean and get a latte with almond milk!]


image[Meat + veggies, with a sweet potato on the side. Rarely do I skip the sweet potato portion of each day.]


[For example, a serving of coconut ice cream, OR some dried fruit (apricots or dates) and nuts. I try to avoid too much dried fruit, though, because of the sugar content. Sometimes I’ll just have a second banana before bed, occasionally with a smear of almond butter.]

That’s it, you guys!

I’m certainly not saying the above is perfect or a 1000% percent example of all my days (or how you should eat in your own life, of course), but it’s a good snapshot of my eats lately throughout my 30 Paleo days in 2013, thus far. 😀

What’s a typical day of Paleo meals look like to you??

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