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Race Recap – Fit Foodie Run San Diego

Hello, hello!


Guyssssssssss. I had a blast at the Fit Foodie Run on Saturday! I hope a lot of you attended, because I definitely had a great time and feel so lucky to have been a part of the fun.

As you know, I was lucky enough to be named an ambassador for the race this year, and so as a result, I knew a lot about the amazing events the weekend held and the sponsors that would be there in the finishers village.

…..But I was still blown away.

A couple of my good girlfriends/favorite SD runners joined me for the 5K this year, and we had so much fun soaking up the sights and sampling the goodies at the finish line (obviously the best part). I’ve mentioned it before, but the area the race was held (the Embarcadero along the San Diego Harbor) is one of my very favorite places to run in the universe, and definitely in San Diego, so that made being there extra special. thumb_IMG_0774_1024

(This ^^ shot was re-shared on Instagram by Health Magazine’s official account, which made me feel like a superstar for the rest of the weekend. 😉 )

For the race itself, it was a bit congested at the start because of the narrow path in the embarcadero (it opened up about half a mile in as we got to the main strand of the harbor), and I made the rookie mistake of setting off after my friend Jen, who’s a speed demon (no joke – she’s amazing and came in third in her age group at this 5K). I’m like a 8:45/9 minute/mile, so that wasn’t the smartest because I couldn’t sustain it despite best efforts. I have a goal of working on my speed, but it’s one I haven’t voiced too often because it sorta scares me…. but more on that another time.

I’ve never been to a race – 5K, 10K, half marathon, whatever – with such a robust and lively finishers’ area. Oh my goodness – the place was jam-packed! All the brands there were friendly and excited to be a part of the event, and had healthy treats and other goodies on hand to share with everyone. It was incredible. We almost couldn’t believe our eyes and didn’t even go for breakfast after the 5K – we just ate all the samples in the finishers’ village!

thumb_IMG_0751_1024 thumb_IMG_0752_1024

*Start line! I was live tweeting til we got going, which sounds way cooler than the reality. 😉thumb_IMG_0753_1024 thumb_IMG_0754_1024 thumb_IMG_0758_1024 thumb_IMG_0760_1024 thumb_IMG_0761_1024 thumb_IMG_0762_1024 thumb_IMG_0764_1024 thumb_IMG_0765_1024

*Quest Bars! I’m still on the hunt for the seasonal pumpkin pie flavor, but I hear it’s at a local 7-11 near me….thumb_IMG_0770_1024 thumb_IMG_0771_1024 thumb_IMG_0772_1024 thumb_IMG_0775_1024

*This cold brew dirty chai from Califia Farms was delish — I’d never had it before.

thumb_IMG_0776_1024 thumb_IMG_0781_1024

San Diego, I love you to pieces.

I finished with an official time of 25 minutes and something seconds, although the course was actually about .05 miles short…. so I ran past the finish line to make up for it. Type A for the win.  😉

I spent the rest of the weekend hanging out with friends and exploring Normal Heights/Kensington areas, which I didn’t spend too much time in when i was living there unfortunately. It’s adorable!


A tremendous thank you to the Fit Foodie Run, as well as Cooking Light and Health magazines for letting me participate in this great race! It was such a fun experience and a wonderful weekend overall.

Happy Thursday! xo

San Diego Half Marathon Race Recap

Hi everyone! Happy Tuesday!


I have a race recap for ya today!

The San Diego Half Marathon on Sunday was, in a nutshell, a solidly GREAT race. Extremely well organized and (mostly) scenic with beautiful views of the city; it actually made me love the city of SD more.

Now, let’s get right to it!

I dedicated Saturday to taking my carb-load game to the next level. I mean, I’d been carb-loading for the past few days prior, but I was taking no priosoners by the time Saturday arrived. Including this cookie, although that was from Friday night (a famous Hilton Doubletree chocolate chipper!).


No carb left behind.

My parents were in town for the half marathon, and we grabbed breakfast at one of my favorite (and oldest) SD restaurants: Hob Nob Hill.


This place is definitely for an older demographic, but I stinkin’ love it, mainly because they give you huge, complete meals. I had some delish cinnamon swirl French toast and a couple of poached eggs, with a side of fruit.

After breakfast, we hit the expo to pick up my race packet. The expo took place on the fairly new Broadway Pier (which also happened to be around mile 2 of the half course). This was one of the most organized expos I’ve been to yet, which I guess makes sense given this race overall was so incredibly organized.



And yes, I purposely included an exclamation point after my name on my bib when I’d registered. JAZZ HANDS.


My parents and I did a little drive-by of the start line, which was right in front of Petco Park (the baseball stadium where the Padres play).

The pre-race  dinner I had Saturday evening should come as no surprise for longtime readers. 😉


IHOP to the rescue, because I was the only one (besides my dad) okay with eating a stack of pancakes at dinnertime.

I’m embarrassed to admit that even I couldn’t finish this whole stack… I left one behind. I may have carb-loaded a little too hard earlier in the day.

The race itself went off without a hitch!


Note this was walking to the start line….I think this guy was pooped a little preemptively.

I’m usually very nervous before races (all races, even short ones) and am sort of intimidated, like I have something to prove, but for some reason, that wasn’t the case. I really wasn’t too nervous before this one, and I’m not sure why. Maybe because I was going to be sleeping in my own bed beforehand, and I knew it was a smaller race than the last couple I’ve done…. I don’t know! But I was overall just excited to do it, and to enjoy the run.

The first seven or so miles were mostly along the water, winding through the Gaslamp District, up along the San Diego Harbor (including Harbor Island), and through Liberty Station, which is a route I’m very familiar with because of my running club inSD! I had been given some good advice before the race started, which I took to heart: just soak in the experience and be happy running.

The views of the water and awesome scenery definitely corresponded with that, and helped the miles fly by.


Okay, well… until around mile 8.5. That was approximately when we entered hill territory. This course was ridiculously flat for the first half, and then we hit Noelle Street. This was a short hill, but pretty darn steep. It actually caught me by surprise, even though I’d seen a comment on the race’s Facebook Page saying this one was no joke.

And then, the MONSTER: Washington Street.


{Photo courtesy of a very nice boyfriend who made his way to Washington to wait for me and give me the motivation where he knew I’d need it.}

A mile long incline, no exaggeration.

It was no joke and ended up slowing my 9 minute (and below!) pace to a snail’s pace. I think the average was a 15 minute mile for that portion of the race? No bueno, and that’s with actually running the majority of it! I was doing the 90 year old shuffle, apparently. I did start singing “Geronimo” out loud at one point…. perfectly placed playlist, I tell ya! I’m sure I looked nuts, but it helped me keep moving.

And honestly, despite the epic hill, I still didn’t feel terrible. This was the first race that I felt pretty consistently good the entire time. I will say I had a moment after Washington Street where my legs were just tired, and I had to give myself a bit of pep talk (and eat a couple more Margarita shot blocks) to avoid hitting the wall.

…but then we moved onto 5th Avenue in Hillcrest, and I felt myself again. Conveniently, T.Swift’s “Out of the Woods” started playing on my iPod at this exact moment too,a nd I seriously did feel like I was finally out of the woods and headed toward the finish. I knew the downhill finish was within reach.

The finish was a nice 2 mile downhill roll. Seriously, the best.

At mile 11-ish, we were along the perimeter of Balboa Park on 6th Avenue, and I saw a group from Girls on the Run San Diego, and freaked out that I knew someone cheering (and wasn’t hallucinating).

By the time we got to mile 12.75, I was shouting to everyone around who would listen to keep going, because we were soooooo close.


I thought I was FLYING in the last mile (and thought my Garmin said I had a pace in the 8s), but according to the race tracker my pace was 9:30s. Weird.

I also had this bizarro thought I’ve never had before during a half where I was having such a good time that I was almost bummed the finish line was so close. <–Who am I? And I’m the same person that was dying for this half marathon day to be over already just days before.

Anyways, I had the biggest freakin’ grin on my face when I got into the last tenth of the race. I’m sure anyone who saw my face on the jumbotron (yes, they had a jumbotron at the finish line!) was blinded by my teeth.

I had accidentally started my watch a few seconds early at the start, so it was a bit early all along; by the time I hit the finish line it said I’d done a little over 13.25 miles, but even still I knew I’d hit a PR.

Yes sir, a shiny new personal record of 2:04! And a pretty new medal, to boot.


I know I’d have been at 2:00 or below had my pace not gotten so muddied during the two hills. Whomp whomp – guess that’s why people do hill training, eh? But now I know I have it in me! I felt great at the 9 min mile pace and below, which is at least 45 seconds faster than I’ve run long runs in the past, pace-wise, to which I credit actually doing speed intervals during this training.

Random photo for you – I saw this guy at the finish area.


…there was a lot of very patriotic runners at this race, and I heard people shouting “USA” in the last half mile… sorta random, but I was totally okay with it.

After the run, my dad surprised me with flowers because he’s wonderful like that, and we eventually headed to brunch at the Brooklyn Girl in Mission Hills.



I had the T.A.B.L.T., aka a turkey, avocado, bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich on buttery brioche bread. It hit the spot.

And that’s it! I continued to eat for basically the rest of the day….um, and yesterday. I also spent a lot of time Googling future half marathons…… I guess no matter how many times I swear off racing, I have the bug.

I was on cloud nine after the race, and I’m actually a little melancholy now because it’s over. It was just such a special experience, and I genuinely loved and appreciated the whole 13 miles, corny as that may sound. I truly embraced the whole “running because I can” thing, and gosh… I’m just grateful to have had such an incredible experience, and for all the loved ones who supported me and helped me fundraise for this race {I ended up raising $1,375!!}.

I took yesterday off, but today is back to reality (with still super sore IT bands).

Thank YOU for your support, and for reading! xo

Long Beach Half Marathon Race Recap

Another 13.1 under my belt, and I’m a proud gal.


(Click to read race recaps from my first and second half marathons.)

Because this one, my friends? It was the roughest I’ve done thus far, mentally and physically.

I just couldn’t, for some reason, get myself mentally in the groove. I’m not sure why, but right from the get-go, I had trouble getting completely excited or enjoying the moment… even after I was hurtling past starting line. I just wanted to be done, before I’d even begun. I think this was mainly because I was nervous my fibula pain was going to flare up, even with the Advil I popped right before race time.

As a result of that nervous energy mixed with adrenaline, I started out a bit too fast (rookie mistake), so the first mile or two I was trying to reign myself in so I wouldn’t tire out my legs too much too early. And then we hit a hefty hill, right on the Queensway Bridge in mile two. I go-go-Gadget’ed my little legs and kept on running. I was debating stopping and walking for a breath like a number of folks around me, but two of my friends who were also running the half caught up with me at that moment, and having them flanking my sides kept me moving at a solid pace.

From there on out, I plunged ahead and focused solely on my playlist (which I loved!), and keeping up with my two friends. I was also keeping an eye out for my boyfriend and two of our friends, who I knew were going to be watching at various mile markers along the course. I was feeling pretty good physically and forced myself to take my boyfriend’s advice and smile at each mile (and whenever I saw a camera coming near me, naturally).  My pace was flying (for me, that is 🙂 )- consistently floating somewhere between 8:15 and 9 minute miles.


And then, I was at mile 8.5. A woman not in the race was power-walking straight through the crowd of runners, going in the opposite direction we were running. She bumped right into my left side, hard enough that my Garmin GPS watch stopped working/died. From there, the wheels fell off.

Suddenly, I had no idea what my pace was because I’ve aways relied on my watch or a treadmill to notify me of how fast I was going and to keep me on track. I stopped in my tracks and mildly panicked for a few moments, and then realized I needed to get my booty moving. I had gotten separated from my friends in the confusion,  though, and could barely see one of their ponytails ahead of me until eventually I was completely on my own.

I tried to dig deep and gave myself a pep talk to keep going, reminding myself that duh, the GPS watch was not the thing keeping my legs moving this whole time. It was ME, just like in all my training runs, so surely I could keep going and  listen to my body for pace cues.

I was SO grateful at this point that the friday afternoon prior I had read an article by Runner’s World Jenny Hadfield about running according to  “color” – either red (maximum effort), orange (middle/race pace effort), and yellow (warm-up). I tried to tap into that, and kept on moving forward. I don’t think I even saw much of the scenery around me, just sheer determination looking straight ahead.

By mile 11, however, I was starving despite doing my normal fueling regimen (and pre-fueling – all just like in previous races + training), and started to get really bad cramping and stiffness in my right quad. Oh maaaaaaan. It was NOT pretty, and I had to stop and walk a few times. The course was also not at all as flat or straight as the website had led me to believe, which was not helping my mood. Since my watch was not working, I had no idea how long I was actually walking, and mentally I had just checked out. I no longer cared about my pace, which I had previously been trying to get closer to 2 hours vs. my most recent half marathon PR of 2:06 (2:07 official). I just wanted the race over, and I was convinced I was going to end up crossing the finish at least 20 minutes slower than my previous two finishes, despite having trained the last few weeks for a speedier finish.

…Which is when I sort of remembered that in order for the race to be over sooner, I had to keep running and not give up. So, that’s what I did.

Finally we made it to mile 12 marker, and I remember thinking it was the longest freakin’ mile of my life.  I may have started cussing out loud, asking anyone within ear shot where the heck the end of this race was.  I also sort of flipped off my poor boyfriend, who saw me right before the mile 13 marker. Whoops.

AND THEN, at mile 13, with literally 1/10 of a mile to go, I got the worst side stitch of my life. I’m not even exaggerating. It stopped me in my tracks, and I had to walk for a second toward the finish line. I finally willed my leggies to move, with one of my hands holding my side in an effort to contain the pain.

Pretty sure I crossed the finish line with a scowl on my face. Not the best.

I ambled over to grab the water and my medal, and spotted my dad, at which point I think I told him I never wanted to do that again, ever. Shortly after I found out my time – 2:08 – and felt a lot better…. somehow I had come in a minute sooner than my first half marathon (2:09 at the Santa Rosa Half Marathon)WHAT THE WHAT?

Call it a racing miracle.

My friends ended up coming in around 2:03, which I honestly believe I could have come in at as well had it not been for those silly mishaps, given my training effort for this half.

And the cramping? OMG. I know a number of other people who were struggling from them as well during the race (and a girl who fainted!), which makes me think it was actually a lot hotter/humid during the race than any of us actually realized with the cool ocean breezes.

The river of sweat and caked on salt covering my body might have been a clue too. 😉

I celebrated afterwards with some pancakes, obviously (from here).


And holy moly, did my whole body hurt afterwards, especially my quads. But not my fibula. That little bugger was/is fine now.


My quads are just now feeling semi back to normal and not like I’m 95 years old. I’m sure going to Disney Land the day after my half wasn’t the best recovery idea… but it was definitely worth it.

Now! I am enjoing a little running break….. at least for the next week, mainly because I have no interest in putting my running shoes back on.

It’s all yoga and barre right now, and hopefully some Body Pump.

We’ll talk soon about my plans for my next half, because I think I need to rethink my training for the future. And in the end, I’m just tremendously proud of myself for doing this race, period, and not full on out quitting in those last few miles because I was uncomfortable. In the grand scheme of things, race times don’t matter; there are more important things in life.



Tell me: ever have a not fun/no good/terrible race experience?! What happened? 

That Time I Ran the Surf City Half Marathon {race recap}

Well, geez, you guys! Way to make a girl feel special. All the sweet comments/messages/texts welcoming me back to blogging were so unexpected, but 1000% appreciated. Ya’ll are the best.

Now, let’s talk running, mmmmk?

As I mentioned yesterday, I completed my second half marathon two weeks ago, on Super Bowl Sunday (February 2, 2014) – the Surf City Half!1119871_10100375001835219_634061430_oOh my gooooodness, that race.

As you may recall from before I fell off the planet, my training was a little……. touch and go, courtesy of cold early mornings and overall exhaustion thanks to work.  But a la Tim Gunn, I made it work (thank you, treadmill at my apartment building and extra warm Nike running tops). I believe I described one training run as “literally puketastic” at one point. Neat. By the time I started running  the 8, 10, and 12 miler long runs, though, I was feeling back in the groove and remembered why I had signed up to do a second half in the first place. And all the carb loading and re-loading definitely helped too, if I’m being honest.

Anyways, fast forward to the actual race weekend! The expo was on Saturday, and I made a point to consume as much water and carbs as humanly possible. For dinner, I had a stack of pancakes and some eggs; in case you’re new to the blog, pancakes are my go-to pre-long run fuel.  I’m superstitious and therefore stuck with the tried and true, despite invites to eat bucketloads of pasta that evening.

A few friends were also running the half, and morning of the race we all met up at one friend’s apartment which is right by the Surf City starting line in Huntington 2 I was a teensy bit nervous, and focused on the fact that I wanted to a. finish, and b. not be slower than my Santa Rosa finishing time (2:09).

I started out feeling fantastic, like I was flying along for the first 3.5 miles. And then suddenly there were 2 miles of (54)UM, WHAT? Why didn’t I look into that when I was training? My legs were annoyed, but I kept my pace pretty well.

Around mile 8, though, I started to hit a wall. I think the inclines had tuckered my legs out, I was REALLY hot (the race started out in the low 40s so I had a long sleeve shirt on, which I came VERY close to removing and throwing at a bystander midway through), and bored by the scenery, which was mostly just road, i.e., Pacific Coast Highway. {Note to anyone who wants to run this race in the future: the marathon is literally along the ocean; the half is more inland, although still with a slight view.} By mile 9, I had chilled out and convinced myself to relax and remember that I usually love running the second half of longer runs……………. and then suddenly, we were running through a wind tunnel. Lord.

I ended up getting the mother of side cramps, which forced me to come crashing to a standstill and walk for a couple of minutes, praying the cramp would go away. It didn’t, so I started running again to avoid really screwing up my time. It was around the same time that I saw the 2 hour pacer for the first time, and that got my booty moving (and eventually the cramp faded by mile 10, thank goodness). At that point, I was so ready for the race to be over, and started bargaining with my legs: “If you just get to the finish line, you never have to run again… or at least not for another two weeks… Just keep moving.” There was a lot of motivational mantra chanting and singing aloud to my playlist occurring.

In case this wasn’t apparent, I am such a head case.

I had to remind myself around mile 11 that I was supposed to be having fun (the fun had zapped away around mile 8), and forced myself to stop looking at my Garmin and just enjoy the sights and the fact that I was nearly done. My pace during the second half of my race was about 35 seconds slower per mile than the first half, but I knew if I just came running along, I would get a PR (personal record) — even if it was just by a minute. Good enough!

When I got .25 from the finish line, I heard my dad cheering for me and somehow saw him along the sidelines waving.  I then BOOKED IT and ran as fast as my little legs could go toward that finish (53) AND DONE.

My Garmin said 2:06, but the official race time says 2:07 and a few seconds. Either way, I was practically catatonic after I got handed my medal, and chugged two bottles of water while trying to find my parents and boyfriend (<–see what I just did there 😉 )…………. and plopped onto the ground to sit and wait for the magic breakfast fairy to drop me some pancakes or a grilled 3 (1) I felt a tremendous feeling of accomplishment afterwards and am SO glad I did this race.

All in all, running in Huntington Beach (and Orange County in general!) is gorgeous, and I’m not sure it would have been as great without all of the fantastic cheering – the HB locals really came out to support the runners! Favorite sign: “Running like Ryan Gosling is waiting at the finish line with a puppy.”

If only. 😉


Are you training for any races right now?

Race Recap: Santa Rosa Half Marathon {my first half!}

Race recap time!

IMG_8401Get yourself some coffee… you’re in for a LONG post.

Race weekend started bright and early on Saturday with a {delayed} flight to San Francisco. By the time I arrived and Annie (my bff from college who lives in Nor Cal) picked me up, I was STARVING. IMG_8203

We grabbed breakfast at Milbrae Pancake House by the airport (we’d been there once before). In case you’re wondering, that was one of the few meals that weekend where I did not have pancakes.

After eating, we drove up to Santa Rosa to hit the race expo. This meant a drive across the spectacular Golden Gate.IMG_8212

Please note the three hair ties I’m wearing on my wrist. Part of my “Just in case!” race prep.

Does this bridge remind anyone else of the opening scenes of “Full House?” IMG_8215


We hit lots of lovely traffic, but eventually made it to Santa Rosa (it’s about 1.5 hours north of San Francisco). I hadn’t be there since my first visit, back in the summer of 2011 when I was there for a {gorgeeeeous} wedding.

Seriously people, Santa Rosa – and northern California – is beautiful. If only I could get a job as a professional wine and food pairer, I’d move up there in an instant. 😉

Once we got to the expo, I basically almost stroked out from excitement. IMG_8228

Did I mention my wonderfully sweet parents came up from Vegas for my race? Since it was my first half and they know better than anyone how much it meant to me, they wanted to experience race weekend firsthand. They joined Annie and I at the expo, and I think we all had a blast taking in the sights.

The expo was held at DeLoach Vineyards, which is just lovely.

The marathon race course actually ran through the winery – as in right through the barrels room you see in the below pic.


(Hi, Annie!)

Cool, right?

And the swag! Two – yes, TWO – bottles of DeLoach red wine. Plus a special track jacket!IMG_8240


I’m currently obsessed with the t-shirt that was in my bag, as well as the Bear Naked granola. (In fact, I’m wearing the t-shirt as I type this… you basically have to peel it off my body nowadays.) The swag bag was one of a million other examples of the race director knowing what was up. IMG_8261

I had zero wine that day despite hanging out at a vineyard all day, but we can pretend.

After taking a million photos and learning how to fasten the timing chip to my running shoe (thanks again, Kirby!), we eventually made it to this hole in the wall restaurant I’d Yelp-ed, using the criteria “serves breakfast all day.

In case you forgot, I’d been carb-loading before each of my long runs during training with a pancake dinner, so obviously that’s what needed to happen the night before the actual half marathon.

Say hello to Lita’s Cafe, home of pancakes the size of my head.IMG_8274


They weren’t the best things I’d ever eaten, but I happily ate three and a scrambled egg. Pretty identical to what I ate the night before my first race (the MCM 10K) back in October, actually.

After dinner, I got all of my gear ready and laid out my clothes, with my bib pinned on. And some birthday flair, obviously. IMG_8361

I was in bed by 9:30pm Saturday night, ready to get the show on the road. I wasn’t nearly as nervous as I had been expecting to be! My tummy wasn’t happy for much of the day which made me a wee bit concerned about racing, but all ended up being okay by the time my wake-up call came at o’dark thirty. I ate a Luna Protein bar in the car on the way to the race starting area.

So, this race started at 6:30am (marathon was at 6am), and we got to the start before 5:30am Do you know how freakin’ dark it is around 5am in northern California? Holy cow. Also, why don’t porta-potties have lights? Someone needs to get on that.

The half was very well organized, though it ended up starting about 25 minutes late due to a car accident along the course (!). There were no waves since it was a smaller race, but I cozied up alongside the 2-hour pacer.


I didn’t actually think I could or should take on a two hour half time, but thought it might be good motivation to start with those runners. 😉

And then we were off!IMG_8289

It. Was. A. Blast.

You guys, seriously! I had SUCH a great time, and ran just about the entire race.

I’ll have you know I “WOO!”-ed out loud every time we passed a new mile marker. I was that girl. A few people also shouted “Happy birthday” to me a few times during the course, courtesy of my obnoxious shirt. Plus, I have the best friends on the planet who text messaged me encouragement along the way (more on that in another post).

IMG_8295The race mostly followed along greenway paths through Santa Rosa, with an unrelentingly pretty view of vineyards and farmland. Toward the last few miles, I took a couple one-minute (or under) walking breaks, mostly due to the fact that miles 7-9 were on gravel and tuckered out my legs. <—My only complaint about the race.

I took my fuel in around mile 7 or 8 (Clif shot bloks), and drank water from a couple race stops starting after mile 6 I think, Oh, and did I mention I had to pee for the entire race? (TMI, I know.) I refused to stop at any of the porta-potties along the course, though, because i didn’t want to slow down my final time at all. I know they say your first half shouldn’t be about what your time is, but… color me stubborn.

Honestly, the last 5K was a blur! I saw Annie and my dad around mile 12, which made me beyond happy. My legs were whispering “Let’s just walk for a second…” during the last mile, but soon as I slowed down I would notice the 2:10 pacer out of the corner of my eye and  didn’t want him to get in front of me. At one point, I’d slowed and we had about .60 miles to go (this point was a slight incline, on cement), and he came up and whispered in my ear, “KEEP JOGGING – YOU’RE ALMOST THERE.” That was all I needed to hear.

Soon as I crossed {i.e. danced across} the finish line, I knew I’d made it under my super secret goal time, and truly was just so exhilarated and overwhelmed to have finally achieved this big THING. IMG_8332To have made it.

OFFICIAL TIME: 2 hours, 9 minutes.

I continued running straight to my dad on the sidelines at the Finish and gave him a big hug…… and then proceeded to burst into unexpected, sloppy tears of joy and exhaustion. IMG_8384


Someone frame that glamour shot, please.

Then I asked where the heck my wine was.

From then on it was a cavalcade of pure joy – watermelon, a pancake breakfast, and a sweatastic visit to the beer garden. IMG_8309

Seriously – HEAVEN.

These pancakes were one of the main reasons I selected this race, besides the fact that it was sponsored by the Blood Centers of the Pacific (a cause near to my heart)…  #willrunforpancakes

Also, Charlie Brown said hi. No big deal.

IMG_8308Life made.

I also barely sat down after the race, btw, because my quads were on FIRE. I’m going to again blame the gravel for that one. IMG_8338

Okay…. this recap is absurdly long, so I’ll stop here for now.

But FYI – this was seriously, seriously, seriously, one of the best days of my life.


…have a happy Friday and an even better long weekend!

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