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FRIYAY.IMG_0552Lately, my concentration has been the pits. No focus. I’m honestly unsure where the hours are going. It’s like I just fly through each week. Before I know it, Mondays become Fridays become Mondays again.

I’m happy. Don’t get me wrong… like super happy.

Races and Girls on the Run (I’m on the board of directors for the local chapter here – have I mentioned that?) and crossfit and running and friends. All the happy.

But somehow it feels like I got onto a conveyor belt. Or one of those moving sidewalks… you know, like at the airport?

I’m talking career wise, here. I’m Type A bananas and that means I like plans and I’m always hungry for what’s around the corner. I love my current job and company, don’t get me wrong, but I like to have a long-term target, and goals for the grander picture.

I went for a walk last night before dinner and starting to think a little bit about all this. The tangle of to-do’s and could do’s and current vs. horizon.

My dad always told me while growing up that you need to have a fire in your belly. You have to have goals – BIG goals – that keep you pushing forward and reminding yourself who you are and where you want to go.

And recently I’ve been floating through…. preoccupied with the present. That’s probably a good thing, right? A GREAT thing. ‘Bout darn time. Yet still, I want a plan. I want to get my booty back to writing more frequently, and make good on that Huffington Post blogger gig (read my HuffPo piece here). And other stuff that I need to unravel in my heart. Fire in the belly, leeeeeet’s go.

But how do you hone in again? How do you recenter and look forward without losing track of the present too?

No, really – any tips?

Does anyone else feel ^^ this way too?

I’ll let you all know what I figure out….. and tthat concludes this pre-weekend ramble. 😉 I’m ready for some weekend goodness (including a doughnut).

Happy Friday! xo

Growing Up


This is going to be a babble post, okay? I’m having one of those days where there’s too many thoughts, and I need to get them out. SO… you’re welcome in advance.

In two days, I will be 29. Last year of my twenties… how’d that happen? 

This song is my current obsession (hence the title of this post).

Last week was a WEEK, if you know what I mean. Technology failed me (thanks, iPhone, for completely spazzing out), work was challenging + busier than even usual, and I was just exhausted. Waking up at 5:30am on the daily and then not getting home from work til 7pm-ish is going to take some getting used to….

Over the weekend, I went down to San Diego to celebrate another friend who’s getting married in September. Two of my favorite people are getting married in San Diego, in September, a week apart from one another! Being there Saturday reminded how much I love SD. We had brunch on the rooftop of the Andaz Hotel downtown, which was just lovely.


I spy Petco Park.

A friend mailed me one of the most thoughtful (and random) birthday gifts I’ve possibly ever received – homemade pasta and sauce. I’m not kidding. Opening the box was bananas in the best way.

I finally tried Grit Cycle in Costa Mesa yesterday morning, and it was fantastic. Like a slightly toned down version of Soul Cycle. I was drinking the kool-aide within a few minutes of bopping around in the dark… too bad it’s $$$$.

In 45 minutes, I learned how uncoordinated I am when it comes to dancing on a bike (shocker), and remembered how fun spin is.

I found out that I have to work at an event the night before I’m supposed to run the Healdsburg Half in October… and the event is here, and the race is up in northern California. TBD how that is going to play out…. i may be in the market for a new fall half marathon, and forced to kiss that already paid Healdsburg registration fee goodbye.

And on a sorta related note, it appears growing up really just means letting the universe do its own thing, because if you let is, you may actually float somewhere better than you could have possibly imagined.. you just sorta have to hang on for the ride sometimes.

Aaaaaand that’s it! Do I get my birthday cookie now?

Happy Monday, lovelies! xo

Coffee Talk

Hump daaaaaaaaaaaay. Let’s chat (and caffeinate).


If we were having coffee today, we’d probably be at Starbucks, because that’s basically my office now that I work from home 100% here in Orange County (I’m in Newport Beach). As in, they know my order and ask me if I’m getting my “usual.” (<– Should I be proud or embarrassed?)

And I’d start out by likely ranting that I failed (literally) one of my two quizzes last night in Anatomy… stupid muscles, why must you all look alike? Instead of drinking my 19th soy misto for the week, I should be studying facial muscles and skull bones, because I have a big test tomorrow and another on Tuesday. BUT, guess what? I love, love, looooooooooove taking this class and being back in school (even if it’s just one class after work right now). I know, I keep telling you that, but it’s true! As cliche as this may sound, being in this class the past couple of months has helped remind me that I AM smart, and capable of learning and understanding new things (sometimes we forget that, you know?). As someone who loves running and just being active, I also find it super interesting. Aka I’m sort of excited I now know what each ends of the clavicle are called, and the names of the different features of the femur.

This is a whole new sorta nerd coming atcha now. 😉

If we were at coffee, I’d also tell you that I’m trying my hardest to transport to a state of zen at work. Like an out of the body/”rise above it” outlook so that I stop getting lost in the nitty gritty annoyances and frustrations of my day job, and the negative effect it’s had on my concept of my skill level and value as a professional lady. Raise your hand if you can relate.

I’d tell you I’m struggling to find a time balance lately, with classwork and real (aka paid) work and blogging and working out and sleeping. I need to devote some time to just getting a new and improved schedule set so that I don’t feel like a sleep deprived zombie who’s always rushing around. I don’t mind having to fit in studying, but I need to establish some balance again, and prioritize.

OH! I would also tell you I’m starting a Paleo Whole 30 on April 6th (aka the first Monday of April/day after Easter), along with my friend Kirby. Anyone else want to join us? This is not my first go round at a Whole 30, and I’ll be sharing a post soon about prepping for it and the reason why I’m doing it…. but essentially I need a kick in the booty to get back onto the clean eating train. I’ve been consistently working out since the SD Half, but my eating has been a bit……. all over the place. March has been the month of eating all the bread. Oops?

I’d probably end our coffee date by sharing that I’m going down to San Diego this weekend to see friends, and I’m on the hunt for a good podcast to listen to on my drive now that Serial is over. Suggestions?

Ummmmm, and now I’d probably tell you I have to go back to work, and earn that paycheck!



If we were at coffee, what would you want to share??


Coffee Talk

Oh, hi.

Let’s pretend we’re having coffee today, mmmk? I’m having one of those all too familiar ramble moments, so bear with me.

If we were really having coffee, I’d tell you that I’ve been in a f-u-n-k this week. I’ve been letting stuff at work weigh me down, and I just really need to do like Jay-Z says and brush that dirt off my shoulder. Did I really just that?

…long week. Told ya.

I recently read a quote that hit home: “Stress is caused by being here, but wanting to be there.” <– truth.

And I’d mention that I’m super duper excited about a recent decision to dive into a freelance business, on the side of my 9am-5pm office job and blog. I just shared some deets on a brand new page here on the blog – check it out here! I’d love you forever if you share it with anyone you know who might be interested in my services.

Okay, fine. I already love you, but that would really seal the deal.

I’ve been struggling lately with time management + balance, fitting in work and class and driving all around southern California (have I mentioned  that this boy I love lives an hour away from me?) amongst others things, and trying to squeeze in sleep and writing.  I need to get my act together because for a freelance biz to be successful, you have to, well…



{And that made me think of Jay-Z again. What is going on today?}

If we were having coffee, I’d mention that I’m trying desperately to find these shoes in my size, and am failing. Apparently everyone with my size feet have already bought a million pairs. Rude.

I’d also tell you I have not run since my half a couple weeks ago. Not one stinkin’ mile. Heck, I barely want to look at my running shoes.

So, I’m on a little self-imposed vacay from running, in order to help myself not hate it forever. And instead, I’m filling my sweat-time with hot yoga and hiking, and returned to my beloved Body Pump classes at the gym.


If that’s what a running vacay looks like, I don’t mind at all.

I believe very strongly people go through seasons in their lives with just about everything, including fitness and hobbies. In this current season, I don’t feel like running long distances. And I’ve sort of realized that to me, racing feels like a second job when I’m training, and zaps out the love I have for running…. even though I deeply value the sense of accomplishment at the end of the weekend long runs. Does that happen to anyone else?

I STILL haven’t chosen a Halloween costume, and after attending a Mad Men-themed party this last weekend, my love for theme parties and dressing up has been reawakened.  (I may or may not have joined a sorority in college mainly because of the promise of themed parties.)


THIS SONG is my latest obsession. Have you heard it?

I’d also likely mention that I plan on tricking my boyfriend into watching the best Halloween movie ever this weekend, with some popcorn and pumpkin beer. Amok, amok, amok….



If we were having coffee today, what would YOU share? 



Hump Day Confessions

Hi! It’s huuuuump day.IMG_3921

If we were having coffee today, I’d tell you that my boyfriend actually loathes when people call Wednesday “hump day,” but I love it (as you all know) because it reminds me of that darn camel in the Geico commercial…..and so I keep saying it much to his chagrin. Sorry I’m not sorry.

Speaking of commercials, I love my iPhone and am a diehard Apple fan, but I get a kick out of the latest commercials positioning Siri versus Window’s new smart phone assistant, Cortana.  Clever.

The InDesign class I’m taking requires a lot more concentration and dedicated scheduling than I’d originally anticipated, and I sort of wish I’d enrolled as pass/fail rather than a letter grade.  🙁 But I’m enjoying the challenge so far!

I forgot to mention in my training update on Monday was that I have grown to dread my shorter, mid-week runs, and I’m not entirely sure why. (The long runs are so much more enjoyable!) And that I feel like my half marathon racing days are numbered, due to the fact that my feet sort of hate running (including the one I had surgery on a couple years ago).

It rained in San Diego yesterday afternoon, and you’d have thought Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were doing cartwheels naked up and down the street for the way my neighbors were all hollering and cheering and staring on their patios and out their windows. No one appreciates a good rain storm like people in a drought, right? (<–whoa, apply it to life and that’s kind of deep.)

An awesome reader recently shared an Instagram feed that features pancake ART. What!? Check it out.

Can I tell you I am so freakin’ relieved that wedding-polooza is finally over? I’ve had weddings every month since June. JUNE.

There are just 2 (eh, and a half…) weeks til I’m reunited with some of my favs for Austin City Limits in Austin, Texas! Our wristbands arrived on my doorstep Monday. That also means just 3.5 weeks til my half!

There’s no air conditioning at my office (historical building, military base, yadda yadda). #firstworldproblems …but really, can I PLEASE get a taste of fall? I need gatorade just to sit at my desk and type. Rant over.

Care of a random raffle win at work that I almost feel like was rigged (and do not mind), I’m going to the Padres game tonight! Makes perfect sense since it still feels like summer ’round here. One hot dog, please. 😉


Got anything you’d like to confess today?


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