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Friday Things



I have some random biz to share with you guys because… you know. It’s pretty much the weekend. What else are we all doing?

  1. I used a flatiron (hair straightener) to iron my romper this morning. Think about that entire sentence……I’m an adult?
  2. I bought new running shoes this week and broke away from my beloved hot pink Nikes; I’ve been wearing the LunarGlide6 style for a year and have LOVED them, but they’re actually a teensy bit too narrow for my feet (blisters are fun). It’s fine – these new guys are bright mint.
  3. Pumpkin is officially back in my life…….. pumpkin waffles, pumpkin oatmeal. Just a PSA for you.
  4. OC friends, have you tried Grit Cycle yet? I’ve totally drunk the kool-aide. Pssst – went yesterday and heard this song and this song and am now obsessssssssssssssed.
  5. Scandal’s back.  YAS.
  6. Tomorrow I’m going to the Newport Beach Food and Wine Fest! Any OC folks wanna join?! The ticket price is a little scary, but it’s all inclusive (to my knowledge) and I have a sweet discount for $50 off for ya — MEDIA50

Happy Fri-YAY! Have a lovely one, friends. xo

Scenes From the Weekend

Hello, hello! How was your weekend? I had a little too much fun enjoying the amazing weather, so I figured a post of 90% photos was probably wise. Also, how possible do you think it is to get the powers that be to add another day onto our weekends? Is that like a “write your local Congressman” type of possible?





Friday lunch at A Market in Newport Beach; I had the summer veggie salad with goat cheese, beets, and avocado. They messed up my order at first, but it was really good, and SO adorable inside. And YES- that’s wine soaked goat cheese. OMG.

IMG_6338New Netflix obsession – “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.” There’s been a lot of LOL moments so far, and reminds me a little bit of “30 Rock” (which shares Tina Fey star power). 


Body Pump love, aka the first weekend without a run in months.


Homemade peanut butter blondies – recipe coming this week!


Someone made me breakfast, because he makes the BEST fried eggs + sweet potatoes in all the land. 


 Gold plastic cups are the only way to drink wine in the summer spring. Ps. I am no longer 21 years old and need to remember that. #fail 🙁

IMG_6331Sunday brunch with a good friend (HI, SAM!) at Side Street Cafe in Costa Mesa. The pancakes were huge, but rubbery. Whomp whomp.


 Picked up this cute shamrock plant at Trader Joe’s for some luck of the Irish. They’re supposed to be lucky. 😉

IMG_6330Weekend tradition/the only thing I ever order at Thai restaurants: pad see ew with chicken, extra veggies. 


What stands out from your weekend?

Fri-YAY Favs


Could this weekend have taken a little bit longer to arrive?! Lord. Lots to be glad for today though!

e2f51a76601e7c1fe48d1484d45fa978{I totally just mentally pictured the high five emoji……….. I think that might be a sign of an unhealthy texting habit. Alas…}

SO, here’s what I’m all FriYAY-ing my little heart out about today…

1. This guy’s birthday is TOMORROW.nye{That photo is from New Year’s this year (clearly)……. and I promise he doesn’t always make that face.}

Party pants on and ready to help him ring in a whole new decade. 😉

2. This cinnamon swirl peanut butter, plus the other jars of yumminess that Peanut Butter and Co. generously dropped on my doorstep this week. 


More on that soon…….. ps. I want to live inside this jar and eat my way out. Yeah, I said it.

3. This.full house

(via Instagram)

But really, carb-loading starts now. 😉

4. Quizlet.

Not to be a complete nerd, but I’m prepping/taking what feels like a million tests and quizzes all at once right now (for just one class, mind you), and the app Quizlet is making my life a lot easier as I find myself trying to memorize types of cells on the go. Though I love  me some old fashioned paper notes, I really don’t have time to be drawing in-depth pictures of, say, connective tissue.

5. Kindness is the best.parking lot

I am always so struck when I come across people that are just incredibly kindhearted and selfless for people they hardly know or are complete strangers (as happened to me a couple times this week). It makes me so happy, and is a good self reminder to try and behave that way myself.

Time to hop on the celebration train. Happy weekend!




What are you looking forward to this weekend? What’s making today AWESOME?

Coffee Talk

HI. Let’s chat, shall we?


If we were having coffee today, I’d likely be explaining (and apologizing) for my bananas schedule. It’s true. I’ve been all over the freakin’ place lately – with a whole lotta driving up and down the I-5 throughout southern California, which I’m pretty sure is frying my brain. And I feel like all I do is apologize as a result…… For not being around. For forgetting things, because I have a million other things swirling through my head. For having to say no.

Ya know. Anyone else been there?

My schedule at work has been more demanding/hectic than normal, and at the same time I’ve been trying my best to spend as much time up in Orange County as possible, since my boyfriend’s schedule has been a lot crazier than even it normally is (he’s a busy bee) which means limited spare time on his end. So I’ve been trying to prioritize (job/love/fam/friends/volunteering/running/rest of life).  In a nutshell, I’m all over the place, in a never-ending revolving door…er, car.

That whole balance thing has become a little tricky.

I’d also mention that I really, reaaaaaaaally want a puppy. But the whole “always in my car” thing is sort of a buzzkill on that fantasy. Waaaah.

And since we’re having coffee together, I’d also share there’s a spankin’ new piece of this balance puzzle that I just started: a college class! Anatomy, to be exact. 🙂 Hence the flashcards in the photo hint in Tuesday’s post!

Yes ma’am, I finally pulled on my big girl pants and made a couple decisions about my future, including to enroll in the first class on a list of pre-reqs for making a for reals career change. The road will be leading to a potential transition into nursing or physical therapy (more likely the first one), BUT first I have to see if I can survive (and enjoy!) this Anatomy course. I’ve never been a big science fan……. hence the whole laundry list of liberal arts studying I did back in college (I have a Masters in Journalism).  I am passionate about health and health promotions, though, and do a lot of health communications-reated work in my current profession with the military community, so it’s not entirely foreign.

I’d also probably keep repeating that it’s one step at a time! Because who the heck knows what this crazy life has in store…..I may stop after this initial class and decided to stick to my current career path, or continue on to do more pre-reqs – I’m leaving the windows of possibility open. I’m just glad to be inching forward in a positive direction and taking the reigns. So we’ll see! I have no interest in giving up my passion or aspirations for writing; it’s just that I need a day job that leaves me more fulfilled.

Oh! And I’d tell you that all that exercising you’re doing? It’s apparently changing your DNA, and improving your quality of life. Pretty sweet, huh?

Mmmk, coffee cup’s empty!



What would you share over some coffee today? Leave a comment!

Monday Things

It’s Monday! First full week back after vacation, and I need some {more} coffee. In the meantime, some Monday things……

1. I spent most of yesterday in Ikea, hungry and wandering in their maze of aisles. I’m positive that’s what hell looks like.

2. New running shoes!photo 4 (9) Nike Lunarglides. I was planning to just get a fresh pair of the sneaks I’ve been using since last year, Asics GT-2000, but…….I’m a sucker for bright colors.

3. Which reminds me, I still owe you guys my half marathon training plan for the SD Half in March. Fail.

4. For Christmas, my parents gave me a Jawbone fitness tracker, and I have to tell you I’m most excited about the sleep tracking component of 3 (13)

So far I’ve learned I only sleep soundly for half the night usually, and without running it’s ridiculously tricky to meet the 10,000 steps goal (apparently a computer-based job doesn’t lead to being too active during weekdays – shocker).

5. I recently purchased a sweet Groupon for a local Bikram studio, and checked it out for the first time 2 (14)

I used to go to Bikram RELIGIOUSLY when I lived on the east coast, but haven’t gone at all in the last 2 years. It felt amaaaazing.

6. Over the weekend, we watched Gone Girl. Holy moly — I never read the book, but the movie was incredible! 

7.  Recently I discovered Sugar Paper Los Angeles via Instagram, and became obsessed. I then went on a hunt to find one of their 2015 daily planners at Target.

photo 1 (14)

I bought the gold one, and yes, I still use a paper planner. I also read paper books. AND WHAT.

8. This. 

photo (93)




What are your Monday things?



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