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Listening to Your Body

Good morning! I hope your Tuesday’s off to a good start!

Flashback to yesterday morning’s breakfast with my cousin at Hash House a Go Go San Diego.

hash house bfast

Talk about mega portions! This was sooooo good, and I wish my frozen waffles this morning were round two of this breakfast instead. ūüėČ

Last night, I helped plan and manage an event for work at Tom Ham’s Lighthouse on Harbor Island.

paul ham viewI’d never been to this venue (it’s a restaurant and party space)¬†before, and gosh did it have some magnificent views of the San Diego harbor and downtown skyline! I wish I’d snapped a shot after the sun went down – you could see the lights from downtown perfectly!

After the event, I actually drove my booty back up to Orange County (where I was over the weekend). Driving on the I-5 in pitch black darkness is not necessarily my idea of a good time, but it was great in terms of traffic, because I totally bypassed rush hour! I have some appointments going on this week up here (including today), so driving straight from my event last night seemed like the best plan given my work schedule.

Today I had 3-4 miles on my training plan, but you know what? I’m pooooooooooped. My body is begging for some rest, so I decided to actually listen to it. I’m not always awesome at doing this, particularly when I’m on a ¬†training plan for a race, but I have definitely gotten a lot better from the old Joelle who would run in pain until a minor ache turned into a ¬†full blown “where are my crutches” sort of injury. Your body is really, really smart, and sometimes it just needs a break……. even if that doesn’t match with your calendar.

SO, I figured it was smarter to rest now than risk becoming burnt out or hurt later, given the race is creeping up soon. I’ll just run tomorrow morning instead and shuffle my training plan¬†for this week a bit…no biggie.

Also, my schedule is sort of bananas lately, so I think that’s adding to my tiredness. I’ll get into more of this soon, but here’s a partial glimpse…flashcards

To be continued!

Now to get more coffee….



Do you ever have trouble listening to your body and taking extra rest days?

Monday Things

Good morning!

1. This is how I Super Bowl.IMG_5789

Aka background noise to my multitasking. ūüėČ My boyfriend is the main football-inducing presence in my life, and since he was working,¬†I was far less inclined to try and make game-watching plans.

2.¬†My long run Saturday¬†was a lovely five miles.¬†I feel like most of my training runs have been slower lately…..¬†but at least they’ve all been enjoyable I guess? I’m crossing my fingers for a solid pace this coming Saturday for my 10 miler, though!

3. Weekend = food! First up, pizza from Urbn Coal Fired Pizza/Bar in North Park {San Diego}.


OMG. SO good. I ate leftovers the next day and it was almost more amazing.

4. And of course, BRUNCH. First time trying Shorehouse Kitchen in La Jolla Shores.



Sadly, I was very disappointed in my meal despite the adorable ambience. For the price, it was pretty small plus my toast was burnt, and the waitress kept my change without asking me… it’s the first time I’ve felt inclined to write a {negative} Yelp review. On a high note, a table next to us had the pancakes and they looked BOMB.

5. A few of us helped my¬†friend Jess pick out bridesmaid dresses for her upcoming wedding. Trying on formal¬†wear pre-alterations is always an adventure for me since I’m a munchkin¬†(5’0″ on a good day).

 And now a horrific photo of me in a pink cupcake gown is floating around that should be deleted for the good of mankind.

6. I am obsessed with this cookbook (by Jessica from How Sweet It Is). 


7. Seeing this on Instagram made my life complete.


Please note the hashtag. It made the little 13 year old inside me squeal. Soulmates, obvi.

8. I did get bangs! And now I’m trying to wrangle them.¬†



Why does your hair NEVER look the way your hairstylist styles it during your haircut??

9. I am not ready for a new work week. Can we just continue the weekend…? Please?



Tell me your Monday things!! And what was your fav commercial during the Super Bowl? Mine was McDonald’s and the one with Bryant Williams/Katie Couric. ūüôā

The Perfect Weekday Morning

Hi! Happy Thursday. Best day of the week, right here. Are we ready for Friday yet, or what?

Week day mornings have a tendency to blow past in a whoosh of emails and teleconferences around here. I’m a morning workout type of gal, but that rarely happens lately due to extra early meetings with east coast colleagues (time difference is a jerk). I’m usually rushing and hurrying and calling and typing in a frenzy. I work from home a lot for my current job, but all that means is that I’m likely in yoga pants while talking to you on the phone, and my go-to¬†“office” is a local coffee shop.

photo (95)

Today’s been one of the more low-key, quiet ones I’ve had in a while,¬†so I decided to capitalize¬†on¬†the lull and¬†take myself out for breakfast, something I basically never get a chance to do during the work week (which I’m sure you don’t either, if you work full-time).

It’s no secret that breakfast is my very favorite meal, not to mention one of my favorite things in life (easy to please), and all breakfast food owns¬†a large chunk of my heart. As a result, going out to breakfast in the middle of the work week feels like a serious party. BRING ME¬†ALL THE FINEST MUFFINS AND BAGELS IN ALL THE LAND. (<– Any fellow nerds guess that reference?)

Actually, I got (94)

I headed over to Haute Cakes Caffe¬†in Newport Beach for a casual breakfast + free wifi work fest, and their smashed avocado toast with poached eggs is one of my favs, {If you live in the Orange County area, you need to get your butt here and try it… their food is ridiculous and I sort of wish I could work for them,}

It was glorious.

And I tried not to pilfer the sweet potato breakfast potatoes the random man sitting next to me left on his plate (I’m a creep when hungry, but come onnnnnn).

My perfect mornings are made up of exactly this — getting up at a decent time (7am?), eating an amazing breakfast, a carafe of coffee, and getting s*** done (no cussing – my parents read this ūüėČ ) without being interrupted by a million work calls… and usually a morning workout, though that part didn’t happen¬†today. I’m taking a rest day after shifting my schedule to accommodate a long run tomorrow instead of Saturday since we’re going to a baptism starting early that day. (And in case you’re keeping track of how much I have jumbled my training plan already, I ran 3 miles of speed intervals yesterday, and 4miles Tuesday).

Okay… coffee time. Enjoy the day, friends!



Okay, now your turn! What is your perfect or ideal weekday morning?

NYC Recap

Hi friends! I’m back from a quick trip to NYC, with a full tummy, ¬†a thousand photos, and a new nephew (!).

My lifelong friend Christina, whose wedding I was in a couple years ago, just had her first little baby, and he’s the cutest muffin in the world. I was in town specifically to meet him, and he made it into the world a few days past his due date, and just in time for me to snuggle him for a few hours before boarding my flight back home. I didn’t smuggle him back to California, but believe me, I wanted to. ūüėČ While waiting for baby, we also ate a lot… I mean, A LOT. Now might be a good time to start thinking about Hawaii bikinis……………

I’m still catching up having not been home in weeks – like since before Thanksgiving! – so here’s a photo recap. Frighteningly enough, these aren’t even all of them. I got a little (lot) camera happy. NYC is really my happy place, though, and I loved every moment being there and soaking in the energy. Enjoy!




{above two photos: Brooklyn Farmacy and Soda Fountain, Cobble Hill, Brooklyn}




{The Chocolate Room, Cobble Hill, Brooklyn Рget the half coffee/half hot chocolate!}





{Denino’s Pizza}




photo 1

{John’s Deli in Brooklyn – famous for their Italian subs and roast beef sandwiches}

photo 3

{pumpernickel bagel – NYC bagels = the best}

photo 5

photo 4


{my muffin… I adore him}



What’s your fav city? And what have you been up to?? Catch me up!

Dinner at Wang’s in North Park


One year and almost five months later, and I still don’t feel like I’ve gotten my arms around all of the best/famous/local favorite restaurants here in San Diego. Gosh, there’s a lot of delicious places to eat here. I rely on recommendations and suggestions and of course some of those “best of” lists to get ideas of where to eat next, besides plain ol’ wandering into holes in the wall in my neighborhood.

Needless to say, I was pretty excited when the¬†nice folks over at Wang’s ¬†North Park¬†asked if I wanted to stop by and review their restaurant. Um, heck yes!

Wang’s is an old school Chinese restaurant, which, if I’m being completely transparent, I hadn’t even heard yet. I don’t tend to spend much time in North Park, except to get my haircut every few months which, turns out, is right down the block from Wang’s.

Somehow I’ve failed to see their huge neon sign in the daytime……


Anyways, I was immediately struck by how friendly everyone who worked at the restaurant was, from the waiter to the busboy to the manager. Have you ever eaten at a place when the staff is completely unfriendly or even rude? Yeah, no thanks.

I grew up in New York City, so I’m admittedly a tough critic of Chinese restaurants, because I’m used to the good stuff (see also: pizza and bagels).

We started off with some drinks, including one of their speciality cocktails: the “Inspector Wang.”


How great is that name?

The light was not the best for taking photos, but believe me when I say this was electric blue colored and tasted like my freshman year of college. ūüėČ

As an appetizer, we ordered the steamed dumplings Рhalf chicken with black bean, half lemongrass-coconut shrimp.


I LOVE dumplings at Chinese restaurants, but I’d say these were just okay. At least the chicken – I didn’t try the shrimp ones, ¬†but my dining partner really liked ’em.

For my main dish, I ordered Buddha’s Belly with chicken, aka a whoooole lot of veggies stir-fried in a yummy sauce and¬†served with brown rice. AND they brought out a side of¬†sriracha sauce.


This was pretty good, especially with the extra heat added!

Although I liked this, I’m sort of kicking myself for not ordering something more exciting or¬†traditional. Their menu was pretty big, and everything sounded so good that I went with the dish I knew I’d probably enjoy most.

My dining partner ordered the Banana Leaf Basa Fish, which was really impressive in terms of presentation! It was wrapped in a banana leaf (surprise!), and served alongside sliced mango in a big steamer basket. He said it was delicious!


We were both just so excited about the way it was brought to the table! Easy to please?

Hands down favorite part? The fortune cookies we got at the end. I know, I knoooow, but so many more modern Chinese restaurants seem to forget about this piece of the meal, and it’s always what I look forward to the most.


I would definitely come here again, and I want to bring my parents because they’re hardcore New Yorkers who appreciate the¬†art of a well-made egg roll.

Oh, and I promised our waiter I’d mention him for the single ladies out there… His name is Matt and he was hilarious. Go get him, girls. ūüėČ


Big thank you to Wang’s for having me!

Wang’s North Park

3029 University Avenue

San Diego, CA 92104


**My entire meal was complimentary courtesy of Wang’s restaurant, but all opinions are honest and 100% my own.¬†

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