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Haute Cakes For Breakfast

Hello, hello!

IMG_1443How are you guys doing today?

It’s almost Friday, and the first day of spring – hang in there. ;-) And since it’s almost the weekend, that means you’re probably already thinking about brunch.

It’s okay…. I know how you roll.

Well, to help with your daydreams, I thought I’d share my new restaurant obsession with you all: Haute Cakes Caffe in Newport Beach, CA.IMG_1440

I’m up in the Orange County area frequently these days (it’s about an hour north of San Diego), and when  I am, I’m always on the look-out for yummy new-to-me restaurants. A couple OC bloggers I follow on Instagram had posted about Haute Cakes, and I knew I had to give it a try.

I stopped in last Friday for a working breakfast (they have free wifi- win!), and luckily arrived before they got too crowded. I heard a girl say while I was there that they usually have a line (you order your food at the counter and then they bring it out to your table). Apparently everyone in Newport has a work schedule that lets them go to brunch in the middle of a work day?

Anyways, their coffee was  delicious, and they actually have non-dairy milks available. <–Always impressive. Oh, AND they serve breakfast all day!

Instant key to my heart. I just about moved in.

IMG_1441It was just the cutest little restaurant ever!

I ordered one of the breakfast specials: smashed avocado toast, topped with two poached eggs and sea salt, and a side of fresh fruit.IMG_1445

You guys. I literally had to call my mom after cleaning my plate because I was compelled to tell SOMEONE how flippin’ good this stupid-simple breakfast was (and she’s one of the few who will humor me).

Anyways, the sea salt was a nice touch, and they were NOT stingy on ‘cado.

I know what you may be thinking – yes, I certainly could have made avocado toast at home for approximately $1.50 and tried something more creative. But this was raved about on Yelp (along with their pancakes), and I was in an avocado mood. Whatevs.

I’m actually planning to stop there today because I’ll be passing through that area later! Can’t stop, won’t stop.

And with that,  I’m off! Enjoy your day!


Do you ever grab breakfast or brunch out during the work week? It felt like a fancy treat to me, because I always make breakfast at home Monday through Friday!


*Disclaimer: Haute Cakes Caffe’s ownership has no idea who I am or that I’m writing about them, and didn’t sponsor this post; all opinions are my own.

Dinner at Luna Grill

It’s no secret that I love food. IMG_1352

I mean looooooooooooooooove. As in, I usually take down double the amount of food people twice my height consume in any given meal. And when I’m running a lot, like in half marathon training? Watch out.

Clearly even people who don’t know me have come to recognize this fact. I was recently invited to try dinner at a local Mediterranean-inspired restaurant, Luna Grill. This southern California chain was new to me, and I was excited to give it a try when they kindly asked me to stop by.

Pita bread and falafel and hummus, all promised to be freshly made and natural? Sold.

My mom was in town yesterday, so she and I stopped by the Luna Grill location near my apartment and enjoyed some dinner. I ordered a chicken kabob entree, served with pita bread, rice, and salad, and we split some spinach pie (aka spanokopita).IMG_1354IMG_1357


If I’m being honest, I was pretty surprised at how yummy the food was, not to mention how fresh it all tasted. And for a hungry girl like myself, my plate was packed! I was actually expecting more of a fast food sort of experience, and this was nothing like that.

I enjoyed my whole meal, and was impressed with how friendly the staff was at this location, too. I’m allergic to cucumbers, which usually means a giant headache at Mediterranean restaurants, but the folks here were accommodating and left off the vegetable of death for me. ;-)

Luna Grill also lists the calories for each item on the menu in plain sight, which I appreciated — particularly because the calorie counts weren’t frightening! I have to admit, I’m not entirely convinced they are 100% accurate judging by the portion size and my own personal nutrition knowledge (my rice serving was pretty generous for the 340 calories they quoted, and topped with their signature safflower oil), but it’s a positive gesture in the right direction nonetheless. I’m all about empowering consumers to making healthier choices.

I’m already planning to stop by again for a falafel wrap, especially now that it’s Lent aka meatless Fridays.

A big thank you to the folks at Luna Grill for inviting me to try their food!


What’s your favorite healthy chain restaurant? When I lived on the east coast, I was obsessed with Zoe’s Kitchen, but now Luna Grill might be the west coast winner.



*DISCLAIMER: Luna Grill compensated the cost of my meal, but, as always, all opinions were 100% my own.


Restaurant Review: Hob Nob Hill


I’m mildly obsessed with this restaurant in the Banker’s Hill section of San Diego, Hob Nob Hill. This place has been around since the 1940s and is all about homestyle cooking. It’s the best and apparently a locals’ fav. I mean, I’ve been living in this city for a little over a month and have been there four times already for dinner… You do the math.

My mom was in town for a couple days earlier this week, so on Monday we (and my pink eye) stopped by Hob Nob for dinner. The host recognized me…. I’m not sure if I should be embarrassed or excited.


My mom and I each got their raisin bread (served in mini loaves – adorable, right?).

All of the dinnertime entrees are served with homemade bread or muffin, soup or salad, choice of potato, and either applesauce or vegetable of the day (!).

imageSince day one, I’ve stuck with the soup because their vegetable soup is bowl-licking good.

This particular evening, I ordered their nightly special, which happened to be meatloaf.image

I know, I know, MEATLOAF.

Welcome to 1951, right? I’m not even a meatloaf kind of person, especially since it’s pretty easy to make it unappealing and tasteless, but I wanted to give Hob Nob’s a shot. Um, it tasted like my grandma was back there cooking (if my grandma made meatloaf as much as she makes parmigiana and coffee cake, I mean).image

Dessert was one of their homemade chocolate chip cookies, as well as a bowl of fruit, all enjoyed back at home while watching the tragedy that was the last episode of the ‘Bachelorette.’

imageThis is not a restaurant to wear your skinny jeans to, friends.

Back story – I stumbled upon this place via some random San Diego online magazine article about the best places to eat in the city, and learned that Guy Fieri from ‘Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives‘ (aka one of my favorite shows – don’t judge me) once spotlighted it for its chicken and dumplings. After that, I was deadset on stopping by…. it’s been downhill since then. Hob Nob reminds me of some of the diners back in NYC.

And in case you’re wondering, other than being a familiar face who cleans her plate, Hob Nob Hill has no idea who I am, nor knows I’m raving about them on the internet.

Happy Wednesday!


Are there any restaurants in your hometown or current city that makes you feel at home? Share some links!

The Cottage


As you guys know, one of my very favorite aspects of D.C. was the obsession with brunch. Heck, I often felt like brunching on the weekend was my second job. I’m sure other parts of the country could care less about shoving in an extra meal between breakfast and lunch, but I’d been on the east coast for so long that brunch sort of became a staple, especially considering New York City (where I lived prior to moving to D.C.) was equally infatuated with brunch.IMG_7309

Brunching became a habit (unsurprising given most of my favorite things in life center around eating) and I was minorly concerned people would look at me like a nutjob if I mentioned brunch here in San Diego. Sorry I’m not sorry.

Lucky for me, brunch is apparently a thing here too! IMG_7306

Thank God.

Sunday afternoon, my parents and I stopped by The Cottage in La Jolla. This restaurant had been recommended to me by multiple people, both here in San Diego and back east! Before I moved, a D.C. coworker had raved about this place and told me she goes out of her way to stop by and buy their muffins whenever she’s in San Diego on family vacations.

And in case that alone didn’t make me think it was a pretty darn popular place, we were greeted by an over one hour wait for brunch around noon.IMG_7303


I was STARVING, having run seven miles prior to heading out to the restaurant. I’m not the most patient person when hungry, and by the time we got seated, the manager in front of the restaurant told his hostess to seat me before “I killed them all.”

Yes, well.

If we hadn’t been too hungry to try and find an alternative restaurant, my parents and I would never have stuck around for such a long wait. Apparently a Clif-Z bar is not sufficient post-long run fuel.

Once we were seated, though, the service was great, and the food even better. Our waiter had the food out ridiculously fast,  starting with a fruit plate “appetizer.” IMG_7304

Um, right?

Too bad my family and I attacked it as soon as it hit the table.

I also ordered “Joe’s Special,” aka eggs scrambled with locally made chicken sausage, spinach, onions, and mushrooms, with a side of whole wheat toast.


IMG_7308I practically licked my plate clean. It was a little scary. It didn’t even bother me that I waited 1.5 hours for a meal I could  (and have) make in my own kitchen. ;-)

And that’s that! I doubt I’ll ever be back on a weekend, but yum – this was a delicious taste of the San Diego brunch scene.


Would you wait an excessive amount of time to try a restaurant? How long’s too long to be worth it?

You Stay Classy, San Diego

Hi guys!


I made it!

I’m now in San Diego, and loving it so far. IMG_7262

It’s gorgeous, and I feel so at home already.

Sorry about the lack of posting the past few days, but I’ve been trying to get settled down here. In other words, trying to  find a place to live, get a car (I never ended up buying one when I was in D.C. during the spring!), and get acquainted with my new office. For those of you who may be curious, I didn’t get a new job- I still work with the military, but just out of my company’s San Diego office now. :)

Luckily on Saturday I got two major items checked off the “To Do” list! I bought a car AND signed a lease for a new apartment.IMG_7271

Yoga pants = good luck.

My furniture and boxes will be arriving this week, so I’m relieved to have an apartment all squared away.

My parents are also in town helping me getting everything settled since I don’t have any time off from work during this transition, so obviously we celebrated with my favorite thing in the world post-lease signing on Saturday.IMG_7278


That spread is from the Broken Yolk downtown, a local breakfast restaurant chain here in San Diego. It was pretty good and reminded me of  Another Broken Egg in northwest Florida, which I used to be obsessed with back when I was traveling to Florida every few weeks. My multigrain pancakes were definitely celebration meal status. ;-)

Honestly, finding a good breakfast joint is what makes me feel at home in any new place. Is that weird?


Anyways, I feel instantly at ease now that I know there’s places for some decent pancakes around town (outside of my kitchen, that is).

I’ve been pretty pooped from scrambling around and sleeping in a hotel, but I’m trying to stay on track with my half training plan! I’ll post later this week about how my long run went over the weekend.

Okay, time to get to work! Happy Monday!


What makes you feel at home in a new place? Besides a breakfast place, it’s finding a solid running trail/path in my neighborhood. 

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