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Working From Home

Good morning, friends!

IMG_0420I thought it might be about time to share some updates on my life. I mean, this is my blog after all, right? And considering I’ve been the blogging phantom lately…. whoops.

SO, I started a new new job in September (have I already mentioned that?) and I’m now working with the military again, and am working from home. My company is on the east coast, ¬†and hired me as their California sunshine representative. ūüėČ As you may be able to¬†see from my desktop image above, I take that role very seriously (photo is of the Wedge here in Newport Beach).

I don’t have a real desk at home, per say, but I make a point to work at a table and have a clean area. And a pretty, festive space because… you know, that helps. So fresh flowers, lots of light, my gold planner (yes, I use a paper planner – what year is it?), a notebook, post-it notes……. all the requirements for my work space. IMG_0419And snacks, but that’s a given.

Whenever I tell people I work from home, they usually say one of the following: “That’s so awesome, I wish I could work from home!” or¬†“I don’t think I could get anything done working from home.” And then I say ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yeah.

Because quite honestly, I feel both of those on the daily.

Working from home has a number of obvious perks, like the flexibility and ability to wear yoga pants 24/7 (without breaking a sweat). But there’s also some challenges, like feeling like a recluse being coworker-less (besides my digital buds – thank God for gchat and work instant messaging systems) and getting distracted. You need to have a strong work ethic and an ability to self-motivate when you work from home, which luckily I’ve never had an issue with.

But, it’s all about balance.

I actually LOVE working in loud spaces, like coffee shops. ¬†I can quite literally work from anywhere (long as there’s wifi) which, honestly, is my favorite aspect of teleworking. And¬†the coffee shops! I focus much better when there’s a million things going on around me – loud voices, grinding espresso machines, music playing – versus perfect silence. I’ve alwaaaaays been this way, and in college would usually write my million page papers in the local Starbucks by campus instead of the library. So as you can imagine, my workspace also looks like this more often than not.

IMG_7866(^^That’s Better Buzz¬†Coffee in Encinitas.)

Basically any coffee shop in the area that offers free internet access (cool decor is a perk). The baristas at my local Starbucks have already memorized my order.

I don’t hate it.

I usually head over to a coffee shop for half the day. It’s a nice change of pace and keeps my brain¬†focused. Since I work with east coasters, I start my work day around 7:30am and end a little bit earlier (usually) than the typical. Yay for three hour time differences!

This post is actually inspired by¬†WeWork, a network of shared office¬†space all across the country. They’re not in Orange County yet, although a different¬†community office space did¬†recently open up in my neighborhood to unite teleworkers/offer shared desk space. I haven’t tried it yet, but I think it’s a wonderful concept.¬†The cost (at the co-working space in my neighborhood) is the only thing holding me back – it’s a bit more than the¬†average cup of joe at my usual “office.”

And that’s it! Happy Tuesday, loveys. xo

The Perfect Weekday Morning

Hi! Happy Thursday. Best day of the week, right here. Are we ready for Friday yet, or what?

Week day mornings have a tendency to blow past in a whoosh of emails and teleconferences around here. I’m a morning workout type of gal, but that rarely happens lately due to extra early meetings with east coast colleagues (time difference is a jerk). I’m usually rushing and hurrying and calling and typing in a frenzy. I work from home a lot for my current job, but all that means is that I’m likely in yoga pants while talking to you on the phone, and my go-to¬†“office” is a local coffee shop.

photo (95)

Today’s been one of the more low-key, quiet ones I’ve had in a while,¬†so I decided to capitalize¬†on¬†the lull and¬†take myself out for breakfast, something I basically never get a chance to do during the work week (which I’m sure you don’t either, if you work full-time).

It’s no secret that breakfast is my very favorite meal, not to mention one of my favorite things in life (easy to please), and all breakfast food owns¬†a large chunk of my heart. As a result, going out to breakfast in the middle of the work week feels like a serious party. BRING ME¬†ALL THE FINEST MUFFINS AND BAGELS IN ALL THE LAND. (<– Any fellow nerds guess that reference?)

Actually, I got (94)

I headed over to Haute Cakes Caffe¬†in Newport Beach for a casual breakfast + free wifi work fest, and their smashed avocado toast with poached eggs is one of my favs, {If you live in the Orange County area, you need to get your butt here and try it… their food is ridiculous and I sort of wish I could work for them,}

It was glorious.

And I tried not to pilfer the sweet potato breakfast potatoes the random man sitting next to me left on his plate (I’m a creep when hungry, but come onnnnnn).

My perfect mornings are made up of exactly this — getting up at a decent time (7am?), eating an amazing breakfast, a carafe of coffee, and getting s*** done (no cussing – my parents read this ūüėČ ) without being interrupted by a million work calls… and usually a morning workout, though that part didn’t happen¬†today. I’m taking a rest day after shifting my schedule to accommodate a long run tomorrow instead of Saturday since we’re going to a baptism starting early that day. (And in case you’re keeping track of how much I have jumbled my training plan already, I ran 3 miles of speed intervals yesterday, and 4miles Tuesday).

Okay… coffee time. Enjoy the day, friends!



Okay, now your turn! What is your perfect or ideal weekday morning?

You Never Regret a Workout


So this month (which is almost over? what?) has been pretty busy.IMG_6659

Hence my sporadic posting.

Like…… getting up at the wake of dawn for the last two Saturdays sort of busy. Jam-packed with mostly fun stuff, some of which has been work related.

Besides some personal commitments, I also took on an additional leadership role within my company in the last couple of months, which has resulted in me picking up some extra responsibilities {including leading one of my company’s¬†National Rebuilding Day¬†teams this past Saturday, which involved quite a bit of prep work throughout this month}.

In other words, ¬†I’ve been scrambling around a little bit more than usual.¬†And the busier I get…¬†the harder I’ve been trying to keep myself motivated to fit in a workout each day.

I’m sure you can all relate.

I’m busy. You’re busy. The world’s busy.

When one is a month away from starting half marathon training and coming back from an injury, though, keeping up your level of fitness (and improving it) is sort of critical.

Not to mention you may be, uh, ¬†trying to fit back in to my work pants after a long winter of cookies and waffles? We don’t have to talk about that.


Yesterday, was one of those days where I was thisclose to calling it a night and going straight home instead of heading to the gym, after dealing with some annoying public transportation issues. Instead, I ignored my post afternoon snack/ready-for-dinner hunger that was starting to grow (i.e. my biggest issue with working out after work), and remembered an old mantra:


It’s so true, too!

I pulled myself into a power yoga class followed by 15 minutes on the elliptical. Sure, I was ready to eat my arm by the end of my workout, but I definitely felt content knowing I’d gotten my body moving. I don’t know about you guys, but I sit at a desk in a cubicle for 8 hours, and sometimes you get….. a little stiff.

Don’t even get me started about how much I hate that my current job is so sedentary. We could be here for days.

Getting the blood flowing even for just 20 minutes will overall improve your state of mind. It’s a mini accomplishment, and a little “you time” during a busy 24 hours. If you can, you must.

Happy Tuesday!


How do you motivate yourself to get in a workout?

Pep Talk

Hi everyone!

I’ve got only a couple of days left in the southwest before I head back to the winter wonderland that’s currently the east coast. Since I’ve been here in Las Vegas, I’ve been working on east coast hours (i.e. work starts between 5am and 6am), and I am sort of exhausted. Granted I usually get up at that time in D.C. to workout, but this is a little different. I literally am at my computer communicating with people in full sentences by that time of the morning now, and tend to forget which time zone I’m in when work is done for the day. Having normal hours (and coworkers I can see face to face) will give my brain some relief.

I’m definitely not anxious to leave this gorgeous weather, and return to this though.image

That sweet little 54 degree temp is like a beacon of hope. (And¬†apparently I’ve lived on the east coast too long since I’m considering the 50s to be warm weather.)

Anyways, I wanted to share two gems with you guys today! First of all, my best friend Meg shared this video with me last week, and I’m in love with everything about it.

I might be behind the times and this video has been out for years now, but it’s news to me and I was too excited to not share it with you all.

I feel like the kid in it (kid president?) is a son I never knew I had. This video reminded me of how important it is to love life and have that fire in your belly. Also, the kid goes by the name “Soulpancake,” and that’s pretty much the most awesome name ever. I feel a little jipped that no one ever gave ME that nickname back in elementary school. Although maybe that’s a good thing.

Also, one more thing! This article on what it’s like to be a twenty something these days?¬†Holy moly. I was practically rolling on the floor laughing when I found this silly jif-filled article trending yesterday after work. Do yourself a favor and read it.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, since the Paleo challenge ended, I’ve been extremely not Paleo. I needed a brief Pirate’s Booty intervention over the weekend. I’ve realized in the last few days, though, that I liked how I felt on Paleo better than now that I’m off. You’ve got to listen to your body.

…after you listen to Soulpancake.

Have a great day!


What’s one thing that recently motivated you? Feel free to share links or stories in the comments!

24 hour fro-yo diet

So, my eating habits have been a little off the wall lately.

Think ¬†a lot of honey-nut cheerios, bagels, brownies, and the occassional bag of popcorn for dinner. The first two were replaced by pancakes back when I was in Las Vegas, but I don’t have that sorta time/attention span now that I’m back home in D.C. without my madre to whip up batter around the clock.

I mean, I haven’t seen many vegetables in the last few weeks, to be very honest. It’s like I’m channeling the twilight zone version of myself.

Oh, and then there’s fro-yo.

(Yeah, I’m still kind of lactose intolerant.. just go with it. If I can ignore it, so can you.)

I think I’ve had frozen yogurt almost every single day in the last three weeks. It’s like being on that 24 hour champagne diet, only not quite as fun. Um, and I’m not a rapper.

And then today the universe decided to bring it TO me today.

Mmmhm. Right in my office lobby.

I’m still not entirely sure why Pinkberry showed up in my office building today, but it was 90 degrees and there couldn’t have been a better day for free fro-yo.

They only had mini sizes available, and a few toppings. 

I went with chocolate with raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, and granola.

To be honest, I’d never had chocolate Pinkberry before, and I wasn’t impressed. I should’ve gone with the original flavor… next time the universe decides to do me a favor. ūüėČ

Really though, I need to get back onto the healthy bandwagon…. like SOON. I’m starting to forget what a stalk of broccoli looks like.

All in good time though, right?


Has your office ever brought in random, fun food treats? I LOVE free food at work, although a lot of times it’s not anything I’m interested in eating.¬†

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