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For much of the last week, I was in the good ol’ south for work.

And now I’m in love.

One of the major highlights of the trip that just about tipped me over the edge?

The Hominy Grill, aka home of the best breakfast possibly anywhere outside of my mom’s kitchen.

(That’s homemade cornbread! Don’t worry, I bought their cookbook.)

(And did I mention there was homemade jam? Swoon.)

Charleston, SC – I’ll be back, okay?

Working from home

I spent today working from home because the Occupy DC protestors are causing a ruckus right around the neighborhood where my office is located.. storming buildings, running amuck, and all that jazz. I am lucky enough to have the freedom to work from home part-time, so I figured today would be a good day to take advantage of that option. You know, so my mom doesn’t have to text me every ten minutes asking if I’ve been pepper sprayed yet.

Anyways, I thought I’d take this opportunity to share some of the pros and cons of teleworking that I’ve come to learn since starting this job back in October.


In case it wasn’t obvious, there are some serious perks to this working from home thing, people.

  • The ability to leisurely cook your meals at home, instead of eating out of a packed lunch or while rushing  out the door.

Like having overnight oats for breakfast that you prepared.. well, half an hour before eating them. In sweats.

Deliciously messy.

(Ps. that new peanut butter I bought is soooo good!)

I mean, that’s really one of my favorite things about working from home. I’ve mentioned it before, but I hate packing my lunch the night before for work. My future children are in trouble.

  • Your time is your own.

Sure you probably have to be available during certain hours, but if you want to get started checking on a project as soon as you roll out of bed, pre-shower, then you can do that.

  • Squeezing in a workout during your lunch hour.

Today I even packed in a short Pilates class + 30 minutes on the ol’ elliptical, just because. It felt great to have a random, midday sweat session.

Yep. And there’s no one around to tell you that you smell.


  • You can wear comfy clothes that include words like spandex and sweats on their label while sending super, duper important emails and participating in serious business calls.

This may not be a may or break item for you, but I’m serious. I am not a fan of office clothing in the least (I fare better in leggings and flipflops), so a day away from pencil skirts, blazers, and pointy high heels are occasionally a good thing. Heck, even wearing slippers is totally fine. It’s not like you’re video chatting, right? And if you are… well why is anyone viewing your feet while you’re talking?

Besides, what do you think news reporters are really wearing below the desk when they’re giving you breaking news? I know this stuff.

  • Flexibility to travel and work from anywhere with a solid internet connection.
This is a big one for me, as someone who has family 3,000 miles away, and who has a long-distance boyfriend (for all of you new readers, he’s in the military stationed in Florida til this spring!). The ability to not take vacation days but still be able to get in the same city as loved ones during holidays, etc. is a wonderful thing!
Makes for a great work-life balance.


  • No structure.

I have recently come to learn this about myself,but I thrive on rules and structure. I need someone to tell me what time to be in the office, and to actually have someplace to go every morning. Otherwise, I become a cavewoman.

I literally had to set a schedule for myself of what times I would be working and which days I was going into the office during the week. It’s made my life much more balanced!

  • Knowing where to draw the line between home and work … aka when to put work to bed and end the work day.

Since your time is your own and you can work from anywhere, there can be a strong temptation to just keep working. The line gets blurry as to where the real work day stops and ends, and when to close the ol’ laptop for the night. It’s not healthy, in my opinion.

  • Distractions > productivity 

Sometimes, it’s hard to focus. You know, like when there’s the option of listening to Kelly Ripa babble in the background, and all those snacks in your kitchen cabinets, and hey, my carpet could sure use a quick vacuum, and plus I can throw a load of laundry in the wash real fast in between emails…. Catch my drift?

  • Depending on your company/job, you’re always expected to be available and on call.

My company has been pretty great so far in this regard, but I could imagine it being a problem for others.

Speaking of productivity, back at it for me! 😀 Have a good night everyone!



Can you think of any other pros or cons of teleworking that I may have missed? Do you work from home ever?

Monday things from the weekend

1. My dad was in town all weekend. We share a love of two main things, the first being eating delicious food (especially anything Italian or chocolate). So, we ate.

Pizza at Il Canale at Georgetown, aka the best traditional Italian pizza I’ve had in D.C. so far. 

This guy had fresh buffalo mozzarella, eggplant, mushrooms, zucchini, and artichoke hearts, all on top of the softest, most perfect crust ever. It seriously reminded me of that amazing pie Penpal and I enjoyed in Epcot this past July.

But that’s not all! 

A dark chocolate cupcake from Sprinkles, aka a blast from my west coast past.

Obviously we both hated it.

2. The other thing we both love doing? Taking long walks outside. 

So what if I was the only person outside showing my knees. I’m embracing the option of dresses and shorts for as long as humanly possible before it’s necessary to embark on the wearing-12 layers-on-each-half-of-my-body adventure I like to call winter on the east coast..

3. Saturday, my roommate Blaire, my dad, and I participated in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s on the National Mall. Just a little 3 mile loop from the Washington Monument to the Capitol and back. 

My grandma had Alzheimer’s, so it is a cause that is extra close to my heart. Although can we talk about how irritating slow walkers are sometimes? Slow runners don’t bother me in the least, but slow walkers.. forget it.

4. Last night I attended a performance of the Great Gatsby ballet at the Kennedy Center with my friend Justine. Because we’re fancy locals like that. 

I’m a major English major nerd and love this book, so I was obviously ALL over the idea of getting tickets when Justine suggested it. Plus I like to pretend I could have been a bigtime dancer if I hadn’t quit ballet and tap back when I was 8. I mean, probably, right?

5. I just ordered these boots.

I’m a  horrible shopper and although I tried them on at the store last week, I didn’t actually buy them til this weekend, online. Want to be my personal shopper? Please?

6. I am kind of head over heels for fall right now. I guess I forgot how pretty the leaves are and slightly cooler temps?

Ugh, I can’t even believe I just wrote that, being I’m a diehard desert climate loyalist, and prefer temperatures so hot you want to stick your head in the oven for relief. Don’t tell anyone please.. this girl’s already on to me though.

7. So, apparently boxed wine is good for you.

If I read it, it has to be true, right? Dear Shape magazine, Penpal thanks you.

8. The running bug’s back because (it seems) my knee is on the mend (!!!!!!!!!!!!). One mile down today (interspersed with walking) = victory. 

Is it just me or are you seeing my shoe collection a lot today?

9. With this new job, I get to work from home half the week. Clearly I’m being very productive.

What are your Monday things?

End of October things

Happy Monday!

1. Sunday morning, I woke up to an orange, rubber construction cone in my living room.

We’ll just leave it at that.

2. It’s probably the fault of all of the pumpkin beer I enjoyed last night.

Autumn in a bottle. I highly recommend this one by Post Road.

I was just excited to finally find pumpkin beer in a D.C. bar.. I’ve only been searching since September.

3. It’s becoming apparent that I’m no longer in my early 20s, which means more than two adult beverages in an evening and the next day I’m toast.

But then, that’s probably a good thing. 😉

4. The Logan Circle neighborhood of D.C. is quickly becoming one of my favorite parts of town. Locals- what do you think?

I mean, it houses my new favorite bar, as well as the restaurant Commissary, which, as I’ve mentioned before, is quickly becoming my favorite casual dining neighborhoody restaurant in the district.

We had dinner there Saturday evening, and it was just as great as their brunches I’ve sampled in the past.

I had a chicken pita sandwich that filled me up perfectly.

There wasn’t too much mayo, which is just how I like my chicken salad sandwiches, and they even added bacon. Win win.

5. Speaking of perfect meals, I had a big bowl of my stew for dinner last night, and it made my world complete. Have you made it for yourself yet?

6. It’s finally happening. This guy is in the mail, ready to arrive at my apartment any day now thanks to my wonderful madre.


I’ve only been hoarding slowcooker recipes for the last two years or so, so I hope you’re all hungry.

7. I haven’t done so hot on my goal of fitting more yoga-time into my life this month. To be honest, though, I’ve sort of fallen in love with spinning, so that’s taken a front seat lately. As of this weekend, though, post-high heels, my knee pain has returned slightly… I may need to actually cash in on that yoga goal sooner rather than later.

8. Today is my first real day of work at my job!

No more orientation with this new company.

Maybe it’s time to finally buy a business suit like a real adult. Ugh.

What’s on your mind from this weekend? And what the heck should I do with this orange cone?

Wednesday things

1. It’s Day 3 of Orientation for my new company and my brain is fried. Who knew orienting could be so exhausting?

2. I could stare at this sight for hours on end and not get sick of it.That was my view of the sunrise from  ol’ Virginia yesterday. Call it a perk of my long commute this week.

3. Another view I’ve had for the majority of other hours making up my week so far?


I’ve had about 652 of these so far, since Monday at 8am. Thanks.

4. I actually went to the gym last night.

I have no idea how I summoned the strength since it took all my self-restraint not to crawl under the table in hallway at Orientation yesterday afternoon and take a 4 hour nap.

5. I was asked repeatedly yesterday by a couple older, male new hires at Orientation whether or not I have a hollow leg, because I eat so much.

I’m not entirely sure if they were impressed or just freaked out by witnessing the amount of snacking I do on a daily basis. Just because I’m petite does not mean my appetite is as well. I was also warned my eating habits would catch up to me eventually, to which I smiled and stuffed another grape in my mouth, because I was snacking on fruit, not steak sandwiches or cupcakes.

Not that those both aren’t delicious as well, but they don’t really travel well ;-).

6. These exist.

It’s like my two kryptonites had a lovechild. Thank God I didn’t actually buy a bag to try it because I’d probably spend all of my new paycheck on ordering caseloads of the stuff.

7. In case you were wondering about how that whole cake in the jar thing went over, well apparently it was a hit.

Penpal loved it, so it’s now received the seal of approval from someone other than a girl who will eat just about anything if it took me long enough to make and/or includes chocolate (hi…). And I miss him enough that I might even bake him another soon.

8. It’s not even 7 am, and I  need more coffee already. Yikes.


And how is YOUR Wednesday?


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