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Workouts Lately

Helllllo. I have part two of my second unit test in Anatomy tonight, but then home free for a few days of spring break! Can’t wait, because that also means my Seattle trip is around the corner.

Anyways, I thought today we could talk about working out. My workouts lately are looking drastically different than when I was training for the SD Half Marathon, as in, zero running. No seriously… zero. Instead, my sweat life has been heavy on the Pure Barre.


During half training and even before, I was only going 2 times max a week; lately, it’s been more like 4 times a week. It’s just so fun for me, and the one hour that is cleanly away form my computer and cell phone (aka email access) is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

I know i’ve raved before, but it’s just a positive, encouraging environment and community, and I adore all components of the workout (especially the music mixes). Sure, sometimes you’ll find a teacher that’s not as good (and to me, that means not pushing me as hard or making sure I’m doing the move correctly), but overall I’ve had a great experience, and that includes the Pure Barre studio I just started using this month, here in Orange County.

I should write a post on barre’s effects on my body, but I can honestly say i’m still astounded at how effective of a workout it actually is. And I say that from the perspective of a person who eats a lot (LOT) despite being a petite munchkin, and more so when I’m stressing, like now.

Moving on……IMG_6333

I’ve also been getting in 1-2 Body Pump classes a week!

Gaaaah, I seriously LOVE Pump, and getting stronger is a big, honkin’ goal of mine for this year. I otherwise hate group gym classes (other than spinning), but this is one of those classes that I have found almost all of the teachers I have had given an equally effective, hard workout (I assume it’s because of the set choreography/training). I would go even more, but the schedule at my gym is not as conducive with my work hours as barre is, unfortunately. I mean seriously, a 9am class? Who can go to that? I work from home, but even I can’t usually make it because of phone meetings.

I have also gotten in a little bit of yoga (not much), and just plain, ol’ random gym workouts on my own…… usually the massive step mill (SWEAT) or incline walking on the treadmill.

I promise I plan (and want) to run again, but truth be told, I have been in desperate need of new running shoes, and I literally had not had time to get to the running store to buy them til this past weekend (and they had to order them because my size wasn’t in stock!). I didn’t want to risk another stress fracture just like last year (ya know, that fibula stress fracture I had?) from running despite leg/feet pain, as I had on that last run (and I am attributing the pain to old shoes… could be wrong, but step one, right?). SO, hopefully, I’ll be back in action soon. Not that I’m training for anything new at the moment, but I want to keep my running endurance up, and plain ol’ because I do love running…..and I want to get my butt over to the Orangetheory Fitness here in Newport Beach!

And that’s that! Happy Tuesday, loves!



What are your workouts looking like lately?

Fitness Motivation

Hi guys! It’s hump day, and I pretty much just want to take a nap. Can we do that?IMG_3605

No? I have to go to work and not wear pajamas? Fine. Let’s talk about fitness motivation instead then. Mainly because I’ve been needing some this week, thanks to being extra sleepy from earlier wake up calls and longer days at work.

Since I’m trying to leave the tail end of this week + weekend relatively free because of some work meetings and birthday celebrating (someone’s turning a year older on Tuesday – party hat securely ON!),  I’ve moved all my runs up to earlier in the week to be more accommodating…  which meant a run Monday and then some tired legs yesterday that didn’t want to enjoy back-to-back run days. IMG_3611

After I found myself curled up on my sofa in my gym clothes for, oh, 40 minutes, not running last night, my mind started wandering into procrastination fueled thoughts of what motivates me to be fit and squeeze in a workout as part of my regular routine.

To be honest, I’ve never had much trouble motivating myself to workout – I actually genuinely enjoy going to the gym. Weirdo, I know. For me, an overall feeling of being strong and comfortable in my body, as well as continuing to fit into my clothes are enough to do the trick most days. I do not have the time or budget to have to buy a whole new wardrobe, people. Nobody got time for that. 😉

But let’s be real– those are all well and good as fitness motivation, but sometimes, even with those in the back of your mind, it’s still hard to push yourself onto a treadmill after a long day at the office (especially if you’ve hit your workout witching hour). Ugh. Here are my personal MEGA motivators – the kicks in the butt that literally get me to lace up my sneakers:

  • My health
  • Stress (working out, particularly running, is SUCH a head-clearer
  • A fitness goal, i.e., a race 


I am way too Type A to ever want to feel a. under-prepared once I get to the starting line, or b. to feel like I’m not doing my personal best at a race.

If you’re waning interest in working out and need a goal or push, an athletic or fitness challenge is one of the best options out there, in my opinion. It gives you a goal and some type of deadline that can help compel you to get your workout in.

Other tried and true sources of fitness motivation:

  • Workout buddies
  • Workout classes 
  • Planning out your workouts ahead of time <– pencil it into your calendar as a mandatory appointment!
  • Motivational quotes

Like all of the sidewalk chalk quotes I came across on my run this past Saturday around Mission Bay?

IMG_3619Ohmigosh. I am such a sucker for quotes of any kind, and the ones that are more inspirational for overcoming challenges or pushing myself to be better? Winning.

Also winning: it’s raining today in California! Hallelujah.

On that note, it’s back to work for me!

p.s. In case you’re wondering, I did eventually give myself a forceful enough pep talk to get my booty out the door to the gym for some time on  bike and elliptical (i.e., not running). And it was, as always, worth it.


What motivates YOU to stay fit or get a workout in each day? 

My First November Project Workout


So remember when I said I was sweating all over Pacific Beach yesterday morning? I was. Courtesy of this craziness:



Heck ya.

Ever heard of the November Project?

I had heard some rumblings, but it was recent posts by Ali about her experience with the NYC chapter that made me serious about wanting to give the San Diego chapter a try.

From what I’d gathered (like through all my stalking of their Facebook Page), it seemed like a typical November Project workout involved high intensity exercises and sprints…. think running up and down a flight of stairs and a million planks and burpees. As a result, I was a teensy bit nervous to dip my toes into the NP water.

Like I’ve mentioned before, I’m not generally a huge HIIT/boot camp fan, and tend to lean toward slow, steady state cardio and strength classes like Body Pump. I mean, that Orangetheory class a few weeks ago was my first real attempt at enjoying a workout like that (which I totally did – you can read that recap here). But confession: those bootcamp style workouts make me uncomfortable to the point that I sort of WANT to do more of them and improve. Type A personality, at your service.

Soooo, I thought I’d drink the Kool-Aide and #justshowup, as is the NP slogan.


I mean, they all love neon. How scary could it be?

And like the great human being I am, I recruited two of my friends to sweat their faces off along with me. At 6:29am. Nice, right?

It was quite the adventure. Think an outdoor boot camp class meets your elementary school P.E. class meets hippie love fest…. well, with a lot of sweat.

We started with an order from the chapter lead to hug three complete strangers. Okay, sure. I’m friendly – l can hug it out with the best of them.

Our warm-up was a rousing game of sharks and minnows. Yes, the one you played in 4th grade where the sharks have to eat (aka tag) the minnows who are sprinting toward them.

The workout itself was about 30 minutes total, and a mix of  strength and endurance exercises. Yesterday’s theme was tabatas (I guess each class has a theme? I don’t know…), which ended up equalling a lot of quick intervals.

There were bear crawls. Planks. Jumping. Indian runs (that’s what they called it, although probably there’s a more politically correct name for it). Burpees. Squats. And a lot of other things that would make you probably want to curse and sweat fantastic amounts. I was covered in damp grass by the end of it all.


It’s cool – apparently NP loves the F word. <– This is a PG-13 blog, but you can use your imagination. 😉

I actually loved it all, with the exception of sprinting up the hill that makes up one side of Kate Sessions Park, where the Wednesday workout meets each week. To recap, that’s sprinting…. uphill.

I sort of died.

I haven’t run many hills in recent months, and I’d run four miles the night before AND had not had breakfast (<–excuses). Needless to say, this was not my finest run. My head was shouting, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING? And you’re training for a half marathon?  Ha – please.”

Which I could hear quite clearly because I was running without any music, a personal rarity.

But I’m pretty sure that just means I need to add hills into my half marathon training. Right?

Bottom line, this was a great workout, and I am already sore. Actually, I was sore about one hour after the workout ended. I’m not ready to commit to going every week quite yet, but I definitely enjoyed their intensity and aggressive positivity! And it’s always good to have people push you out of your comfort zone.

Time to get to work (and hopefully get my legs to run again tonight). Happy Thursday!


Ever tried a November Project workout, and if so, what’d you think?  If you haven’t, would you ever want to try a workout like that?

Trying Orangetheory Fitness

Um, it’s the last day of July? Tell me HOW.

Anyways. Let’s talk fitness!

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I tried Orangetheory Fitness last week when I was back home in Las Vegas! Ohmigosh.


Hi dad!

Let me back up first. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Orangetheory Fitness is a fitness gym that emphasizes a heart-rate based high intensity interval training (aka HIIT).  The workout is broken up into distinct, timed blocks of work, alternating between treadmills, rowing machines, and a mat area for weights/resistance training. Since the workout hinges on your heart rate, you’re given a heart rate monitor to wear during the workout, with the results shared in real time on a monitor in the workout studio.

The whole premise is that during each workout, you strive to push yourself into the orange zone of heart health! The zone range is grey, blue (warm-up/cool down), green, orange, and red, i.e., all out (read: want to puke).


Since June, my dad has become an avid Orangetheory Fitness-goer, (Orangetheorist? I don’t know) after his cardiologist had suggested he bump up his level of cardio. From what I’d heard before he joined the Vegas location, it sounded like a pretty aggressive workout. Since his first class, my dad has been raving bout how great it is and how he’s been steadily improving his endurance and heart rate. Right around the same time, I started hearing more about it from Gina, who also made it sound like such a fun (and rigorous) workout. I was even MORE curious to try it after learning she’d used it as part of her half marathon training this summer, doing just Orangetheory classes and a long run and then PR’ing.

Ummm, what?

Needless to say, when my dad suggested I join him for a class when I was home for Meg’s wedding, I took him up on it. Not going to lie, I was pretty nervous because it seemed like such an intense workout! I’m more the long and slow kind, you know? 😉 BUT, I kept telling myself that if my dad could rock it, then I could too.


And what’s one measly hour, right?

We got there a little bit early, and one of the coaches walked me through the entire workout. She even went as far as to explain how to use a rowing machine properly since I’d only used it one other time during my brief CrossFit dabbling a couple years ago.  The entire staff was so friendly and excited, which definitely helped me feel more comfortable!


The treadmill part was fine for me since I’m a runner, although you can definitely scale the workouts according to your fitness level. My dad, for example, speed walks and lightly jogs for the “push pace,” whereas I all out sprinted. It’s for a really short stint of time, so it’s not as hard as you might imagine to sustain. It was actually kind of fun to push myself and see how fast my little legs could actually move, even if for only fleeting bursts.

But the rowers? Please.

Rowing was definitely the hardest part of the class for me, and I couldn’t wait til we were done. I was literally getting out of breath, especially since in this particular workout we were switching back and forth between the treadmills and the rowers, increasing the number of rows each time. Guess that means I need more rowing practice?

Oh, and they had inspirational quotes posted around the gym, which obviously is a huge win in my book.



Overall, I REALLY enjoyed this workout and I want to give the San Diego studio a try! It was 100% as fun as my dad made it out to be, and it wasn’t quite as scary-challenging as I was expecting…… though that might just have been a fluke.

It seems a bit too expensive for me to do regularly, though, which is unfortunate because I’m curious what it might add to my half marathon training for Long Beach. Which reminds me – I’ll share my detailed training plan soon!

Happy Thursday!


Has anyone else tried Orangetheory? What’d you think if you did?

The Workout Witching Hour


It’s hump daaaaay. 😉 How’s everyone doing?

I went to a sweaty barre class dark and early this morning to get the day started off on a good start. I’m still half a sleep when I go to the early morning classes which feels like it actually makes the class harder because I’m so stiff. I love them though because being so wary, I know I’m getting my workout in and out of the way for the day. It’s still a  solid workout (and a great stretch) though, and I love starting my day with the music they play during each class – nothing like listening to mash-ups of Miley Cyrus and Iggy Azalea, and that Lil Jon “Shots” song at the crack of dawn.

Driving home from class, I started thinking how different barre is from running for me in terms of when I feel at my *best* in each workout. I really like the lunchtime or early afternoon barre classes when I feel more warmed up and awake (keeping in mind my best in barre is still pretty goofy looking). For running, though, I prefer to run first thing in the morning. If I’m awake for too long before I go for my run, forget it. The run is often a mess or I start feeling unmotivated and sluggish.

That brings us to yesterday!IMG_3205

I was hemming and hawing about going for a  run because I’d been tired all day and my stomach had been bothering me the past couple of days. A friend had mentioned meeting at Mission Bay to run at least a couple of miles, and I wanted to but  was feeling hesitant. I’m not a night runner and rarely even an after-work runner unless it’s a couple miles logged on the treadmill.

In a nutshell, when the clock hits 5:30pm or 6pm, I usually feel spent from working all day and have lost my motivation for a real, good workout. It’s my workout witching hour. I’ve always been like this – I just do better with early morning runs and never take a workout class that starts later than 5:30pm (even that is usually pushing it, but I make an exception for Body Pump 😉 ).

As the hours ticked away yesterday and it stayed gloomy outside, I was feeling less inclined to push myself to run. And then I realized my Garmin was not charged, and felt even less interested in making a run a reality. <–So many excuses, I KNOW. So after some motivation from a runner friend, I realized I could definitely squeeze out a couple miles and should just stop being being a wuss. And really, I needed to run if I don’t want to feel like death when I start officially training for Long Beach next week.

When I finished work at 4pm, I put on my running shoes and set my mind to just do the darn thing. I knew if I waited any longer, I’d hit my witching hour and all bets would be off. IMG_3204

I ended up logging somewhere around 3.5 miles around Mission Bay!

It wasn’t pretty and I had to stop a couple times to tie my shoes (what is up with running shoes coming untied mid run – how does that even happen?), but it felt SO good afterwards, knowing I was done. You never regret a workout! Without my Garmin, I just used my Map My Run app on my phone, whose accuracy is unclear. I ran a bit past where I knew was 3 miles at Mission Bay, and then ran about a quarter of mile more or so after. Since I didn’t have my Garmin, I couldn’t obsessively watch my pace, and just committed to finishing the run, someway, somehow.

Boom! And finished right before witching hour!

Now it’s time to get to work!


What’s your workout witching hour??


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